Reviews Denta Seal

  • Agus
    Despite the fact that I carefully I'll take care of your teeth, they are very fast with the stone of the yellowing. The dentist recommended that I try a Paste denta seal as a prevention between cleanings. To my surprise, more than a year has passed, and a visit to the doctor is not necessary, although I usually goes to a specialist every 3-4 months. So I recommend to all!
  • Siska
    The fear of visiting the dentist makes me very careful in the choice of the Paste approach. Of Denta Seal I am totally thrilled: smooth and beautiful teeth, transparent enamel acquired the bright white color and a crack on front tooth by a sudden change in temperature was practically invisible. Will buy another one, and for mom!
  • Desi
    Have noticed that the hikes to the dentist steel is now much more common, and again the treatment was not only the solution of aesthetic problems. The doctor said that due to a lack of mineral tooth enamel is made thinner, and the tooth – and defenseless, exposed to the external acids, which quickly decay forms on completely healthy teeth. The doctor recommended me the Paste buy denta sealand now I have no problems with the teeth. Even after the appearance of the teeth significantly, and that you are strong and healthy.
  • Irma
    About denta seal I learned from a friend – she helped her get rid of Tartar. But I was more Paste interested пломбирующий effect of this miracle. I was not expecting Super results, but for the interest purchased, and didn't regret it! Small defects (scratches and cracks), one is completely gone, the sensitivity is reduced and translucent edges of the steel teeth white. So I advise you to purchase denta seal!
  • Putri
    I used about often procedures remineralization the dentist, but after you saw on the Internet a review Denta Seal and tried this Paste, and the need for such a costly procedure to have disappeared. In addition, and the teeth a couple of shades lighter, went past sensitivity. I am very happy with the purchase! I advise everyone to try at least once, and then can not refuse.
Reviews Denta Seal