Instructions for use Denta Seal

How to properly use Denta Seal

How to Denta Seal

Whitening and Paste remineralizuûŝej Denta Seal you use very easy, as other cleaning agents for care of teeth and gums. In order to achieve maximum efficiency from the application of the Paste, it is important that the requirements and recommendations in the statement to the media:

  • Extrude you need very little resources to the previously moistened brush;
  • Implementation of the cleaning 2-3 minutes вычищающими movements from the gums to the middle of the teeth;
  • for the cleaning of the Plaque also has to circular do soft movements;
  • after use, the remnants spit out the medium, and carefully rinse your mouth with sufficient water;
  • Procedures necessary, repeat in the morning after waking up and at night before going to sleep.

To see, to use a apparent effect Denta Seal since at least 4-5 weeks. If you can come across serious problems with the enamel or the gums, you replace the medium basic Paste, what are a positive effect on the General health and the health of the oral cavity.

Composition remineralizuûŝej Paste contains only safe ingredients, no allergic reactions caused to so apply the funds can) people of any gender and ages (including sensitive teeth. In the case of Denta Seal no contra-indications, wherein the means has no side effects.

Very rare (less than 0.3% of the cases), in the case of humans, there is individual intolerance of hydroxyapatite and the papains, therefore, in such situations, it is advisable to under the application of toothpaste.