Experience in the use Denta Seal

His story Greta from Bremen told us. The girl shared her experiences and told how toothpaste Denta Seal helped her get rid of the increased sensitivity of the teeth, Plaque and tooth decay.

Experience испльзования Denta Seal

Teeth – this is my sore point. My whole life I've ran through the doctors, and in times of despair even thought about the fact that all removed and implants put. But one day, recommended to me was to try the Paste Denta Sealthat for me was a real life-saver!

As I suffered my whole life because of the problems with the teeth

The Problem went passed that on to me – both parents had bad teeth. And despite the fact that my mother since the childhood tried to do everything to me, this is a Problem spared, but it did not bring results. I remember how I was like sweets, chocolate and cakes, but my only Dessert is a carrot. My mother has me eating as much as I want to, it's kind, and sweet, and a Massage for the gums. Sugar's mother has allowed me to even be in the tea, on holidays, eating candy, and immediately had to go to brush the teeth.

Half a year I had had with mum on the preventive examination at the dentist, and I always treat what, despite the fact that the professional Hygiene of the oral cavity was familiar to me from childhood. The only advantage maminych the efforts that already as an adult, I was in the habit of attention for the health of the teeth, and I had no absolutely no fear of the dentist. I'm so used to all these instruments, hear the sound of a drill and the smell of burning Email, that this was not to scare me.

As a child, I thought that when I grow up, let him eat the whole cake and candy to eat every day, and usually forget about the dental clinic, but the reality was another. Increased sensitivity of the teeth caused me to talk even on the phone, on the street, not that it's candy, or drink warm drinks. Yes, and on the chair at the dentist, I was a frequent guest, so you don't forget to make it.

When the doctor offered me реминерализацию do. When I came out of the clinic and called me, my husband, I was able to talk to him directly on the way. For me, it was such an incredible happiness that I fly home on the wings. For the first time in years I was able to have a Cup of aromatic, strong and, above all, drink hot coffee and not just coffee and coffee with ice cream. It was a true celebration, it is a pity only that the happiness was only of short duration. Just a couple of weeks, and everything in its place. Often a similar process to do I had no opportunity, and I began to live from the visitor prior to the visit to the doctor.

How to find a small misfortune is a great happiness for me

One day, during the trip, I was in so much pain the tooth that I was forced, in the local clinic. Dental were offered the cleaning, like a stone that has been accumulated. I agreed. After the measures carried out dentist toothpaste recommended me Denta Sealon a longer-lasting impact of hygiene procedures and get rid of the transparency of the enamel at the edges of the teeth. When I complained that the teeth very sensitive, he said that the debt-to-small cracks in tooth enamel from a lack of minerals, and that this Paste is the best helper in this matter, because of the daily use will be permanently sealed these disadvantages.

Honestly, I can barely stand it. After all, one thing – реминерализация in the professional clinic, and the other usual toothpaste. How it is able to deliver me from violations of the integrity in melting? Well, since I needed just a Paste, and I moved constantly, then the recommended by the doctor bought. After two weeks of use was ready to fly through the bottom of the country to the dentist, to thank him. I just did not believe that the sensitivity decreases with each passing day that the teeth retain their white style, looks strong and healthy. It is not only Pasta, for me it is the rescue.

Now Denta Seal I do but I also have a small stock at home (I'm so измучалась with the teeth that it is even the fear that all of a sudden the Pasta at the end, but I have no time, a new book). All friends and I well-known not only advised of this means, but they were all girlfriends. A child and a man brushing the teeth only Denta SealI hope it will help you avoid all the problems and agonies that they had to experience me.

Although he is very busy, I decided, the time for writing this review, because it can change the lives of many people. Now at the dentist I'm only prevention, because tooth decay simply does not appear and is not developed further, so that only occasionally Hygiene'm doing, and nothing else. I recommend to all people, even with completely healthy teeth Paste use Denta Seal. Believe us – your teeth, you will be a long time, and the smile is white and beautiful!