Types of teeth whitening, the specifics of these procedures

Tooth whitening

People who don't want to, I would have a beautiful smile, very little, but nature, unfortunately, white teeth, for the lucky few. Most of the people need to whiten your teeth. Where not so long ago, most of the process for the bleaching of the teeth were not at all safe for the health. It is only through the development of technologies and of dentistry as a separate section in medicine, today, teeth bleaching can be not only very fast but also without any significant risk to health.

Why teeth become dark?

Take a look at the teeth of the children. They are white by nature, in most cases, but over time darken. Why? Reasons why the color changes of tooth enamel , very much:

  • Consumption of food, the pigments, which are able to stain tooth enamel.
  • Smoking.
  • Excessive Consumption Of Alcohol.
  • A variety of diseases: dental caries, fluorosis, stable Plaque.
  • Violation of the rules of personal Hygiene.
  • Age-Related Changes.

Ways of bleaching

Today, bleaching teeth , there are various possibilities , which, in the following groups:

  1. Professional Possibilities. This group includes species from the bleaching of the tooth enamel, held in dental clinics under the supervision of the dentist. In some cases, the professional tooth whitening can be carried out at the dentist and at home, but only after a full consultation with a specialist. For professional methods of mechanical bleaching, chemical Bleaching, photobleaching.
  2. Unprofessional Ways. It is an independent Bleaching with special pastes, which can be purchased at the pharmacy, as well as the use of recipes of traditional medicine. It should be understood that unprofessional whitening is unsafe. Very often, the use of folk remedies and whitening pastes will not lead to an increase in the sensitivity of the teeth, because the people know either about contraindications do not take into account.
Ways of bleaching


Today, most people are aware that a high-quality teeth whitening-you only get in the pros , and therefore treated in the dental clinics. At your disposal the latest machines and technologies of modern dentistry, but also the safest methods of professional whitening.

It is necessary to say that the term "photobleaching" is not exactly the essence of the procedure. The fact that the light can act in any way to the tooth enamel. In this method, it is needed as an activator of a chemical reaction. The main work of the whitening of teeth, special lighting reagents.

The main ingredient of the gel, is for the photobleaching, hydrogen peroxide. She was under the influence of UV-light is transformed into an active Form of oxygen which is capable, in the enamel to penetrate and change their color.

Photobleaching takes place in several steps , and usually for a period of not more than 1. Hour.

  1. The first step of the method consists in cleaning the surface of the teeth. This is a professional cleaning of the oral cavity from Plaque and debris. Further, the expert defines the original color of the tooth enamel. A special standardized scale. In this Phase, the dentist together with the patient, as a possible result discusses.
  2. In the second Phase of the lips and cheeks to isolate with the help of retractor. Teeth carefully dried, and the gums are covered for protection structure. After that, on the surface of the teeth, light-active Gel, then applied the radiation undergoes within 20 minutes. After the completion of the session, the running total is. If the desired shade of tooth enamel is not reached, the procedure is repeated, taking into account a limitation - not more than 6 treatments per visit.
  3. In the case when six-time treatment is not sufficient, repeat the full cycle of photobleaching will only be possible in a week.

The effectiveness of photobleaching is quite high. A visit to the dentist can, whiten in 8 colors and the effect long enough to be maintained, but only if the teeth of the people of the nature had tooth enamel yellowish. In the case when the enamel is naturally grayish, the maximum result - a couple of tones.

The best result in photobleaching when the Patient received a yellow teeth due to excessive consumption of coffee and Smoking.

The minimal effect of this procedure is, in the case when the teeth of the patient changed the colors by the ingestion of drugs and an overabundance of fluoride in the water consumed.

Also, we should not forget that about 5% of the population of our planet enamel is a special composition has. With the change in the color of these teeth the modern dentistry can deal with even.

In spite of the fact that the technology photobleaching differs a high level of security , do not forget about the possible side-effects:

  • Increased sensitivity of the teeth after the procedure within a few days.
  • Possible Manifestation of Allergy to the components of the whitening Gel.
  • Irritation of the mucous membranes.

How much the photobleaching cost? The prices for these procedures differ depending on the Gel, Hardware, city, and Status of dental clinic. In Moscow the price on a cold Beyond whitening is on average 11 900 rubles.

Laser Whitening

Laser Whitening

This kind of change the color of the tooth enamel in contrast to the classical photobleaching can help, not only those that the teeth are naturally yellow, but also in patients with a greyish natural enamel. Technology of modern dentistry allow to do it quickly, efficiently and safely .

Experts believe that this melt to the gentle nature of the trauma to the tooth. In addition, during the procedure, the Patient has no complaints.

The procedure of Laser whitening is as follows:

  1. The surface of the teeth of Plaque cleaned and stone, according to what is applied to the Gel smart bleach . The basic are still the same hydrogen peroxide.
  2. The Gel is activated under the action of Laser. In this case, each tooth is treated in a private jet. The duration of exposure to minimum of 2 minutes.
  3. During treatment, the teeth the Laser, the splitting is done on the components of the gel with the release of the active oxygen to penetrate into the tooth enamel and нейтрализующего color pigments.

The whole procedure takes on average no longer than half an hour . In this work gear, you can Email lighten up to 7 tones.

To improve the technology of Laser Bleaching in dentistry constantly. A few years ago, the equipment Laser with a wave length of 488 and 514 Nm, which is why the procedure took longer and required a greater number of sessions to achieve the desired result. Today, thanks to the infrared diode lasers with a wavelength of 810 Nm long procedure to a Minimum shrunk. In addition, the new Laser is to allow a more even whitening of the enamel.

The biggest disadvantage of the Laser whitening - the high cost of the procedure.


It is a different kind of photobleaching of teeth, which can be classified as completely safe. The basis of this technology is the same Gel with hydrogen peroxide is always. Its activation on the surface of the teeth is the spectrum with the help of a special lamp, shining in the ultraviolet.

Its popularity of this type of bleaching was due to its very high efficiency, and long maintenance of the reached effect . In addition, in this method drugs and equipment from a manufacturer that negates the risks of occurrence of complications. Finally, in spite of the fact that the technology from Zoom is a professional, it is quite possible, to be used at home. The truth is, the effectiveness of the bleaching is slightly lower than when it was under the conditions of the clinic. Nevertheless, it is very convenient for many people.

The high cost of Bleaching due to the need to do prints of the upper jaw and produce special Kapu .

As you can see, at the expense of the Zoom is comparable with a Laser teeth whitening. Therefore, the choice of one or the other kind of whitening of the enamel is completely on the shoulders of the patient.

Chemical bleaching

Similar bleaching of the tooth enamel can be performed in the clinic and at home. In the latter case, it is still considered professional, if it is under the control of the dentist.

In dentistry, despite the fact that in the case of the wrong approach to procedures that can cause damage to the teeth, are the chemical methods of tooth whitening is positive, because they give a guaranteed positive result.

The most common System tooth whitening chemical process is the System Opalescence .


This gentle technology for the chemical brightening, the US-company "ultra-dent". In spite of the gentle effect of the whitening is coping with whitening of the teeth, of the affected fluorosis allows, darkened, changed due to the use of tetracycline, the color from the age. The technology Opalescence is often used before dentures or Veneers .

The advantages of such a tooth whitening, the sustainability of the achieved effect, the relative security, low cost. For comparable results, Opalescence value much lower Zoom whitening.

Mechanical Bleaching

This method of tooth bleaching is considered to be the oldest. Basically, it is only a professional dental hygiene. In dentistry, there are specialists who not as a mechanical tooth whitening bleaching, even in spite of the fact that the effect of the procedure sufficiently well-developed.

Mechanical removal of the dark surface of the teeth only opens under him the tooth enamel . That is, no destruction of the pigment, obscuring Email, not happening.