It is harmful to health, dental whitening?

In the pursuit of the snow-white smile, and everyone chooses for themselves the most appropriate way to achieve the desired: someone turns to the dentist, someone uses the System for the Home Bleaching, and someone preferred the traditional medicine. But whether it is bad for the teeth? How safe these methods are? How harmless bleach the tooth enamel? Let us in these matters.

Like without damage to the teeth bleaching at home?

Tooth whitening

Lack of time, fear of the dental treatment chair, or a lack of willingness, money for a doctor visit, the people are pushing in search of techniques to know you were able to smile in the terms and conditions of your own house. Special tooth-pastes, Gels, a whole system or the people, recipes — anything goes! What you will help of this means of the most harmless and safe and whether?

Folk Remedies

If it is the dentist the question about the medium — the people's medicine-whether this is harmful to the teeth bleaching baking soda or peroxide, then the answer clearly. Such methods are especially bad, ineffective and the main thing — the most dangerous.

The application is not the most popular in the people's baking powder, wood ash and activated carbon capable of, the color of the tooth enamel to lighten. With a high degree of abrasion resistance, this means only remove Plaque from the teeth, accumulated due to improper oral hygiene. But along with such deposits decreases and the tooth-tissue. As a result, regular application of the enamel is much thinner, increases the sensitivity to external influences. In addition, on the surface micro-cracks and scratches, as a place of accumulation of bacteria and the development of caries.

The use of hydrogen peroxide is also a safe way to Home teeth whitening. The wrong application and the use of too high concentrations can cause severe burns of the mucous membranes of the mouth. Long and unsupervised process with this compound leads to the destruction of the organic Matrix of the tooth. And as a result, instead of snow-white smile — a big Problem.

Whether teeth whitening is harmful Pasta?

Application for the whitening of the enamel medium for regular Hygiene is one of the safest. But only under the condition that a Person regularly visits the dentist. A significant effect can be achieved with the help of such drugs impossible. But thanks to the presence in the composition of the pastes special compounds, anti-bacterial components, you can not only Plaque from the surface of the teeth to remove, but also to strengthen and prevent tooth decay

For the fact that such whitening has brought only benefit, should the funds in accordance with the recommendation of the dentist and enjoy you will not be in continuous operation and intermittent. Prolonged use of pastes with a high ratio of the abrasion effect, can significantly the superficial layers of the tooth to improve cause increased sensitivity and an initial reason for the development of caries. Toothpastes, the whitening effect is based on an active action of hydrogen peroxide so you need to be careful. So you brought harm, you need to carefully follow the instructions and do not exceed the number of treatments, the physician recommended.

Damage and use

Professional systems for teeth whitening at home with a special Gel manufacturer advertised as absolutely harmless. Indeed, the use of such funds is not harmful for teeth and gives you natural white. But only under the condition of the right technology for their use.

The most common errors that cause the System Home whitening damage the enamel, are:

  • Application of the method without prior consultation with your dentist.
  • The use of an inappropriate drug to the type of teeth.
  • Exceeding the necessary reaction time of the gel.
  • Stand-alone increase in the number of whitening treatments.
  • Tooth whitening is often times in 1-2 years.

Due to non-compliance with the rules of the bleaching chemical burns of the gums and of the mucous membranes of the lips and cheeks, increased sensitivity of the teeth to temperature changes and acids can occur.

Sure if compact bleach is?

Care for your teeth

The teeth in the Form of gels, pencils, vinyl records are gaining increasing popularity of products for the bleaching. Their effect is also in connection with the active hydrogen peroxide. In the right application they are absolutely harmless.

But excessive dependence of such the improvement of the tooth enamel, wrong or substandard drug trigger the same negative effects as any other flame retardants on the Basis of peroxides: the destruction of periodontal tissue, increased sensitivity, tooth decay can be selected.

How damaging Office teeth whitening?

Come to the dentist, many patients are wondering whether or not harmful to the professional teeth whitening (Laser Zoom)?

Today, methods will be applied in the dental practice, and the considerably bleach the tooth enamel, are the safest.

  1. All medications used for the procedure, repeated, passed the Tests and proven harmless to the tooth enamel.
  2. Technology balanced up to a Minute, so practically the possibility of "bleaching eliminated" and get unnatural Cretaceous hue of the teeth.
  3. In the composition of the gels contain pieces of lead at the same time their protection against destruction.
  4. The process is under the constant supervision of a doctor. Therefore, if you have any complications and discomfort of whitening you can stop.
  5. After the procedure, the surface of the teeth with special solutions to treat the symptoms of the sensitivity and protect the enamel against caries.

Many studies of Laser-Bleaching this will ensure that such systems, but also useful. Under the influence of the laser radiation, the compression of the substances of enamel, about one-third of this is used for the additional protection factor.

In which cases professional teeth whitening damage can?

For the fact that his confidence in the safety of all the performed manipulations, you should have a proven clinic with a good reputation and many positive feedbacks from the patients.

Otherwise, you will receive a very unexpected result:

  • The use of inferior gels may not only improve the color of tooth enamel, but also a reason for the sharp strengthening of their sensitivity. Get rid of these complications, it is quite simple.
  • Lamps used for photo-Bleaching a certain life-span varies, after the expiry of the spectrum of light and is dangerous for the health. Working with such lamps can cause serious injury to the mucous membranes and the skin.
  • Longer shutter time results in active peroxide Gel to better effect, that the enamel is a matte shade.
  • A wrong or defective treatment of the tooth surfaces with special solutions, increased brushing, the risk of the destruction of tooth tissue.

The choice to whiten your teeth, you should on the opinion of professionals. Only the dentist can adequately assess the condition of the enamel, and answers to the question of harmful or not to the use of certain technology. Try to give yourself a smile not know will not succeed, but also to eliminate serious complications, which is hard enough as it is.