Professional tooth cleaning before and after

Currently for sale is a huge amount of money for the care of teeth and gums, and the mucous membrane of the oral cavity. Their application is an important aspect of maintaining the health of the teeth. In spite of this fact, doctors recommend at least twice a year by a dentist to pass diagnostics, preventive treatments and early treatment of damaged teeth.

The regular and correct application of preventive agents in the home, it may not give a full warranty on the preservation of the health of the teeth. Deposits on the tooth enamel high can you procedure only during a professional cleaning.

What is professional dental cleaning?

Teeth cleaning

The procedure of professional teeth cleaning is a series of measures for the removal of Plaque and Tartar, which in the conditions of the dental clinic professional doctor with special equipment.

Pain-free the Plaque to get rid of, to remove deposits of Tartar, again, healthy teeth help you, the professional tooth cleaning. In addition, in the course of the proceedings, destroy disease-causing bacteria, which have a positive impact not only on the health of the teeth, but also on the immunity in General.

Due to the fact that modern technology recommend professional cleaning of the teeth, gentle enough, dentists, repeat the process twice per year. To procedures, for specific reasons, and more frequent form of address.

Indications for the implementation of the professional dental cleaning

Professional hygienic cleaning method allows you to solve a number of problems:

  • removal of dental plaque;
  • Removal of Tartar;
  • Avoid damage to the dental hard substance;
  • Prevention of periodontal diseases (tissue surrounding the retention and tooth);
  • Prevention of bleeding gums;
  • the fight with the unpleasant smell from the mouth;
  • Whitening Tooth Enamel.

Symptoms are evidence of the need for the implementation of a professional cleaning

If the Patient is not on the regular visits to the dentist, to determine the need for the implementation of the ordinary procedure, a professional cleaning of the following symptoms will help you:

  • explicitly, the presence of Plaque;
  • the obvious presence of the deposits of Tartar;
  • persistent unpleasant odor from the oral cavity in the case of the absence of specific diseases of the gastro-intestinal tract;
  • Bleeding of the gums;
  • the occurrence of unpleasant sensations, itching or burning in the area of the teeth and of the gums;
  • change the color of the periodontal tissue;
  • a feeling of heaviness or pain in the periodontium during meals;
  • Injury to the attachment of the gums to the tooth.

The possibilities of the professional dental cleaning

Complex effect on the teeth, modern techniques in the process of professional cleaning, is divided in two ways:

  • Hardware;
  • Hand.

Hardware-method for the removal of Plaque and dental stone: properties and contraindications

There are three methods in the course of the Hardware possibilities of the professional cleaning of the teeth:

  • the so-called Air Flow (air current);
  • the use of ultrasound;
  • the application of laser technology.

We consider each of them.

The Air-Flow Method

This method implies the impact on the surface of the teeth of the air flow, the particular abrasive. Traditionally, sodium bicarbonate, i.e., plain baking soda is considered abrasive. A thin jet of water allows you to delete the machined Zone of the grinding agent together with the loosened dirt from the teeth. For a refreshing effect of the water may be added Menthol or other fragrances. Water also has a cooling function, prevents the overheating of the tooth enamel during the action of the abrasive.

This method not only fulfills the function of the cleaning, but also for the polishing of the tooth enamel. Tooth enamel gets to Shine, and their surface is partially brightened. Don't expect perfect white, because this method allows only the enamel of dirt that hid their natural color. Brighten up enamel in multiple tones with the help of this procedure is not possible.

Among the advantages of this procedure, be noted security and high efficiency. The doctor selects individually the performance of the grinding flow. In doing so, you not only takes into account the volume and the durability of dental deposits to remove, but also the individual sensitivity of the teeth, but also the thickness of the enamel.

professional teeth whitening

Before the procedure, you must ensure that the Patient has to their contraindications:

  • excessive thin layer of tooth enamel;
  • extensive caries;
  • Damage to the tooth enamel bad character, resulting in increased sensitivity, excessive wear or brittleness;
  • acute periodontal disease;
  • the individual diseases of the respiratory tract (obstructive Bronchitis, Asthma);
  • Allergies to the components used.

From the characteristics of the Air-Flow method it is possible to note the wide availability and relatively low cost. The duration of treatment is 20 to 30 minutes. Its effect continues for long enough. Photos of the teeth made in accordance with procedures clearly show their effectiveness when interventions medical a comprehensive comparison with photos in front of the tooth.

Ultrasonic Method

The use of ultrasound allows the procedure of professional cleaning of the teeth more effective. The duration of the Manipulation is reduced, which positively affects the convenience of the patient. Ultrasound has a wonderful anti-bacterial and anti-microbial effect.

Important to the full security of the ultra-cavity ultrasound for the mouth. The softness of the impact is gentle on the tooth enamel. The use of special nozzles for the various phases allows the impurities can be effectively removed, even on difficult areas. In the process of the effects of Tartar not only mechanically removed, and his gradual destruction with subsequent removal. This aspect has a special meaning for stone in periodontal pockets. When you apply, in order to remove it Instrumental intervention, it will greatly traumatizing.

In the case of the ultrasonic method is similar to the output of the water jet, the deposits destructible is destroyed and flushed out debris from hard-to-reach places. At the same time with the removal of the deposits, a partial lightening of the solid materials takes place.

To this method, there are also some contraindications:

  • a significant demineralization of the tooth enamel;
  • extensive caries and its complications;
  • purulent disease, periodontal disease, or the mucous membrane of the mouth;
  • severe cardiovascular disease;
  • Application creators by the patients of heart step;
  • Lung, kidney, or liver failure.

Currently the ultrasonic cleaning method has been widely used, reducing the cost for services decreased significantly. The effect of the procedure and can persist for up to a year, with careful home dental care after the procedure.

Laser technology

The application of the laser was a distinctive feature of the modern techniques of the professional dental cleaning. The specificity of the effect of this method is based on the process of evaporation of liquids. In thicker plaque and Tartar more fluid contains a disproportionately high, as in the tooth enamel. Of the Laser allows layer-by-layer vaporized the liquid, the destroy in sediments, layer by layer.

Contact of the instrument with the tissue is completely missing. This not only ensures the painlessness of the procedure, but excludes the possibility of registration of any infection. It is worth noting that the Laser itself has an effect, an antiseptic. This prevents the development of caries and other oral diseases.

A special feature of the laser treatment, there is a possibility of whitening of the tooth enamel, thus the need for a separate special whitening procedure. This is evident in the examination of the photos, the before the beginning of the procedure and after its completion.

Please note the contraindications for this method:

  • the creators presence of implants in the body, including heart step;
  • the presence of orthopedic Designs;
  • SARS;
  • Rhinitis;
  • serious illness of an infectious nature (HIV, tuberculosis, Hepatitis);
  • Epilepsy;
  • Asthma.

With all its positive characteristics, the method characterized by the high cost of the procedure. Cost of Laser cleaning may be higher in two or more times than the cost for other options. But because of its efficacy, the Whitening effect and other advantages, this method has gained great popularity. The effect of the implementation of such procedures remains up to a year.

Manual method to remove Plaque and Tartar

The manual way of professional cleaning of the teeth is a classic. An integrated approach for the professional hygienic cleaning this way, it is in the final stages.

In the service of the dentist, there are special strips, the coating of necessary roughness. With the help of a doctor areas corrected without prejudice in the case of Hardware-cleaning, processed between teeth. The choice of the roughness allows, how to remove Plaque, and produce enamel polishing.

For complex phases are deposits special instruments for cleaning. You have an acute work surface and allow an experienced dentist to manually remove deposits that require drastic measures.

It also has special polishing apply pastes. Your use with the special brush allows you to effectively remove Plaque and produce polishing of the enamel of the teeth.

Oral hygiene after professional cleaning


In addition to the traditional recommendations for the daily care of the attention to some additional aspects of care after the procedure should have a professional cleaning:

  • in the first days after the procedure, you should not eat food, which has a strong coloring effect.
  • in the first days of the undesirable consumption of coffee, tea and Smoking.
  • You should note that the dentist will apply after the intervention on the teeth special means to prevent the formation of sediments and have enamel-strengthening effect on the tooth.
  • after each meal, cleaning of the teeth is recommended. To recommend in the case of their inability, chewing gum or mouthwash with clean water.

In summary, the conclusion can be drawn that the regular visit to the dentist, timely treatment of damaged teeth, as well as regular professional cleaning along with daily careful care of the oral cavity, achieve excellent health of teeth and snow-white smile, which will continue for years to come.