Tooth pain after cleaning the channels – causes and methods of struggle

The cleaning of the channels of the tooth result in conditions associated with inflammation of the dental pulp.

In the process, thanks to the modern methods of anesthesia, virtually pain-free, but the unpleasant sensations, when the tooth pain after the cleaning of the channels, possibly in a couple of hours.

Pain in the teeth

You should find out the reasons why hurts "dead" (without the nerve) of the tooth, how much of this pain will take, whether it is normal or an urgent Intervention of the dentist must.

Characteristics of the pain, after the cleaning tooth hurts when pressure is

Consider why the tooth hurts after cleaning of the channels.

Painful sensations can wear a different character:

  • acute and intense pain;
  • dull and dragging;
  • the tooth hurts after cleaning of channels;
  • throbbing, paroxysmal;
  • Pain, occasionally disturbing in the course of the day (generally worse in the evening or in the night);
  • situations (mechanical) character: a sudden pain at random to the fierce bite of the jaw, healed, pressure on the tooth when chewing, the action of cold or to hot liquids and food;
  • durable, long time (longer than two weeks) non-zero pain at the end; sometimes it is to swallow so much that the man forced a day, literally "a handful" for the pain. Pain of exactly this type – the first character of the inflammation, lack of treatment or allergies to the sealing of the materials.

Properly tooth healed after 3-4 days should not bother you. Valid as the conservation of the smaller pain (no pain!) up to two weeks after the cleaning, under the condition that it reduces the sharpness of day-to-day.

Natural pain after the removal

Pain in the tooth is inevitable, because the endodontic procedures (so in dentistry, it is called the cleaning of the channel) is a micro-Operation.

In the composition of the mass, many of the nerve contains fibers that are at the root of the tooth in thicker General Trunks

Nervous, the fact from the tooth is removed, in the, tearing vessels from the main trunk, damaging the surrounding soft parts, and numerous blood.

Another reason is the natural pain of the gums swelling of the tissue after the injection of the anesthesia, because there is additional pressure on the roots of the tooth.

Within 5-7 days after the Manipulation, the doctors keep teeth recommend healed. Need to chew on the tooth of the opposite side of the mouth to avoid hard foods (nuts, apples, meat and other products, the great chewing load). Also do not drink very hot or cold drinks.

Pain after cleaning the canals of the tooth. Incorrectly performed treatment

Duct cleaning of the tooth is technically one of the most difficult and thin dental manipulations. The fact that the channel of the tooth is not visible, and the dentist leads to touch the cleaning actually, only the data of the x-ray beam, his skill and a steady Hand.

The main problems that can occur during the treatment:

  • OTL tool. Causes of such errors can be: wrong choice of narrow or curved canals the instruments; the non-compliance with the technology of the Manipulation, if the doctor before cleaning not provided a good approach to the root canal. This unpleasant Situation dentist corrected directly during the Manipulation.
  • Perforation. In other words – it is a puncture, hole, cavity or tooth root.
  • Non-compliance with the technology of the treatment, the cleaning of the channel. Incomplete removal of the nerve tissue, or inadequate filling of the tooth canal with a filler material.
  • The excretion of filling material. Case, if the Material from the tip of the tooth root.
  • Wrong channel cured. The tooth can not no complaints, but may is a hotbed of infection, destruction in it not visible from the outside, come under the seal.

Pain in the tooth are not only caused by poor treatment, but also because of the individual's Allergy to the filler material.

The pain at pressing


  • Natural recovery phase after the cleaning of the channels;
  • Allergy applied to the Material of the seal and, during the Manipulation of the drugs;
  • inferior treatment.

One of the most common causes for the pain at pressing on curing of Pulpitis tooth – to high seal brought. Discomfort in the mouth you can feel almost immediately, as the excess filler material to the proper closing of the jaws.



Consider the following problems:

  • Periodontal disease, i.e., inflammation of the tissue that surrounds the root of the tooth;
  • Abscess or inflammation of the periosteum (the connective tissue of the tooth), popularly known under the name of "Flux";
  • the development of cysts;
  • longer (more than three days) numbness of the facial muscles (the cause may be in the output fill material for the tips of the roots or of damage to the facial nerve, the injection-the introduction of the anesthesia);
  • Neuralgia and persistent pain;
  • Tooth loss (the need to remove it due to Perforation or fracture of the tooth root);
  • Tooth extraction in the distant future (in the case of the formation of the periodontal abscess after treatment of Pulpitis).

The symptoms require immediate treatment to the doctors:

  • the sense of smell of pus from the mouth;
  • the appearance of the pus;
  • high fever (over 38 degrees);
  • conspicuous swelling of the cheeks and/or change its color;
  • unbearable pain, not after taking the "Drum-dose" for the pain.

What to do?

If necessary, the doctor, the cleaning of the channels and (or) has other therapeutic manipulations (e.g. Laser or ultrasound therapy).

Short-term first aid, analgesic and anti-inflammatory drugs can afford. Important to use it according to the instructions and observe the contraindications.

In some cases, the pain temporarily mouth water warm can alleviate (not hot!) the solution with baking soda (1 TSP of table salt and baking soda in a glass of water, you can use 1-3 drops of drops of iodine). You can try rinsing with a decoction: chamomile, sage, oak bark, calendula.

Categorically it is forbidden, do increase warm compresses or a hot flushing of the diseased tooth: because of them the infection only.

So, the cleaning of channels is an integral part of the treatment of Pulpitis. Timely and properly performed Manipulation helps in the preservation of the tooth, but in any case, after that painful sensations arise. Please distinguish the pain of the natural character, gradually look back, as the wound, from the long pain, the information about the complications inflammatory process. If the tooth pain after the cleaning of the channels is not for two weeks, especially if it is reinforced, you need to revisit the dentist.