Professional Tooth Cleaning

Daily oral hygiene is a necessary rule, that must comply with every person. However, for the preservation of the health of your teeth is often not enough. The safe choice – professional tooth cleaning in the dental medicine.

Tooth cleaning in the dental methods

What is professional dental cleaning?

The biggest threat to the oral health are harmful bacteria to the food. Out of them, Plaque is formed. This can be meat to very unpleasant consequences – dental stone, dental caries, inflammation of the tooth and the subsequent adentias.

To prevent the helps, to remove Plaque. There is a logical question: why contact your dentist if any of us brushing his teeth every day? The answer to this question is very simple. Professional dental procedure is significantly different from the domestic, there are used:

  • Special device;
  • professional cleaning compositions.

This allows you to remove Plaque in hard-to-reach places, where do not get, no toothbrush. Special formulations allow a highly efficient cleaning – even the most expensive toothpaste to give such a result.

If you have a professional cleaning?

The international Association of dentists, through this process twice a year. This would prevent the development of dental caries. Patients a comprehensive dental treatment went, this procedure gives the opportunity to keep and the result over a long period of time.

Dental hygienists also advisable, prior to the start of dental treatment. Why is it necessary? It improves the condition of gums, to detect caries at an early stage, to restore the natural color of tooth enamel, simplify the process for the production of seals, the selection of their shading or the hue of the tooth set.

In carrying out the process of such events are:

  • removes Plaque between the teeth;
  • the gums and the subgingival area cleaned;
  • deleted the surface of the teeth to chew;
  • eliminates the formation on the part of the cheeks;
  • eliminates the formation of the contact language with enamel.

The hygienic cleaning is not only adults but also children. Contrary to popular belief, milk teeth also requires careful maintenance.

The advantages of a professional cleaning

The method has the widest distribution. I also told him those patients in whom no disease of the oral cavity. It allows to prevent the execution:

  • Inflammation of the gums;
  • the development of caries;
  • the emergence of the smell of the mouth;
  • Loosening and loss of teeth.
Tooth cleaning in the dental medicine

Besides, as a result of tooth enamel a natural tint – it will be on 1-2 tones. So there is a certain aesthetic effect.

Important is the fact that the price for professional tooth cleaning at the dentist is low. This preventive approach is much cheaper than direct treatment.

How is a professional cleaning?

The cleaning is done in a single appointment at the dentist. The procedure is done in several steps:

  • Preparation – the dentist advises the patient, detect the presence of caries or Tartar, of certain pathologies. If Necessary, Analysis;
  • with the help of ultrasonic apparatus is the removal of Tartar. It is minimally atraumatic method in which the teeth are affected tissue;
  • after the dental Plaque is removed. These fixed deposits, to promote the air-abrasive method;
  • then polishing with special abrasive pastes. It allows teeth to give suppleness and protect against premature destruction of the seal;
  • on the last stage of the tooth surface fluorinated composition covered. This allows you an e-mail more durable.

On the latest state of the dental benefits each of these phases is completely painless. On the passage of the procedure, you will only need about an hour.