The result in a single procedure: apparatus for tooth whitening

Hardware teeth whitening, Apparatus for bleaching teethin addition to the use of the stocks to facilitate, involves the use of various lamps and Laser instruments.

In contrast to chemical whitening of tooth enamel, Hardware soft: in the process of lightening no harmful effects of chemicals.

Types of teeth whitening apparatus

In the modern dentistry such Hardware are increasingly techniques, such as Laser and photo-dealbatio.


On the teeth, the whitening Gel is applied on the Basis of hydrogen peroxide. Immediately thereafter, the device is for whitening — Laser switches. His narrow beam of light and activates the Gel.

The main advantage of this method is that a tooth can be treated without on the neighboring. In addition, there is no danger of the lesion of the oral mucosa in case of inaccurate movements of the patient.

Pros and cons


  1. The procedure takes about half an hour.
  2. High efficiency: over 2-3 sessions, the Patient receives an effect on for several years at observance of all recommendations.
  3. The concentration of hydrogen peroxide does not harm the tooth enamel.
  4. UV-radiation is considered to be the prevention of tooth decay and the development of various infections in the oral cavity.


  1. Within the first day after the meeting, there was an increased sensitivity of the teeth.
  2. The high cost of the procedure.
Important! All the procedures have contraindications, so before you preferred a certain type of teeth whitening, you must consult with the treating dentist.

What results is the laser device teeth whitening

Whitening after the treatment felt immediately. The bleaching happening from the 10-12 tones. In the first two days after the meeting is necessary to refrain from coffee, cigarettes and tea.

the device for teeth whitening using Laser


All types of photo-dealbatio include the use of a gel containing certain active substances, such as hydrogen peroxide, and a special LED lamp with hot or with cold light. It acts as a catalyst, activated to the teeth and applied Gel.

The Gel penetrates, in turn, deep into the tooth enamel and the Dentin, and marks the active oxygen splits (oxidizes) pigments in the Email, and then she pulls on the surface of the teeth. Thus, there is a brightening.

Pros and cons


  1. The effect is immediately visible. For the future evaluation of the results before the procedure, the original color of the teeth is fixed.
  2. Suitable for people with sensitive tooth enamel.
  3. At observance of all recommendations of the dentist effect can exist in two years.
  4. Some types of photo-dealbatio can be used, if fluorosis. This method is also effective for lightening of darkening of the tooth enamel, the ingestion of drugs, such as tetracycline.
  5. The duration of the procedure is about half an hour.


  1. photo-dealbatio effective yellow shows, but practically does not destroy the Patina.
  2. Some patients notice an increase in sensitivity of the teeth after the session. In this case, the doctor prescribes remineralize Pasta.
  3. After the procedure, an unpleasant taste in the mouth.
  4. photo-dealbatio gives a strong effect: the unnatural white of the teeth, even with a slight tinge of blue.
Important! Before the procedure, the Patient must wear protective glasses, and protective material to the gums and cheeks. For moisturizing the lips is not necessarily a cream.

The result is photo-dealbatio

After a meeting of the surface of the teeth to a lighter shade of gray on 10 sounds. The result can be provided for a year or two, that all the recommendations be adhered to.

The result is immediately visible: the photo-dealbatio tooth enamel a couple of shades brighter.

If the man smokes, drinks a lot of coffee, black tea and consume products with colouring properties, is stops the result of a long time.

After the procedure, you will also need to Smoking and the consumption of staining foods within 1-2 days, the result of the tooth whitening was attached.

Apparatus for the bleaching of the teeth photobleaching

Hardware-Whitening: Contraindications

Hardware lightening tooth enamel may cause damage under the following conditions:

  1. The presence of diseases of the gums, the teeth and the oral cavity (caries, Pulpitis, ulcers, inflammation, etc.).
  2. Determined serious diseases, including cancer and Diabetes.
  3. Allergies to components of the whitening Gel.
  4. During pregnancy and lactation.
  5. Pathologic erase of solid materials.
  6. Gum recession and the exposure of the roots.
  7. Increased sensitivity of tooth enamel and its affected structure.
  8. The presence of old fillings.

Hardware-whitening is gaining popularity because of their relative safety and efficiency.