Equipment for professional cleaning for the teeth

A beautiful smile is an excellent way to win over the people. The teeth white pleased, you need to be cleaned regularly, where it's not about the toothpaste and the toothbrush. Home is difficult to clean and sometimes even impossible for the tooth enamel from Plaque. This requires a cleaning is carried out with the help of special equipment.

What are the devices of the teeth for cleaning?

the device for cleaning the teeth

In the market of dental treatment unit, there was a whole series of devices with which you brush your teeth with more efficiency, than if this have to do with the help of the toothbrush. One of these devices is to shower the mouth. This is a special Tool for the implementation of the professional dental cleaning.

The principle of operation of this device is quite simple:

  1. In a special container with a liquid;
  2. Under high pressure through the device, the liquid is in a special opening. Thus, a beam that is capable of forms, you delete with the surface of the teeth food debris and Plaque, and to remove brush and Pasta.

In addition to the cleaning of the tooth, the oral irrigator is able to remove to clean the remnants of food from the space between the teeth and the gums, and massage, strengthen, strengthened, the blood circulation, thereby. Such a device is not only simple to operate, but also the compact dimensions and relatively low cost (although the price of the product but of the functions and of the manufacturer), whereby it is quite possible, at home.

More solid deposits, as well as Retinitis remove Plaque, you can use the device, which lie in the work of the ultrasonic waves. Such a device called Scaler. Such devices are fairly common, so that it practices often in a dentist.

To work with this device, you need to have certain skills and qualifications, so only a professional can. Scaler can be used in the treatment of Endo-pathologies, for parodontolgie and arthroplasty. In addition, with the help of ultrasonic waves emitted device, the polishing of the tooth, clean the surface of crowns and bridges while in the prosthetics.

In addition to the device and subject to ultrasonic cleaning, there are the following types of cleaning:

  • Laser cleaningnot only removes the deposits from the surface of the tooth, but also has the property to destroy harmful bacteria. The impact of the laser beam accelerates the healing of ulcers and improving the condition of the oral mucosa.
  • The cleaning is done with the help of the apparatus "air-flow", is an effect of the air jet, complemented by the abrasive.
  • Hygienic cleaning, which is a method of removal of dental plaque with special brushes and hooks. This method is very gentle and aims precisely at the removal of the stone. So that it is hardly effective. Therefore, it is now used relatively rarely.

Indications for a professional dental cleaning.

It is important to note that contraindications are brushing your teeth almost no, and those that can prevent a comparison measurement, but relatively, and in many ways, their presence determines the state of the oral cavity and the individual peculiarities of the organism of the patient.

The least number of contraindications has been the home tooth cleaning, the use of electrical brushes and professional Pasta, as well as showers. You need special attention to professional oral hygiene.

If you are talking about the cleaning, which can be either in the conditions of dental practice, the indications for its implementation:

Teeth cleaning
  • The need for the removal of Tartar;
  • Removal of soft and hard Plaque on the tooth enamel is formed;
  • As a prophylactic measure to prevent the disease of tooth tissue (an example of such a disease is the well-known caries);
  • Preventive measure or treatment of periodontal disease;
  • The elimination of the unpleasant odor, the result of the vital activity of bacteria;
  • Warning of the occurrence of bleeding periodontal;
  • Preparation for the subsequent whitening of the enamel.

Professional tooth cleaning with special pastes and brushes

The teeth were white, and for as long as possible waiting for the effect, obtained with the help of the cleaning Hardware, you can.special tools and houses, the cleaning of the teeth in the morning and in the evening

To clean effectively the teeth, you can already have the above shower, but they are not the only devices that you can use to the cleaning of the oral cavity of people who have no special preparation. Also you can brushing whiten your teeth with a special professional toothpaste and electric toothbrushes.

Differences of professional toothpaste from the usual, the following:

  • More content abrasive elements, whereby Plaque turns out to be a bigger impact than with conventional pastes. A large number of abrasive particles is expressed not only in the effect, but also the consistency, the thicker;
  • The ability to destroy disease-causing bacteria. Not all, of course, full of pathogenic microbes to clean the mouth of the cave is simply impossible, but it is more effective in this question. So, if you don't, only the teeth are darker than you wanted, but also a disease of the oral cavity, for example bleeding gums, then you should exactly professional Paste;
  • A large number of active ingredients, the the product a special healing properties;
  • Cost, of course, morethan normal pasta. This display can be used as a disadvantage of professional pastes. But for the quality have to pay.

Speaking of toothbrushes, cleaning the teeth more effectively an electric brush can make.

This device contains the following components:

  • Plastic-housing, in whose interior a small engine;
  • The Motorconverts electrical energy into mechanical energy;
  • Nozzle with a brush, usually round brush, brush wear to be changed, otherwise the desired effect is not.

There are a large number of models of electric brush.

This device may have the following characteristics:

  • Speed, as well as the possibility of their change;
  • During the operation, can be provided vibration impact, the effectiveness of the procedure, increase can;
  • The size of the brush, the impact on a surface (large surface area can reduce the time required for the procedure) and the ability to clean the surface of the teeth in hard-to-reach places (the smaller, the easier to clean-long teeth).

All of the above features have an impact on the value of the device, but also the efficiency of their use.

Hardware-tooth cleaning at home

the device for cleaning the teeth

At home, you Hardware cleaning with a special device, a device which is under fluid pressure. Hardly such a device can in the morning and in the evening. It is sufficient to use time in two days.

For the daily use of the electric brush, which is of course more expensive usual, but in the situation that is of great benefit. For the best result you can in a plant with brushes professional toothpaste, which contains in its composition is more abrasive elements.