Teeth Cleaning Ultrasonic

For the health of proper oral hygiene is very important. Because dental plaque, proliferation of bacteria and causing diseases constantly, only teeth, but also weakens the immune system. To remove home of the conventional toothbrush made completely Plaque. There are the ultrasonic cleaning of the teeth.

What is the purpose of the ultrasonic cleaning of the teeth

Teeth cleaning

With a daily hygienic procedures, the teeth are cleaned only by soft sediments. But the Tartar remains, fixed deposits and food debris in hard-to-reach places. For your distance the best you visit the dentist's office and you spend a professional cleaning of the teeth. The most effective way, now is regarded as a procedure with the help of ultrasound. The combination of home and professional oral hygiene protects against diseases and white smile gives you.

Even if the Person is a proper diet and regular oral hygiene, his teeth still Plaque is formed. Soft sticky film of particles of food from various bacteria and covers all of the surfaces in the mouth. It serves as a breeding ground for the development of pathogens and the formation of caries and other diseases.

Gradually, the Plaque hardens and turns into Tartar. The presence of such a solid will raise even more Plaque the development of bacteria. From further cracks between the teeth, where the hammered particles of food. Improper diet, Smoking and poor oral hygiene only exacerbate the Situation.

Tartar grows, causing the development of inflammatory diseases of the gums, dental caries and periodontal disease. For this reason, mouth odor, tooth enamel, you may get darker, your sensitivity increases.

Of this scourge, most of the people are suffering now. And because it is dental stone is often the cause of Gingivitis, periodontitis, caries and inflammation of the gums. Therefore, ultrasonic cleaning is the teeth – it is a wonderful way to take care of the oral health and prevent serious diseases of the teeth and gums. It is recommended that every six months to remove Tartar, the teeth are always healthy.

What is the procedure

The removal of dental stone in dental medicine have long practiced. But in the past this was used, the mechanical cleaning is very painful. Then there were chemical methods, which often trigger allergic reactions and increase the sensitivity of the tooth enamel. So, with the advent of ultrasonic cleaning procedures for the removal of Tartar is not available, to more people, because it does not cause allergies, pain and damage the tooth enamel. The advantages of this cleaning is also part of the fact that there is the possibility, to the most inaccessible regions, where often gather food particles and bacteria multiply.

Cleaning with ultrasound is painless and gentle. With a special device Tartar, complicated Plaque and food debris removed. Wherein, enamel is not damaged, and the Patient has no complaints. The device emits vibrations with a frequency up to 20,000 Hz. These waves are absolutely safe and imperceptible for the human ear.

How is the cleaning process?

With the help of a special tube on the surface of the teeth water column, the teeth protects against overheating and high frequency sound. Ultrasound is harmful to the Plaque and form solid deposits. The doctor gently removes Tartar and soft Patina, with no damage to the enamel. Wherein, the procedure does not cause any unpleasant sensations.

To you, the doctor selects to be effective and safe, individually the frequency of the oscillations and the intensity of the water flow. Sometimes on the teeth, a special Gel is applied, which increases the efficiency of the cleaning. It is very important, so that in the course of the procedure, the doctor explained their actions and in the end gave tips to prevent the formation of Tartar and other oral care.

In difficult cases, you need to process may have multiple sessions. Therefore, for the increase of the quality of the cleaning of the teeth after the ultrasonic apparatus of the Air Flow. It is on the teeth water column with air and powder on the basis of sodium carbonate. This allows you to clean more efficiently most inaccessible places, where ultrasound is not able to penetrate. This procedure in addition to the cleaning gently and safely whiten and Polish the teeth.

After cleaning for a while can be very delicate, the enamel of the teeth. Therefore, all treatments can be carried out and only a couple of days. It is not recommended immediately after cleaning, put on the teeth, braces and dentures.

The cases In which the advantages of such a cleaning should be

The presence of dental calculus and complex Plaque on the teeth is a contraindication for a prosthesis. Therefore, before a serious treatment of the dentist through the procedure of ultrasonic cleaning recommends. This helps avoid complications and speeds up the treatment of periodontal disease and caries. Cleaning of the cavity of the tooth makes a better process seal. With the ultrasonic cleaning of the bags, rinse it, clean the channels before the treatment. This procedure reduces the risk of infections after tooth extractions.

Teeth Cleaning Ultrasonic

Most patients will experience in such cases on the effectiveness of ultrasonic cleaning. But those concerned about the oral health, make it on a regular basis. In many cases, the ultrasonic cleaning is polished in conjunction with other procedures, such as whitening the teeth, coated with a protective film. Often, your dentist, a special treatment for the relief of inflammation of the gums rubbing.

If you still need to use the Service of professional dental cleaning?

  • if there is bad breath;
  • the gums bleed and become inflamed;
  • Tooth enamel has become sensitive;
  • Caries and periodontal disease.

Pros and cons of the procedures, possible contraindications

In spite of the many positive reviews about the method, not all people can ultrasound do the cleaning of the teeth. Contraindicated in such cases:

  • if the Patient has a serious condition of the cardiovascular system, Asthma, or chronic Bronchitis;
  • in the presence of oncological diseases;
  • in the case of tuberculosis, Aids or Hepatitis;
  • in the case of epilepsy, and Diabetes;
  • in acute respiratory disease, or difficulty in nasal breathing;
  • for those patients, the orthopedic implants or devices;
  • those who Email sensitive;
  • Children up to the replacement of the milk teeth.
  • not recommended for the cleaning of ultrasound in the first half of the pregnancy.

But nevertheless, this method has many advantages over mechanical and chemical cleaning of teeth:

  • it is more effective and removes any hardness of Plaque in hard-to-reach places;
  • corrects the darkening of the tooth enamel by Smoking, food color, or the consumption of coffee;
  • includes allergic reactions and negative effects on the body of chemicals;
  • does not damage the tooth enamel and increases your sensitivity;
  • Ultrasound destroys bacteria, the cavity maintaining the normal micro-flora in the mouth;
  • a little bit of brightening and polishing of the teeth, restoring their natural color and luster;
  • serves as a prophylaxis of caries and periodontal disease.

But not everything is so rosy. There are also negative feedback from the patients. They point out that the procedure is causing them pain. Indeed, it is possible, if subgingival deposits are removed. But, for the avoidance of unpleasant sensations in this case, you must just carry out the cleaning under local anesthesia.

Frequently asked questions

This procedure is still new, people know little about it, so you have a lot of questions. Even those who brush once a professional part of the teeth, are afraid that the caused-tooth damage to enamel. What is of interest to patients the most?

  1. Many people use a professional cleaning, because they believe that it is harmful for the teeth. But ultrasound has no mechanical effect on the tooth enamel does not harm. Therefore, this cleaning is the easiest and safest.
  2. Patients not interested, too expensive, cost of the procedure? The price of ultrasonic cleaning depends on the quantity and quality of the Plaque, depending on how many teeth from caries. In General, these services offer only private clinics, but also in them it is not very expensive.
  3. Some are interested in the duration of the procedure. Complete ultrasonic cleaning takes about one hour. In addition, tooth grinding, brightening, and polishing by Air Flow or special brushes. Special pastes or varnishes on the teeth applied, the sensitivity of tooth enamel and protect against the formation of Plaque.
  4. Many people have fear of pain during the procedure, especially if you are sensitive to melting of the tooth. In fact, most of the patients did not at all feel the effects of the ultrasound. And only in some cases in the processing of poddesnevih of the sediments, or from a particularly large decrease in the dental stone, possible complaints.
  5. You can see the ultrasonic cleaning of the teeth in pregnancy? This is a question many women. Actually, ultrasound is not harmful to the child and the mother's body. But because of the lower immunity of the wife may after the procedure, the tooth bleeding occurs meat, or other complications. That is why this is a Problem with your doctor, it is better individually. Not recommended, the procedure in the first trimester of pregnancy, shortly before birth and in cases when the woman is never with the ultrasonic cleaning.
  6. Many patients who the procedure and what beautiful your teeth have become after that, ask yourself, how often is the implementation of ultrasonic cleaning can? Depending on the speed of formation of Plaque and Tartar, tooth doctors recommend it in 1-2 years. But sometimes the cleaning every six months is required.
before and after

In many cases, the effectiveness of the procedure depends on the professionalism of the doctor. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right clinic for oral care. And must be careful not to price, but on the qualifications of the staff. Many patients on your own experience that it is cheaper to pay for the preventive procedure later than the treatment of dental caries and periodontal disease. And if the ultrasonic cleaning is correct, the Patina forms a long time, and the Patient will enjoy the snow-white smile and healthy teeth.