Sivak — prevention of diseases of the teeth and gums

Dental and oral health plays an important role in the proper functioning of the body in General. This is exactly why it is so important for Hygiene, in the time of brushing the teeth and protect the gums from inflammation. There are today many different means, together with the no less popular, and effective, methods with a long history. So, coli Sivak, or as it is called – the miswak, one of the best means for you to monitor the cleanliness of your teeth.

Siwak to brush your teeth

Sivak in the history

Questions of health and the treatment of the teeth has interested mankind for many thousands of years. If today cure tooth, or even pry – almost no Problem, a few decades ago, this process was accompanied by agonizing pain and the possibility of occurrence of complications.

Healers around the world have worked hard to be in the highest degree to facilitate the process of treatment of the teeth, but in a still greater extent you are concerned about the role of prevention of various diseases of the oral cavity. However, in some countries, this issue is decided long before the first drawings of the toothbrush, and tooth powder. In the Islamic countries and regions Sivak with the success of more than a few year, thousands in a row.

Today, studies and international medical centers have shown that Sivak (a branch of the tree Arak, occurring only on the territory of Saudi Arabia) has an essential prevention prevents the disease preventive properties of dental mouth and its derivatives: bleeding gums, strengthens the structure of the teeth.

Use Sivak

Did you know that the Siwak more medical and anti-bacterial contains substances than any toothpaste industrial production. Calculations have shown that it contains 25 natural various therapeutic components, so necessary for the care of our teeth.

In the Sunnah of the prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, there were more than a hundred Ahadith on the use of Sivak. So, the Imam said: "it is Amazing, although in the Sunnah of the prophet peace and blessings of many Ahadith, contains to this topic, the neglected Muslims still, and not use this means of prevention".

Medieval scholars in his book "Prophetic medicine" listed the following useful properties Sivak:

  • fresh breath
  • Strengthen the teeth
  • The termination of the release of mucus
  • Improvement of vision (the nerves from the roots of the teeth, or any other way in connection with the adjacent parts of the human face)
  • Removal of Tartar (note that it does not Massage away normal toothbrush, because is located mainly in the neck of the tooth)
  • Influence on the vocal cords
  • favoring the process of digestion in the stomach
  • the increase of the General tone of the people
  • the elimination of the lethargy of the body.

One could continue, but look at the modern research, that the Siwak:

  • excellent remedy for the prevention and treatment of diseases of dental caries of milk teeth, thanks to its content of special substances
  • Removal of stains and bad tooth enamel, due to the content of specific components
  • Whitening teeth, due to the content of silicon-substances
  • due to the content of sulfurous and electroplating substances, the development of bacteria in the edges of the teeth to prevent
  • Use in inflammatory processes and the growth of new teeth, due to the content of trimethyl amine
  • favouring the liberation from the Smoking.

It is obvious that the use of Sivak is an ideal prevention of many diseases, and it goes to the whole body and not just the oral cavity.

What the science says

Use Sivak

In a scientific report and studies by Dr. Muhammad Rami of the advantages of the use of Sivak proven. It is not a drug for the oral cavity and the teeth, in contrast to cigarettes, which cause disease in General, as for the mouth and body.

Sivak against Smoking

These studies and theories were based on the following:

The peculiarity of the habits, the usual practice is for men to you, as well as for the lovers of cigarettes in terms of physiology and mechanics, as well as the interdependence between the mouth and the Hand in relation to this habit.

Sivak — it is the valid method in the treatment of addiction to cigarettes, and in particular, the type Sivak, at the sharp taste is good. Useful effects Sivak on health, in contrast to the harmful effects of cigarettes.

Smoking — prohibited in Islam, and the use of Sivak — approved and funded. If we leave without attention to some of what reminded us of the Prophet , then this place is for sure something new.

Dr. Muhammad Rami in this work is explained in great detail and understand everything. Summarizing the overall result, he says, "Sivak, with a purely scientific point of view, is a Problem, the pure from the section any suspicions and questions, the doubts, with which I was surrounded earlier on the part of those who used to attack on any scientific Problem, lighting the achievements of the ancient history of the Muslims".

Chemical Composition Sivak:

It is proved that the miswak more than 25 the natural substances are beneficial for your teeth and oral cavity:

  • Tannic acid
  • Bicarbonate Of Soda
  • Cellulose
  • essential oils
  • fragrant resin
  • Alkaloids
  • Mineral salts
  • Fluorine
  • sulfur-containing substances
  • Silica
  • Vitamin C
  • Saponins
  • Styrene
  • Flavonoids

Like Brushing Your Teeth

The wand to use Sivak, you have to prepare you. This process is not difficult and even interesting.

The miswak needs to be cleaned, but not completely, and thus the edges to brush the teeth. With a sharp knife, simply remove the peel with Sivak – that's all. The shell can throw, but you can eat – it is very unusual in taste, but nice and useful.

Further Sivak, the piece that we have cleaned, put in a glass with water. Approximately 1-2 hours, this is enough time to Sivak become softer.

Now, with a light bite or something heavy, remove the top Sivak, until the condition of the broom.

And that's when Sivak was like a chicken breast – it can be applied for the cleaning of the teeth.

The first method

Who have brushing for the first time, the teeth with it and massaging the gums, must be prepared to ensure that the taste, it seems a little sharp, and in the mouth a burning arises, feeling something similar, that causes the mustard.

Sivak for the teeth

But this sensation, the ends of fragrant essential oils, is a Testament to the good quality and efficiency Sivak, and accustomed to him quickly.

It is believed that as a result of the Massage of the gums, and the simultaneous action of essential oils, with a bit of a sharp taste, stimulated by the active points, the cave in the mouth, regulate the activity of the ears, eyes, nose, tongue, and throat. These points regulate the work of the organs of the digestive and the circulatory System. Massage of the active points in the oral cavity also promotes the preservation of the clear mind and memory until the last Minute of life.

Other features of the tree Arak

Tree Arak is a real gift of Allah for people, the help, to stay healthy, as they contain all of its parts are natural substances that the therapeutic effect.

A decoction of the young branches, against fever and against ulcers.

The leaves of the plant, which complemented the taste of mustard, are harvested by the locals in food as a seasoning and as food for camels.

The juice of the leaves with local irritating effects, when applied externally as a RUB for rheumatism and the inside, he was regarded as an antidote for poisons of all kinds.

The flowers contain essential oil, which has a stimulating effect. Infusion of the dried flowers is recommended, apply as a mild laxative.

They served as a remedy, aphrodisiac, nervous system depression, contributed to the diuretic and carminative action.

Sweet in taste, aromatic, edible fruits replaced the local sweets, which were in addition to the therapeutic effect.

Resin which highlights plenty of damage to the bark of the trunks, was as incense, and it belonged in the composition of cosmetic products.

When you need to Sivak

Sivak recommended for use in any time of the day and night because of the General meaning of the words of the prophet, Yes its Allah will bless and welcomes, in the above-mentioned Hadith of 'Aisha: "the Siwak purifies the mouth and is the reason for the satisfaction of the Lord."

Scientists have explained, in what cases, in the course of the day to use the miswak should:

1. During the washing of the small, and prayer, because the Prophet, be Allah will bless and welcomes, said: "If I were not afraid that this would be painful for my Ummah, let you also Siwak before every prayer", and in another Version of the hadeeth: "every time", as above cited.

2. When you return home and join his family, how authentic is the hadeeth of 'Aisha – may Allah be pleased with her, when they asked us: "what the messenger of Allah started, Yes his Allah will bless and welcomes when he came home?", She replied: "When he went into his house, the first thing he did, is the use of Sivak". Hadeeth narrated by Muslim (1/220).

3. Immediately after waking up from sleep. Is that – may Allah be pleased with him – said: "When the Prophet, Yes its Allah will bless and welcomes, get up in the night (for prayer), cleaned the mouth with this". Hadith handed Al-Bukhari (1/98) and Muslim (1/220). "Cleaning the mouth" means here: rinsed with water and cleaned with this agent.

4. In the event of a change in the smell from the mouth, be it because of the food with a strong smell (garlic, onion, etc.), or in the case of constant Hunger, thirst, etc., Because, if it is said that the Siwak cleans the mouth, suggests that the use of Sivak, when the mouth must be cleaned.

5. When you enter the mosque, because it refers to the decoration itself, that is a command from Allah for any mosque. The blessed one said: "Oh, you sons of Adam! Oblekaytes in your adornment at every mosque". And also because of the presence in the mosques of the angels and the Assembly of the praying.

Teeth cleaning

6. When reading the Qur'an and the Assembly of which, remember the God frequently, during which even the angels are.