Teeth whitening at home

Snow-white tooth enamel is considered to be a sign of health, beauty, success. Therefore, the procedure of teeth whitening is so popular. In the rule, after forces of the self-perform at home, without to the dentist.

How to whiten teeth at home

Who are the teeth bleaching should

In nature, perfect white enamel - rare. More often yellowish, grayish or bluish shade. He is different, due to the often genetically, like the color of your hair or eyes.

Some dentists claim that the darker the natural colour tone, the stronger and healthier teeth.

Mostly tooth enamel darker and darker, from formation on the surface of deep Plaque rooted. He is associated with the specifics of the diet, drugs, environmental pollution, the presence of harmful habits.

Smoking. Tobacco smoke contains many substances, which penetrate into the tooth enamel, the teeth acquire look "stopped". Whitening Paste not always completely finished flowering. Home method allows to return the natural color of tooth enamel.

Sweet. In the oral cavity a mass of micro-organisms lives. With regular intake of sweet the excretion of waste products, which attack the surface of the teeth. The enamel is thinner, the so - called Dentin, the yellow color begins to Shine through base.

Coffee, Tea, Wine. With regular consumption of beverages that contain natural food colors, you may need to re-whiter teeth. Enamel darkens with a regular consumption of coffee, black tea, red wine, resilient surface acquires a brownish tint.

Tetracycline. The so-called "tetracyclines" (yellow) teeth are already formed in childhood, as well as in the formation of dental plaque rudiments of the foetus during the pregnancy in taking the future mother tetracycline.

Fluorine. "Shaped" teeth (pockmarked or yellow enamel). in case of prolonged use in the body, compounds with fluorine contaminated water, food, pollution of the atmosphere The disease called fluorosis.

Under development of tooth-tissue. This deformity hypoplasia. On the same teeth white or yellowish spots clear contours of the same size. You bleached or produce fill.

When should the bleach

Not desirable for a perfect white tooth enamel in the case of:

  • Your hypersensitivity;
  • in the presence of seals in prominent locations, after completion of the procedure, they retain their color and be visible;
  • in the case of a large number of seals;
  • Allergies to hydrogen peroxide;
  • in pregnancy;
  • during the lactation period;
  • when taking medications;
  • at a young age (minors).

Bleaching is not necessary to perform in the case of dental caries, certain pathologies tissue periodontitis: the gums, periodontitis, cementum, alveolar lateral projections.

Not in beauty for the sake of experimenting with the health of one or other of the anomalies of children's diseases wisdom.

How to whiten teeth at home

Home methods are similar to the discoloration of the hair and also not good for health. Therefore, the main task in the application of certain methods - maximum to reduce the damage caused.

Before осветлением teeth the confidence needed, the Email is sturdy and thick. So without consultation with the dentist.

Unwanted dark Patina on the surface. Otherwise, the procedure of giving do not give the expected effect.

The decision to whiten teeth, you must trust in your health, especially if the cosmetic treatment carried out at home.

In the course of time between a seal and tooth tissue microscope are formed small gaps, through which can penetrate the aggressive clarifying substance, which begin to destroy the fabric from the inside.

Therefore, before the application of teeth whitening Home System, you should seal a dentist, a Revision.

After returning enamel white should food, able to change their color. The procedures applied to increase the sensitivity, therefore, you need to a toothbrush with soft bristles. To apply for the maintenance of the shade Whitening tooth pastes.

After a couple of months, the whitening methods will need to repeat.

Whitening Strips

Modern means can achieve the effect in just one month.

Strip, applied to the clarifying composition, including for sensitive teeth, which are sold in a pharmacy.

Home Bleaching procedure, tooth enamel is simple: apply a strip every day for half an hour. Only a month to brighten up reach to 2-3 tones. White smile lasts about two months.

At the beginning of the application of the strip of a possible increase in the sensitivity of tooth enamel, but it soon goes.

Expensive varieties of strip tightly fixed. As a result of the communicate during the procedure whitening possible, by phone.

Cosmetic effect lasts for up to one and a half years, the teeth are lightened to 5-6 tones.

The disadvantage of this strip is considered to be the impossibility of their impact on the spaces between the teeth.


This method of Home whitening even more effective.

On the brush the enamel whitening Gel, the freeze-drying wear. He dissolves gradually washed away, and saliva.

In order to prevent the Gel make sure to mucous membranes, that it is in contact with the tooth enamel, to use the so-called Kapu - plastic construction, the drag on the upper or lower row of teeth. Free space to fill with Gel.

House tooth whitening gels made on the Basis of hydrogen peroxide to be effective, but their use increases the risk of the destruction of tooth enamel, burns, inflammation of the gums, enlargement of the sensitivity to hot and cold foods.

Therefore it is home for the night-time whitening of tooth enamel it is better to gels based on carbamide peroxide.

This procedure of whitening the enamel of your teeth can as fast, as the first results you achieve over a few weeks.

Whitening Pencil

This method of whitening of teeth the Portable variant of the gel. The stock wearing of a special brush, after some time, they will be deleted. Some species do not require you to delete the composition from the saliva dissolves.

In comparison to "real" Gel, its concentration in the pencil is low. Therefore, this method of clarification of joy is covered with tea, coffee, tobacco Patina.

Rather, it is white to support a way, what really is the whiten teeth at home.

How to whiten teeth with hydrogen peroxide

One of the cheapest, easiest and most effective ways to quickly bleach the tooth enamel, remove dark Patina. Therefore, some manufacturers of toothpastes are for the placement of enamel paste white in the composition of the peroxide.

Method of home whitening with hydrogen peroxide just:

  • clean the oral cavity;
  • dilute rinse 20-30 drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide in 1/2 Cup of water, the mouth;
  • Swab with a cotton ball at the end of carefully of 3% peroxide, RUB in undiluted form each tooth from the inside and the outside;
  • Rinse mouth thoroughly with water, pasta, even brushing without tooth.

Procedure 1-2 to apply a time of the day. Effect is achieved in a relatively short period of time.

Not teeth bleaching solution cost of undiluted hydrogen peroxide. Otherwise you can cause damage to tooth meat tooth enamel burn.

During the procedure, and a short time later, the gums can burn, Email acquires an increased sensitivity.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil

This method allows you to smile to reach snow-white. For teeth whitening uses 100% E-oil:

  • you can clean the mouth in the usual way with a brush and toothpaste;
  • Drops on the toothbrush 2-3 drops of oil and distribute it over the surface of the tooth enamel;
  • Rinse mouth thoroughly.

During the procedure, to become numb tongue or cheeks.

Tea tree oil helps not only with old dark Patina from coffee or tea, but also with dental stone.

Whitening Soda

The basis of this procedure, Ellen - mechanical removal with enamel plaque with abrasive substances to lighten:

  • apply baking powder to the folded in several layers of gauze, wipe your surface.

The disadvantages are the risk of damage to the gums, excessive thinning of the dental enamel.

Alternatively, you can add a little baking soda in the toothpaste, clean the mouth mixture.

Even in healthy teeth, Soda cleaned-can be no more than once per week.

Whitening Activated Charcoal

This method also allows to mechanically clean Email:

  • you place the tablet of activated carbon on the saucer, a spoon of mash, a homogeneous composition, as a tooth-powder.

Detection of the composition of the wet toothbrush to remove Plaque.

Powder-activated carbon, the data can also pasta in the tooth.

Teeth bleaching will not succeed, but to manifest after a while the effect for sure.

Do not use this procedure too often, enough two-three times a month.

In General, the first signs of the whitening of tooth enamel are visible in about a month.

Tooth bleaching mixture of hydrogen peroxide and Soda

Tooth bleaching mixture of hydrogen peroxide and Soda

Homemade whitening of the enamel more efficiently, and can combine with the above-described methods:

  • moisturize 1H.L. A spoon of Soda solution of 3% hydrogen peroxide, bring to a pastelike condition;
  • you brush your teeth with the mixture as normal toothpaste.

Duration of the procedure - three minutes after you rinse your mouth thoroughly.

Often the effect is after the first application felt.

Procedures do not apply more than twice per week.

Lemon brightens the teeth

Lemon contains ascorbic acid, it is necessary for the functioning of the connective and bone tissue, the health of the gums and of the whole organism.

Lemon also allows the tooth enamel to lighten it.

The first method:

  • wipe lobule Email or you can use the crust without the fruit meat, after you rinse your mouth thoroughly.

The second method:

  • insert the toothpaste a few drops of lemon juice.

To cope with this measure makes it possible to lighten home teeth Ellen, bleeding gums.

The Third Way:

  • a couple of minutes to chew a slice of lemon along with crust for the purification and liberation of Plaque in the spaces between the teeth.

Apply lighten with lemon once a week.

Other ways to whiten your teeth

Method 1. Clean the mouth of the mixing 2-3 drops of tea tree oil and lemon juice.

Method 2. Means of liberation from the dental stains: mix equal parts of baking soda, vinegar, add a pinch of salt.

A mixture of toothbrush, after some time, your mouth rinse thoroughly. Instead of vinegar you can use lemon juice.

Method 3. Brushing mixture of Soda with lemon juice, add a few drops of hydrogen peroxide.

Method 4. Home Whitening toothpaste: a small amount of the Paste, add the Soda, hydrogen peroxide, and salt.

Other variant: add the Paste in a powder-activated carbon, and lemon juice.

Method 5. For осветляющего effect wipe Email fine cooking salt.