Deductible after bleaching of the teeth

White smile like the stars of Hollywood movies, from a dream into a reality. Exactly referred to an interesting and cost-effective Business can be Segment in the field of cosmetology. In almost every dental practice is different promotions and discounts on teeth whitening to be, just because at the Moment it is a fashion trend, attracting many customers.

Franchise Teeth Whitening

But the market offers for those who has no education, the work of the dentist, but in the direction where to buy the man a smile with white teeth appear.

Franchising teeth whitening companies dentalis make-up, is the chance to own your own office and provide new-fangled technologies in the field of oral care. Franshizu employed in the field of cosmetic tooth whitening, an entrepreneur not only gets the opportunity, services whitening, but also to a dealer of cosmetic products, since such medication acquire a good discount if franchayzera.

How does it work?

Company, the technologies, whitening teeth, to say that this technique is based on the formula of the special gel, the split is in the Pigment and brighter fabric. After applying the composition to the teeth and a special light on you, and after 20 minutes, the teeth white glitter.

Franchise you should melt those companies that viewed their advantage, not in the formulation of hydrogen peroxide, because it acts aggressive to the tooth. Such cosmetic dental treatments, which can often in the United States and Europe, and the best proof of the high demand for tooth whitening as multiple positive Feedback from the customers.

In what Form are the means

In addition to the offerings of the stationary process for the bleaching of the teeth, the acquisition of Franchise entrepreneurs can realize high-quality cosmetics. Special popularity of harvested pencils for whitening and equipment special foams.

  1. If the correction of the teeth whitening pencil teeth stay white after the procedure within two years.
  2. Foams of the same contribute to the elimination of mouth odor, tooth enamel bleached, and help remove Tartar. Foam penetrates perfectly, even in microscopically small cracks and helps to clean.

What are the Franchise opportunities, there are

Franchise teeth whitening is available in several variants.
  1. Opening of own office in cosmetological bleach.
  2. The Installation of the equipment must be in already existing companies, for example, in dentistry, in the beauty Salon, the Fitness-Club

Both options are convenient. Because in the first case, your own business is, while you are extended in the second set of services in the existing business.

What is included in the Franchise

Franchisor provides and installs in the place of basing of the franchisee, the following items:

  • LED lamp cold-light, without which it is impossible to carry out the procedures;
  • Protection elements for the organs of vision;
  • the scale of white teeth to the full on the ceramic plate.


  • franchayzer given free of charge the necessary materials for teeth whitening, the sufficient to 20 times. Whitening strips, accessories, and pencils.
  • Marketing and promotional materials;
  • The furniture in the original style (for a fee).

In addition, the owner of the brand leads for the training of franchisee and shall furnish the certificate. And then the location of the cabin is in the address list on the main site.

Franchise Teeth Whitening Price

The benefits of such cooperation

The cooperation with companies, the Franchise in this type of business has many positive aspects, namely:

  • in the majority franchayzeri not flat rate contribution of demand, licence fees and advertising deductions, and it is a rather heavy amount;
  • this cosmetic procedure, the franchisee may have no medical training, and is not obliged to license their type of activity;
  • starter package is provided with a substantial discount;
  • payback is done for a couple of months.

The process of learning

When buying franshizi the learning process is designed so that the participants could choose a convenient schedule. The post all the necessary documents sent, the student goes to the course itself, and then obtains a certificate, that tells about the completion of the specialized courses.

All questions are Tools in real-time by telephone or other Mobile communication.

What requirements must the licensee for the franchise

Of course, zero start-up capital provided practical, a franchisor must be sure that his assets are in good hands and in a very open business with a Franchise. So by the franchisee, the following steps are required:

  • the procurement of consumable materials Material produce. And it is immediately noticed that it is not transitory lump-sum contribution, and the purchase of materials, which can be sold, and the franchisee make a profit;
  • the franchisee finds himself and an office rent with a total area of at least 8 sq. m. advises franchisors open areas of such a study in the densely populated residential, or in areas of the business.

Start-up capital

Contenders on the get franshizi really need to be aware of the brand holder, such services humane start-up conditions, the entrepreneur was successful in business and sales of consumables, which the franchisor receives the basic income. In any case, there is expenditure from the Budget:

  1. The rent payment is from own resources up to the time of reception of profit.
  2. To do repair and interior design.
  3. The registration of a legal Person.
  4. The payment of the personnel, if available, will be hired.
  5. Tax payments, payment of additional costs.
  6. The cost of consumables.
  7. The cost for the implementation of the advertising campaign. Despite the fact that the activities of the franchisee is franchayzerom, announced sure the entrepreneur himself has to announce his appearance.

In principle, a Franchise is a 100 % ready-made Business model, and therefore is, by all of the recommendations, a merchant accepts a strong financial burden, but also to nourish the hope that the ticket is in such a company, absolutely free of charge, it is not worth it.

Franchise Teeth Whitening Methods

How to choose a Partner

After all franchayzingovie the proposals, the most interesting of them and place them carefully on its activity:

  • to find out how much your own company franchayzera, and how many offices have open for the Franchise;
  • it will be incognito is useful to have a visit to such an office and see to the care, the end result and the reaction of the customer;
  • please note: the offer for sale of products;
  • familiarize yourself with the advertising, the proprietor of the trade mark;
  • familiarize yourself with this course of training;
  • a market research in your area regarding the demand for such a procedure.

Own Business

In spite of the fact that for many the presence of such a Cabinet like a small step for the establishment of a new company, it is better than futile dreams. If the financial Situation does not allow to open a whole complex of cosmetic services, the offer is a good start. Especially since franchayzeri allowed to use the name of your company – a well-known brand.

To open such a study, any Person can not, which requires special training, additional best-paid employees, a huge office. Right professionally furnished office and quality of services provided, and the number of customers is increasing steadily.

The relationship of self to such a small thing must have to full-fledged companies, Start-UPS, only success. And in the case of success in the work to franshize you can about the riders and the development of a new brand in the cosmetics industry.