The best teeth whitening: effective methods and procedures in dentistry, tooth whitening

There are many professional and popular methods of teeth whitening. Before selecting one of them, better to understand all the intricacies of figuring out the characteristics of the procedure and the contraindications.

Tooth whitening

It is important to consider that in every human being the teeth react to the active ingredients individually. Therefore, the best method of teeth whitening is determined as a function of the color of the enamel, sensitivity, and other important properties.

To understand the offer, what are the methods of teeth whitening to be effective and safe. Do not forget that a healthy enamel always has a yellowish tint, spotless white color, unnatural for the teeth, and his performance carries certain risks. You can greatly reduce, if adequately pick up procedures and the implementation of all recommended measures for the maintenance of the result and to strengthen the teeth.

Methods of teeth whitening at the dentist

You can say that the most effective and safest methods of whitening teeth professional techniques. Costs are higher than for those in the offers people's experience, but you are guaranteed to get a good result, which will be stored with proper care, for up to ten years.

So, if you now consider what you give your preference, then you better choose a hike in the dental practice. The fact that even if they decided to all home treatments, it is worth consulting with a specialist. Otherwise you risk damaging the tooth enamel, making the teeth sensitive the way for tooth decay and not get the desired effect.

Some of the unwanted possibilities, whitening citric acid or other acids. If abused, these substances requires not only the teeth damage, but also severe irritation can cause the gums, as well as allergies. Soda and similar abrasives should be used very carefully, since they can leave scratches on the tooth enamel, making it more susceptible to caries, and various pigments.

Therefore, you should not risk your beauty and health, the expenditure for the services of professionals will certainly pay off. You understand how to choose the best teeth whitening in dental medicine.

The most important criteria

Each surgical method has its advantages and disadvantages, and not all treatments are suitable for you. How to choose the best Option. Let us try to evaluate each method in three main parameters:

  • Safety
  • Efficiency
  • Speed.


A very versatile possibilities for a session or more of your Hollywood smile. Photo-Bleaching is also suitable for people with sensitive teeth. It can be applied in the case of stressed, tooth enamel, the waste of the teeth, exposed roots. Or better, tell the dentist. It is believed that this technology has a healing effect and promotes the recovery of tooth enamel damaged.

The procedure is as follows: a special Gel on the Basis of hydrogen peroxide or other active substance on the surface of the teeth, the dentist further, the UV lamp will affect the composition. The light activates the reaction, because of what begins to lift from the Gel, the oxygen. He acts on the tooth enamel, neutralising pigments, which she left food and nicotine. Finally, you will get bright white teeth. The intensity of the result depends on the individual characteristics of the tooth enamel.

The advantages of photo-bleaching:

Methods of teeth whitening
  • the effect starts immediately on all the teeth, making the process faster;
  • the result remains for several years, with proper care, it can last for up to five years;
  • Photo-Bleaching has the opposite view actually, the only, it is not recommended for pregnant women and small children;
  • Fastest way to get impressive results;
  • minimal risk of side effects;
  • Tooth enamel is not damaged;
  • the cheap price of the procedure.

Remember that photo-Bleaching, as well as other ways to lighten enamel no effect on fillings, plastic and metal prostheses, which is why your color can teeth of blanched. In this case, if you want the color of smiles is even, you need to replacement after bleaching.

Chemical bleaching

All whitening methods are similar. In this case, to the Email active Gel is applied, the difference is that for the reaction required no additional effect. But the Patient sit for a while with this stock. The effects can appear long enough, that depends on the particular composition and properties of tooth enamel.

The Bleaching is best for the teeth yellowish, in case, if you select a brownish or grey enamel, is a better Alternative, because the chemistry is powerless here. One of the main advantages of such a whitening is that it is not the warming of the teeth happens.

Mechanical and ultrasonic cleaning

In the strict sense, both methods are not as Bleaching, but it is the best options for the sensitive tooth enamel and, in some cases, that they are the only ones. Do not let them get Hollywood-white, but allow you to lighten the enamel on a few sounds, and make the teeth healthier. This method is recommended, one to two times a year, it reduces the risk of caries and tooth-stones, and will also help to improve the immunity of the whole organism.

The mechanical cleaning is done with a special device AirFlow, under the pressure of liquid with comminuted abrasive. This Jet is fast and pain-free removal of soft Plaque, back to the natural color of tooth enamel.

If the impact was greater, the cleaning with ultrasonic. With their help, not only soft, but also hard Plaque (dental stones). This Option is more expensive, but correspondingly more effective.

Whitening Laser

This Option is considered to be one of the best ways to whiten teeth. At its core, it is very similar to photo-Bleaching. Only a catalyst, a laser beam is. It allows a precise impact on each tooth, which gives a more uniform result.

Laser whitening without damaging the enamel or of the cave, the soft parts of the mouth. The procedure brings practically no complaints, and you can quickly get a great result. Important advantage compared to photo-Bleaching is that the Laser heated e-mail. The yellow pulls with a single session, but in some cases, re-treatment may be required.

Phases of treatment:

  • Before you begin directly to the bleaching, you need to make for a week, mechanical or ultrasonic cleaning.
  • Before applying the gel, the dentist gums a special protective layer composition is not treated, the active ingredients to the tissue damaged soft.
  • The enamel, the Gel is applied on the Basis of sodium chloride or hydrogen peroxide, as well as substances that accelerate the effect.
  • The effect of the gel will activate the special Laser.
  • After the meeting, on the teeth, a special composition to wear.

During the procedure, the Patient may have a small tingling feeling in the treated area, but it goes almost immediately. After the meeting, the sensitivity of the teeth practically does not increase. If this happens, you should ask your doctor.

Teeth cleaning

The benefits of Laser whitening:

  • The method is practically safe.
  • The method allows not only to lighten the tooth enamel, but also disinfected, reducing the risk of caries is reduced.
  • A great result in a short period of time.
  • The result obtained can be stored for up to 10 years.