What is the chemical tooth whitening. Effective, but not always safe

Nature rarely gives people, smooth white teeth. The teeth are a little yellow from nature, but most of the time tooth enamel darker tea, coffee, Smoking, wine, excess fluoride in your water we drink.

The man with the yellow teeth looks not very attractive, so that many people save on the hikes to the dentist to have a dazzling white smile. One of the most modern procedures in the clarification of the dental enamel, the chemical teeth whitening is.

Chemical Tooth Whitening

What is the chemical teeth whitening is

Chemical tooth whitening is based on the use of preparations, consisting of active chemicals, which are able to break dark Pigment, and this makes the tooth enamel color yellow. After this procedure, the teeth are whitewashed.

This method of whitening of the enamel is the most popular and cost-effective. In a meeting with the help of chemical preparations, the enamel of the teeth 5-6 shades lighter, because drugs do not interact with the surface of the tooth, but penetrate deep enamel in the tooth.

After bleaching in the clinic dentists whitening also recommend to the home, in order to consolidate the result.

What is the procedure

Before the procedure, whitening of the enamel specialist, the cleaning of the mouth leads to the cave. Chemical bleaching can only in healthy teeth. So, before surgery is recommended, the strengthening of tooth enamel way remineralization with the help of Tools, which contain calcium and fluorine.

In carrying out the process whitening of enamel lips and cheeks of the patient with the aid of retractors. Whitening is performed in the following order:

  1. The teeth of the patient is drained and the gums of the patient covered cofferdam or a special composition that forms a protective film. After the preparation of the patient's teeth whitening Gel covered, in the composition of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide.
  2. The whitening Gel is light under a special lamp or laser to activate the substances and whitening of the teeth.

Takes place a chemical reaction in which atomic oxygen is released. He has an active effect on the pigments of the enamel, but also the upper layers of Dentin. This type of whitening, the concentration of the active substances is significantly higher than other methods.

Funds expended on the teeth after 15-20 minutes away, and the evaluation of the result is done according to the color scale Vita. If the result of the patient is not satisfied, then the procedure is repeated.

For the restoration of the structure of the enamel and increased sensitivity of the teeth of the patient, after the procedure, the re-remineralization spend.

Contraindications for the procedure

Method for the chemical brightening of teeth is considered to be safe, but not completely harmless. Patients who are trying to produce this procedure, you should know that the correct dose of the gel can only be a specialist and only under the conditions of the clinic.

Therefore, an independent bleaching associated with complications, e.g., such as irritation of the mucous membrane of the mouth and the teeth sensitivity.

Chemical Tooth Whitening Gel

In the case of the chemical lightening, there are also contraindications:

  • the presence of the patient gum disease (caries, periodontitis);
  • excessive sensitivity of the teeth;
  • the presence in the oral cavity orthodontic constructions (crowns, Veneers, photopolymer plates to the printing cylinder seals);
  • Revealing root tooth surface;
  • Allergy to one of the ingredients of the bleaching agent.

Experts advise this method of teeth whitening people, the Tartar, pregnant and breastfeeding women, children under the age of 16.

Advantages and disadvantages of the chemical bleaching

On average, the process of chemical whitening takes about an hour. Through the use of laser light and special lamps of the teeth overheat excluded.

However, if the whitening is Gel on the teeth for a long time, it can lead to Erosion of the Matrix, whereby the color of the teeth is dull, porous and beautiful. To fix this, you need quite a long treatment.

In addition, thanks to the large concentration of the active ingredients in the composition of the Gel-sensitivity of the teeth, but also tooth decay to develop increases.

The visible result is in people with yellow accents tooth enamel. But the Browns weak and prone to bleaching compositions. Gray tint, and to liquidate impossible in a similar way.

The effectiveness of the procedure

The most important question asked patients who have decided to undergo a chemical whitening of the enamel is how much time the effect of this procedure? Whitening effect is visible already after the first treatment and continued up to two years from six months, provided that the Patient the recommendations of the specialist and a special diet in the first time after the tooth whitening.

Peculiarities of dental care after the chemical bleaching

To store the result, it is recommended that, within ten days of a special diet to adhere to the tooth enamel recovered and strengthened. It helps not to feel the pain and protect the teeth before the blackout.

It is recommended to always use the toothbrush tape for cleaning the spaces between the teeth. Toothpaste should only the the recommend a specialist, and brush your the teeth longer than usual. Except for the toothpaste in the mouth, you should be sure to caress an agent that contains fluorine.

Within fourteen days not to chew solid foods, you will certainly have the teeth to protect from mechanical stress, do not consume hot and cold food and drinks. Not eat "colored" products, since the enamel in this time, very sensitive, and color pigments, which can on the products easily penetrate into the Dentin (the inner layer of the tooth enamel).

At least a week should be excluded from the diet such products:

  • Coffee, Cocoa, Tea;
  • Chocolate;
  • colored ice-cream sundae;
  • Fruit juices and fruit drinks;
  • Red wine;
  • Beets, carrots, berries in fresh Form.

If you have eaten something from the "colored" products, then immediately the teeth should be clean. Brush must be very soft.

Also, it should be able to smoke, because after the procedure, tooth enamel, nicotine, and other resins absorbed faster, which bring all efforts to zero. Women is not recommended lipstick for the same reason.

Chemical Tooth Whitening Result

Follow these simple rules is followed by only one week, and then you can move on to the eating habits.


In the implementation of all recommendations of the dental practitioner and the diet effect of the teeth whitening will be able to obtain within two years after the procedure. This care after the procedure is valid as the last stage of the bleaching. But if the recommendations of the dentist are ignored, then the tooth enamel is stained yellow and the teeth are dark and dull. Save your money and your teeth.