Teeth whitening-Zoom 3: the price, the reviews, how the procedure

Every person who seeks, on his appearance, smile a beautiful white. Thanks to modern dental methods make it easy. Popular today Zoom teeth whitening-3. But before agreeing to the procedure, your positive and negative qualities, contra-indications.

Tooth whitening

Features Tooth Whitening Zoom Technology 3

Whitening teeth Zoom 3 – the safest and the requested procedure. Developed this technique in the United States and in all countries of the world. Technologies of previous generations, little different than the existing systems, and photo-bleaching. The focus was the application of the hydrogen peroxide solution 35%.

The disadvantage of such a restoration of the smile is the destruction of tooth enamel, the formation of dental caries. The emergence of modifications to Zoom-systems 3 and 4 has the Problem with the deterioration of the quality of the teeth. Such options, bleaching is the most convenient and safest for the patient.

Features whitening of the enamel on the technology, Zoom 3:

  • Installation and use of the reagents of the manufacturer. It provides maximum compatibility and increases the effectiveness of the Manipulation. The components of the gel activated, indicator lamp;
  • the service life of the equipment is limited. UV lamp replaces do not need to be;
  • the Gel contains a minimal concentration of peroxide (25%). It provides gentle whitening;
  • a patented two-component Gel-memory system substances. A syringe contains peroxide in an acidic environment, the second – a different composition. In the processing of the tooth row, two types of solutions, their negative impact is neutralized, the tooth enamel is not destroyed;
  • before and after bleaching, additional processing Relief Gel. It contains amorphous calcium phosphate. Contributes to the reduction of the sensitivity of dental units, the restoration and protection against the negative influence of aggressive media.

Advantages and disadvantages of the method Zoom 3

Each technique is imperfect. No exception the Zoom 3 is. On the advice of the dentist required the patient to inform you about the advantages and disadvantages of the clarification of this technology.

Advantages Zoom 3:

  • the performance. The sound brightens teeth after the first treatment.;
  • Speed. The treatment lasts for a maximum of 50 minutes;
  • the soft tissue is not injured and will not be subject to the negative effects of peroxide.

But, there is this bleaching system advantages and disadvantages:

  • the increase in the sensitivity of the teeth. In some cases, you have to receive strong painkillers;
  • the high price of the procedure. The strips can only people with high income;
  • if you don't darkens the recommendations of the expert Email fast;
  • after a period of treatment of the dentition is necessary to repeat;
  • Email responded to colored drinks, coffee, tea, and by their sound;
  • there are certain contraindications.

In order to understand whether such a procedure, advantages and disadvantages to weigh. Perhaps better choose a gentler variant of the lightening.


As carried out?

To buy for whitening procedures – desirable to have specialists, but if this is not possible, then it is worth everything you need for a whitening of the teeth according to the methodology Zoom and 3-stop-end angle.

In dentistry

Before the start of the procedure, the dentist lead cave a professional cleaning of the teeth and the mouth, is recommended to the patient. Further, the mineralization of the tooth enamel. This minimizes the likelihood of side effects.

The whitening of the teeth is carried out in dentistry by this algorithm:

  • Isolation of the soft tissues of the mouth. To the gums protective Paste applied;
  • the coating of the teeth whitening Gel with a content of 25% peroxide;
  • the processing of the UV-lamp.

Such a series of actions a number of times to run. It takes about an hour. Then the doctor, and the teeth covered with a medium, which contains calcium and fluorine. This reduces the sensitivity.


Probably would need to have a greater number of procedures and increase their duration. For the Home whitening Gel to use, in which the concentration of hydrogen peroxide is only 6%.

Is applied the methodology of imposing of the applications. The bottom line is that there is a special mouth is filled protection with a Gel and fit the teeth.

Such a System must be worn 4 to 8 hours. You can wear in the night.


The method is efficient, but not suitable for everyone.

Contraindications are:

  • Pregnancy;
  • Under 18 years of age;
  • Taking medication, the sensitivity to UV-light;
  • an allergic reaction to the components of the gel;
  • epileptic disorders;
  • mental disorders;
  • increased sensitivity to light;
  • malignant Tumor;
  • Inflammation of the gums;
  • increased gag reflex;
  • chipped or have other imperfections in the enamel.

The rules of the dental care

After a teeth whitening procedure remained the result for as long as possible, you need to properly care for your teeth. The dentist gives the patient all the necessary recommendations and to come to advising screening.

The rules of care are as follows:

  • not in the first two hours after the procedure. In the course of the week, consumed products are white in color. This prevents the darkening of the enamel;
  • Follow the Hygiene;
  • after every meal, thoroughly rinse the mouth with boiled warm water;
  • to eat right. There are Kal'cijsoderžaŝie products. Do not eat or drink, the color of enamel;
  • you can use a professional toothpaste to strengthen the teeth;
  • for the night hoody to wear with the therapeutic composition;
  • in the case of need for fluoridation to take place;
  • give up of Smoking.

Reviews of the dentists and their patients

Dentists expressed positively about the technology of teeth whitening Zoom 3. But warn that implementation of such a procedure is only after a thorough investigation. Even experts do not bleach recommend to the dental enamel: the errors can severely ruin the condition of the teeth.

Dental treatment

Patients leave mixed reviews about the System Zoom 3. Some claim that the technology is effective and safe. Others complain that after such a whitening, teeth sensitized and caries appeared. To include negative moments of the patients, the imposition of restrictions on the consumption of certain foods and beverages.