7 ways of whitening teeth at home

White teeth without Plaque – a sign of health, not only the oral cavity but also of the whole organism. The lack of Plaque and yellow enamel testifies to a healthy microflora of the oral cavity. Bright glossy finish is considered to be a mandatory feature of a successful Person's smile for all the teeth.

white teeth

What are the possibilities for yellow teeth clean of Plaque even? How to whiten the teeth at home?

Bleaching or cleaning?

In the dental practice, there are two methods, the result of the implementation of the whitening of tooth enamel. The bleaching and cleaning the surface of the crowns. By both methods the color of the teeth changes, the surface is cleaned of the stains, and loses in yellowness. But the essence of different procedures.

Under cleaning understand the removal of the berfalles in any way (mechanical cleaning, Laser, ultrasound, fotopatos or Paste with particles of abrasive substances).

The color of the enamel is lighter due to the removal of existing deposits, stones. The thickness of the tooth enamel is not changed.

In the implementation of the right method has almost no contraindications for the application. The exception is if the enamel is too thin and there is a large probability of damage during the cleaning. The thickness of the enamel is diagnosed visually by its transparency. When the thin layer, under it, the Dentin (yellow shading shimmers). Clean this Email is dangerous and contraindicated.

After cleaning yellow teeth the natural color, bright but not dazzling white. Natural tooth enamel has a beige hue.

The complexity of these effects is to calculate that it is hard, when the layer of Plaque ends and the layer of the enamel begins. Therefore, parcens cleaning recommended carefully and not more frequently than once in two-three weeks.

The whitening procedure consists in purposeful influence on the pigmentation of the enamel. Usually used atomic oxygen, which penetrates into the superficial tissues (tooth enamel, and is located under the tooth enamel and Dentin), interacts with the Pigment and destroys it.

If you decide to, how to whiten your teeth at home, you need to the optimal way счищающий Plaque and non-traumatica e-mail.

How to whiten the teeth at home?

For teeth whitening at home methods used, based on the two processes: the cleaning of the crown and the impact on the color of the tooth enamel. Consider the most effective and safe methods, the crucial question is how the bleaching of teeth at home.


Method number 1: teeth whitening with hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide – based, most of the produce gels which are used for bleaching the tooth enamel. Peroxide enables you to successfully whiten teeth at home, without the use of expensive finished products. A yellow Plaque on the teeth peroxide, use in two ways: exitia and gargle. RUB the teeth so:

  1. you moisten a cotton swab in a solution of hydrogen peroxide;
  2. a couple of times, RUB swab the teeth with a cotton;
  3. Rinse mouth with water.

For rinsing, a third of a Cup of water, add 25 drops of ready-to-pharmacy hydrogen peroxide (3%). After peroxide dieaccende intus stupam the mouth with clear water. In the bleaching with hydrogen peroxide with plain water, the end of the procedure, flushing is mandatory.

The theoretical bases of the teeth whitening with hydrogen peroxide

Tooth whitening with hydrogen peroxide is the best known and most effective way. The peroxide ensures a double effect: it cleans, removes Plaque and discolor the tooth enamel. In the chemical composition of the water with an additional oxygen Atom (h 2 O 2 or h 2 O+O). In the bleaching with hydrogen peroxide the most important effect of free oxygen. He easily enters in interaction with the atoms of other substances and oxidized. Atomic oxygen provides for the death of pyogenic bacteria and toxins of different origin. Therefore, the substance hydrogen peroxide is known to be oxidative and anti-microbial effect.

Tooth whitening with hydrogen peroxide base, the impact of most of the dental gels, used to be a whitening of the enamel. In the clinical bleaching with hydrogen peroxide using a concentrated solution of hydrogen peroxide (up to 38%). Such a percentage of the concentrate allows a lightening of the tooth enamel by up to 15 colors. Teeth whitening in homemade way, used more as a weak solution up to 10%. Therefore, the extent of Home Bleaching is not more than 8 tones.

Method Number 2: Teeth Whitening Activated Charcoal

Activated carbon

Activated carbon – second cost-effective and effective means can be used to whitening teeth at home. Activated carbon is widely used for the Adsorption of the toxins and poisons (alkaloids, drugs, phenols, heavy metal salts), and teeth whitening at home. In the mouth the activated carbon has a double effect cave.

  • the existing toxins and putrefactive bacteria;
  • as an abrasive purgat with enamel existing Plaque.

How do you make your teeth white tablets of activated charcoal? For the use of the tablets crushing (crush or pounded in a mortar) to powdered state. The resulting powder can be used separately or add to a Paste. For cleaning the bristles of a brush dipped in water and then in charcoal powder. Haerens powder yellow brushing your teeth for two to three minutes.

Another variant of the cleaning of the oral cavity and occlusal surfaces – manducatione two to three tablets of activated carbon.

To prevent yellow staining of the tooth enamel tooth whitening activated carbon to do once a week.

Method Number 3: Teeth Whitening Baking Powder

Baking soda or sodium bicarbonate is also used for the teeth whitening at home. The effect of the Soda is shown in abrasive истирании Plaque (enamel partially removed) and antiseptic cavity treatment of the mouth. So in the case of the continuous application of soda means the enamel is thinner and more sensitive. Appears to be in pain at the contact of the occlusal surfaces with cold, hot, sweet, sour.

Baking soda is able to remove strong yellow Plaque on the teeth, and in smokers. You often the other hand, the question "how to whiten yellow teeth?".

How whiten teeth baking soda? For cleaning, take the baking soda on the wet toothbrush and RUB over the surface of the crowns. After the procedure, teeth whitening at home the mouth necessarily dieaccende intus stupam with clear water to the baking soda. If you overdo it, then your gums appear to bleed, allergic redness, and swelling in the oral cavity.

Gentle of soda rinse. For you lukewarm water (30-36ºC) diluted in a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass. soda solutions recommended as a therapeutic procedure for various dental inflammation (gums, roots) or for the treatment of inflammation of the nasopharynx. soda rinse (due to the low concentration of sodium bicarbonate) to build the tooth enamel and bleaching effects.

Teeth whitening Soda is considered an aggressive procedure, which is not often and only in the presence of a strong yellow Plaque on tooth enamel.

Method Number 4: Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic. The effectiveness of the bleaching at him in the middle. The oil relieves the surface layer of tooth enamel, but gradually, the mouth heals cavity, the micro-flora, and removes Plaque. So the effect of the daily use of oil is not felt immediately, only after three to four weeks. The peculiarity of this medium is that along with whitening the tooth enamel sanat mouth: bleeding of the gums disappears, and heals the inflammation. It is the healthiest way of cleaning the mouth and teeth.

Method number 5: a pencil, to whiten teeth

Pencil for the bleaching of the tooth enamel, the affordable and easy in the application of the method of teeth whitening. Pencil contains the Gel with пероксидом urea. This substance, by the light of the LED lamp free has atomic oxygen. He penetrates into the tooth enamel and combines with the yellow Pigment. An application of the gel of the pencil allows you to lighten enamel up to 6-10 shades.

Pencil for teeth whitening is considered to be the most convenient and safe way to bleach.

Method number 6: the whitening Gel in Kappa

Possibility of using whitening Gel mouth guard, confectus on the top of the tooth in the night. Before tightening mouth guard Gel fill. The longer the contact time of the gel on the chewing manifested on the surface, the more brightening effect. We also recommend you to look with the whitening strips.

Method Number 7: Whitening Toothpastes

The composition of Whitening toothpaste has a multidirectional effect on the tooth enamel:

  • you remove the existing Plaque;
  • the mineralization inhibit already-formed Plaque;
  • does not allow the formation of new dental plaque.

Most of the whitening pastes with sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) as a cleaning apparatus of the Plaque. And expolitio abrasives. Therefore, the constant use of these pastes lead to abrasion and destruction of tooth enamel.

The prevention of the yellowing of the tooth enamel


Not to decide the question as to how white his teeth, follow the daily rules of mouth care (brushing of teeth twice a day with a brush of medium hardness, and after the meal, saline solution) to wash. In addition, it is important to know the factors, the yellow dye e-mail:

  • excessive fondness for fuco-products (coffee, tea, chocolate, blueberries, beetroot, tomato, mustard, products with synthetic dyes);
  • Smoking;
  • Antibiotics tetratziklinova group;
  • Antihistamines.

Compliance with the simple rules of a healthy diet, you can save not only the teeth, their color, but also your own health.