Professional and independent teeth whitening

Beautiful white smile always decorates so many of the remove the enamel lighten. The bleaching is done professionally in the dental practice, but you can also homemade options which often not less effective. However, it is desirable to give preference to those methods which do not damage tooth enamel and health.

Tooth whitening before and after photo

The main indications for carrying out bleaching

In General, brightens the tooth enamel with only one purpose – to your aesthetic appearance. Yellow teeth with a hint of discomfort, in people with unattractive smile complex, can occur for reasonable communication with people impede.

Sometimes, the procedure of whitening teeth can recommend the doctors. For example, in cases when a customer to the restoration or prosthetics of teeth. Thanks to the prior cleaning of the tooth surface of debris and stones, the dentist will be able to choose the best color of crowns or fillings. Fillings that stand for the completion of the professional cleaning, longer and give you less trouble.

Preparation for bleaching teeth

The bleaching is carried out only on healthy teeth, so you first have to cure Gingivitis, Pulpitis, fluorosis, periodontal disease, caries, and other diseases.

Thin and prone to cracking in the melting ad remineralizing recommended. For this doctor, and a special substance, the fluorine or phosphorus, and calcium. Such drugs contribute to Dentin and improve the condition of the teeth.

The professional teeth whitening at the dentist

If you are on the photo, shows the teeth before and after whitening in the dental clinic, it is clear that the hike provides specialist guaranteed results. Professional procedure whitening the tooth enamel contains the effects on the Dentin with special active ingredients-agents, making the teeth brighter by up to 12 colors.

The procedure of teeth whitening at the dentist most frequently occurs in several stages:

  1. The application of special professional bleaching agents.
  2. Increased activity of the applied inventory by heating the surface of the tooth with the Laser or a special lamp.
  3. The Remover Reagent Water.
  4. The coating of the teeth with protective fluoride-containing varnish.

The duration of the professional bleaching is between 30 minutes to 2 hours, that is, the effect is achieved in just one session at the dentist.

Types of teeth whitening in dental medicine

Teeth Whitening Photo
  • Laser. With a Laser you can color to brighten the enamel of your teeth until the pre-selected doctor.
  • Chemical. Chemical whitening involves the application of special tooth pastes with a significant abrasive effect.
  • The mechanical. Brighten by cleaning teeth. These different methods: ultrasonic, toothpaste, pharmaceutical preparations on the Basis of active carbon, powder, and much more. This method helps if the dark Patina appeared on the melt-frequent use of julius continens drinks, Smoking, after long periods of wear braces.
  • Dote. The method consists in the cleaning of the mouths of the root canals, old fillings, and whitening Gel to apply in the part of the crown. Apply to teeth with the Remote root and signati root canals, as well as in the case when several process of external whitening were unsuccessful.
  • Photo-dealbatio. To Email the special Gel is applied, which contains hydrogen peroxide. After this Gel Halogen lights lamp, whereby active oxygen, which pushes the colour pigments from the tooth and discolor them. To be repeated from time to time the procedure need to be.

The whitening of tooth enamel at home

To be at home for teeth whitening, special pens, strips, pastes, for sale in pharmacies and retail stores. Some of them are very effective. If you use such products for a long time, you get rid of yellow plaque, and sometimes whiten teeth a few shades.

For example, with a bleaching strip in its snow-white smile may be only 2-3 weeks, the effect is fixed in 3-4 months. Dental an analogue fulgur Gel pencil. Its advantage is the simple application of the active substance to the problem areas. Whitening toothpaste is only effective if the Person with the right toothbrush and the teeth for a long period of time dressing up.

With the available simple means consumers should use caution. Teeth whitening at home often leads to an increased sensitivity of the gums.

The wait on a quick results of such a manipulation is not worth it, even for a day, know that bleaching the surface of the tooth with medicines, clean the components and color of enamel in the color.

The most common and safe way of whitening teeth at home is the application of baking powder. You only need to apply a paste of sodium bicarbonate in toothpaste on the usual toothbrush and clean the tooth enamel.

Very well removes Plaque in hard-to-reach areas of ash and charcoal. But with these resources you can reach the Minimum whitening effect: after a few months of regular application of the enamel is lightened, and in just a couple of nuances.

Use of silicone-Kapp

Special attention to the bleach deserves using silicone compound. This process occurs in several stages:

  1. The lifting of the impression the dentist the oral cavity.
  2. Manufacture in the laboratory, individual silicone cap.
  3. Filling the mouth guard with a special Gel. In contrast to concentrated professional products to the home, the gels with a low acid concentration.
  4. The use of a patient designs harvested in a special system. Mouth guard to wear every day, according to the instructions and gradually increase the time worn.
  5. After completion of the treatment session, the oral cavity clean of the remnants of the gel and rinsed thoroughly.

The condition of the enamel is much better for a week after the beginning of the mouth guard, but for the preservation of the snow-white smile 25-30 days duration of the course.

Specifics of the whitening process at home

There are some nuances that need to be taken into account in the self-clarification of the enamel:

  • If in any good clinic whitening can make a visit to the doctor's, at home I have a lot more time: several weeks or even months.
  • To do all of the manipulations themselves, and it is not so easy. For domestic use we recommend the use of less corrosive materials: the same Gel should be at least 2-3 times less concentrated than professional. And yet prior to the application of the funds, you need to follow the active ingredient does not get on the gums, as it can damage the mucous membranes.
  • Before the procedure, necessarily, consult a specialist. Only a doctor can properly assess the degree of problems and effective medium. All the steps to tooth whitening and to be under the permanent control of the dentist.
Teeth whitening at home

The attachment of the result

Process for the bleaching of the teeth takes place with a periodicity of 6 months to 2 years. You can reduce the number of sessions, should exercise all preventive measures, the recommended dentist.

Help enamel-white after the whitening procedure, you can be of help:

  • the use of high-quality and effective toothpastes, which cave specifically for the care of the entire mouth;
  • the elimination of dental plaque in the clinic several times a year (preferably every 4 months);
  • limited consumption of foods in their composition dyes pigments: strong tea, black coffee;
  • the Smoking of cigars, cigarettes, Shisha.

Possible Complications

Mostly negative consequences come after the Home Bleaching. Most of the people in the pursuit of the beautiful Hollywood smile of the recommendations for the use of certain funds and their teeth are uneven in color.

Another reason, requires why declaratione tooth enamel, the consultation of a dentist, – the presence of seals. Only a doctor can advance reaction seal reagent on Bleaching see-Gel and when you consider that the drug choose wisely. Otherwise, the darker Material is able to spoil the appearance of the tooth enamel.

It is worth noting in the article, and the fact that the active components of bleach in the mucosa can lead to burns. Not excluded and the probability of allergic reactions, increased sensitivity of the gums, and other unpleasant sensations.

In General, all pathological symptoms do not improve after a few days. If this is not the case, you should consult as quickly as possible to a doctor.


Not recommended to whiten your teeth:

  • Children and young people up to 18 years;
  • pregnant women and mothers during lactation;
  • People with oncological diseases;
  • Patients with Diabetes mellitus;
  • while taking strong medications;
  • in the presence of crowns or a large number of fillings on the outer side of the row of teeth;
  • if Cariou's damage to the tooth enamel or problems with the gums;
  • People with an Allergy to citric acid, baking powder, food, hydrogen peroxide, and other bleaching agents.

Tooth whitening is not a harmless procedure. Should with the utmost care and responsibility. And best of all, trust in this process, a good technician.