Zoom Whitening: Reviews, Effectiveness, Contraindications

Many dream about the smile that fascinated conversation partners. You need to have a beautiful, smooth and white teeth. Not always are those from nature. But thanks to the latest technologies and developments, the desired results are achieved in the dental practice. Zoom whitening, reviews that in most cases it is positive, it has been quite popular lately, even in spite of its high cost. The main argument – the absolute safety for the teeth. The systems and methods applied were, until recently, could not boast of such a feature (except that the Laser-Bleaching). But everything changes, developed gels with the new, universal stocks. What are the benefits of similar to bleach, in the article talk.

Tooth whitening

What is a Zoom whitening

Whitening Zoom reviews, which were considered by us to be very much in demand. The whole thing in his implementation of technology and security. The process consists in applying a special gel to the most important teeth (10 in the upper jaw, 10 in the lower). In the composition of the Central water contain hydrogen peroxide. For the activation of the process, a special lamp that sent its rays to the oral cavity of the patient. Thereafter, the Gel is destroyed begins to heat up and penetrate tooth tissue, color pigments.

After the procedure, observed natural white color of tooth enamel. The procedure better in the audited dental clinics, it is important that the doctor has the experience and the appropriate skills. The effect is really stunning, just a procedure that takes about an hour, the perfect white teeth have.


To improve the bleaching is necessary, a preliminary examination of the oral cavity. If a caries or untreated teeth, the affected Pulpitis, not perform the procedure.

Clarity on the types of the teeth whitening

Zoom teeth whitening System reviews, mostly positive, it costs money, about 18000 euros for the procedure. There are several variations:

  1. Zoom 1. Gel is considered to be quite out of date, experts have not been proven, he is sure of it. In patients, the injury to tooth enamel is observed.
  2. Zoom 2. More improved Gel, but, nevertheless, the procedure was painful. In the case of the patients, an increased sensitivity of tooth enamel to the gefllen the temperatures.
  3. Zoom 3. New and improved composition of the gel has this procedure completely pain-free, and above all, safe. Doctors recommend the use of this type of bleaching. Also, despite the high cost, is practices the most common procedure in dentist.
  4. Zoom Home Teeth Whitening. Of course, fully to whiten teeth do not work, there is a special lamp is used. But, nevertheless, for 4-6 shades you can a white. To do this, you must also use the benefits of the Gel. Manufacturers offer several options for the concentration of hydrogen peroxide: 4% and 6%.

Take Home teeth whitening Zoom reviews, the more likely to be positive, are also quite popular, and it is not only inexpensive, but also good results.

What is recommended by the professionals?

The choice of types of bleach, would certainly process the opinion of doctors, the day-to-day with similar. You practical tips to help patients make the right choice. Teeth whitening-Zoom 3 (reviews, photos of it in the article) is most of the time. Gel appeared not so long ago on the Russian market, but positive proven. There are some features of this technology. Among them we can highlight:

  1. The Gel and the lamp will need to choose a company. Only together they give a remarkable result.

  2. Manufacturer perfected lamps, used in bleaching. You have to have a shorter lifespan, it is absolutely harmless.

  3. The Gel is really gentle. The concentration of hydrogen peroxide is not more than 25%. Here, the effect is immediately visible, and the enamel remains healthy.

  4. Was applied developed the new formula of the gel. Its main components are in different syringes. When applying the elements are mixed, but the acid destroyed the enamel, as it is neutralized. It is very important, therefore this type of whitening is considered to be.

  5. Before and after execution of the procedure, the experts Relief use Gel strengthens enamel tissue of the tooth and dental.

Zoom teeth whitening reviews, the doctors are positive, gives a great effect. You forget the re-process to 2 years. The teeth will remain bright white and strong.

However, doctors advise caution in those patients in whom the natural has a yellowish tint to apply to the intended use of this method. Experts claim that the more solid and durable. And bleaching data properties can ruin.

zoom whitening

The choice for patients, dentists can only advise or recommend. If you decide to whiten your teeth, use the modern methods. Not worth the means in this procedure.

The Procedure Zoom Whitening

After the customer decided with a view to bleach, to him the question: "How this process runs?" This is because many are afraid of the dental chair from an early age. Panic and nervous about it not Rum. It is important to note that whitening delivers any unpleasant sensations. You need to know that they determine whether to do the relevant procedures, has the right to a doctor. He examined the mouth. The Patient should inflammation no caries. If the front teeth are damaged and you should have the seal, the doctor may refuse if the implementation of the method.

Also, a few days before the whitening, a cleaning of the teeth of Plaque with the help of special nozzles and mint is the removal of stones if present. Then you can safely proceed to the main procedure. Whitening System Zoom, reviews, most of which are positive, is carried out as follows:

  • The doctor with the help of a special color-rulers Vita determines the hue of the enamel of the patient, and selects with you the most suitable color. This step is very important, because the teeth must look natural.

  • The lips are made with a special device.

  • Patients wear protective glasses.

  • Lips, cheeks and gums are maintained on a Gel that solidifies in the interaction with oxygen immediately. It protects the mucous membranes of burns and wounds.

  • On the "General" of the teeth, namely the Zone with a smile, the Gel is applied. You don't have to do it gently to the gums touch.

  • More pre-lamp Zoom, and heating the Gel.

  • After 20 minutes, the remnants of the solution are removed. And the process is repeated again and again. A similar action 3 times.

  • After the end of the procedure, the remnants of the gel, clean them with a special device and carry the firming solution.

The process of tooth whitening is painless. Long does not take longer than 2 hours.

Bleach would

Whitening Zoom reviews, mostly positive, quite popular among the successful people, celebrities, politicians. What are the advantages of this method are?

the whitening procedure
  1. The teeth bleached, even in the most difficult cases, if you have brown coloring did not drink coffee and Smoking, and more than good reasons, for example, taking antibiotics or other medication.

  2. A great effect is achieved in a single procedure.

  3. The process of tooth whitening is painless.

  4. After the time the procedure takes no more than 2-x hours.

  5. Whiten teeth on 12 tones. About the effectiveness of the Laser method loses.

  6. Effect of long-lasting (about 5 years).

  7. If the result is not satisfying to fulfill, they repeat the procedure after 6 months.

The bleaching of the teeth the Zoom, the reviews, the photo that is shown below - a fairly popular method. Thanks to her, many singers and actors in our country, a Hollywood smile -.

There are pitfalls?

But no matter how Zoom praised-whitening, reviews that sometimes, not very excited, after all, the negative sides are that you mention. To note:

  1. If the Patient is the melting of the owners of sensitive tooth or even micro-cracks, the procedure can be painful.

  2. In case of contact with Gel on the mucous membrane of the gums occur, wounds and burns.

  3. After bleaching, some patients have an increased sensitivity of the teeth, resistance to temperature noted.

  4. If the procedure was not performed correctly, the teeth are not natural tint. In this case, the desired effect is not achieved.

  5. The high cost of the bleaching are not allowed to do for anyone interested the procedure.

The process went without problems, and the result was awesome, necessary, filled him to the dentist with experience.

Contra-indications there are

Tooth whitening Zoom-3 reviews the good, not only for patients but also for professionals At the Moment it is the newest System, the better. But still, and it has contraindications. Bleaching is not carried out:

  1. Patients younger than 18 years.

  2. Women in "interesting position" and in the lactation period. On data life cycle phases can't risk the penetration of chemicals in the body.fatal for the child

  3. If you are hypersensitive components, in particular hydrogen peroxide.

  4. In patients with epilepsy. During the procedure, it can attack going to happen.

  5. If you have any problems with the teeth: caries, chipping of the enamel, referred to as Pulpitis.

  6. People with newly delivered seal.

  7. When taking oral contraceptives.

  8. In the case if you have recently used a different type of whitening. In this case, the doctor should clarify the method used by the dentist, and how much time has passed to be carried out by the method.

  9. Patients with cardiac pacemakers.

  10. People with cancer.

  11. Chemotherapy.

Whitening lamp Zoom, reviews, the customers not stingy, costs about 18 thousand rubles. It is the most gentle and painless.

Zoom whitening at home

A Hollywood smile Optional dental practice visit. Homemade teeth whitening-Zoom 3, reviews, also positive, it can help. A major advantage of this method is the price. Mouthguard with Gel doesn't cost you more than 6-8 thousand rubles. It is twice cheaper than whitening in the clinic.

Many ask: "How does the home whitening teeth Zoom reviews, of which there will be positive?" The whole thing in a special Gel and Cape, the wear on the teeth.

white teeth

It is worth noting that without the use of a UV lamp, the desired effect is more difficult. The result is not as expected by the customer. With the help of this method, the teeth bleaching is for 2-4 shades. This is not always enough.

The function principle is very simple:

  • At home, you must open the syringe with Gel.

  • After that, apply a thin layer and apply it to Kapu.

  • While the wearing of a mouth guard depends on the Gel you purchased. There are several ways (White Day and Night White).

  • After removing the mouth guard, you need to brush your teeth well and rinse your mouth.

In this method, its disadvantages, not to mention the:

  1. A mouth guard should be worn for a long time. Fabric – 2-3 hours a day light, night – 10-12 hours.

  2. The procedure is repeated. You will need to prodelyvat longer in the course of the week, and sometimes much.

  3. The result is not more than a year.

Take Home teeth whitening Zoom 3, guest reviews, photos of which are below, as well. Undoubted advantage is its cost. For those of you that lighten teeth only a few shades, it would be perfect.

Customer reviews

The modern medicine offers many ways to improve your appearance. One of them - effective teeth whitening Zoom 3, reviews about this method is to check the time, read more. Patients noted the following strengths of the process:

  • In just one hour you can get perfect white teeth.

  • Bleaching also helps in the most advanced cases.

  • The procedure is completely pain-free. A little discomfort is preparing a special device that is fixed in the oral cavity.

  • After using this method, the teeth do not crumble, e-mail remains strong.

  • Before the procedure does not need to through a variety of tests and manipulations on the part of the dentists.

  • A few days later, after bleaching, you can begin to smoke and to drink coffee.

  • The availability of the procedure. In almost every large dental clinic, you can perform.

Negative point is the pricing policy is noted. The cost of the procedure is high is between 18 to 22 thousand rubles. Agree, this is not everyone can afford. In this case, many use the main Zoom whitening. Guest reviews, photos are listed below.

The patients notice the versatility of this method. The Gel is worth it relatively inexpensive and have the desired effect can through the week. Separately it would be desirable to notice, that in difficult cases, if the teeth is darkened by the application of medicines, this method will not work. It can be seen from the reviews, people discuss Whitening System Zoom.

But if you teeth lighten several shades, to justify the application of the gel at home.

In addition, it is worth to remember that, when the teeth exposed to bleaching, fillings contain, they must replace it with new. Firstly, hydrogen peroxide, the Material can cause damage, he crumbles. Secondly, the fillings will not be lightened, but remain the previous color. The teeth don't contrast, the best way - a new filler material, and, in turn, is the financial cost. But this process does not end. The teeth, with time, begin to darken, and the seals are white. You have to start all over again.


Sometimes you can get negative reviews from patients about the fact that the teeth were white, unnatural, dull. It speaks of the incompetence or inexperience of the doctors. If in the first few days the teeth appeared white spots, which are pronounced, do not worry. In the course of time. This happens due to the fact that the enamel is dry and heat stress.