Salt to brush your teeth: recipes, contraindications, reviews

For effective cleaning and brightening the teeth to the white color you can teeth not only pasta, but also regular salt. Sodium chloride has cleans has a positive effect on the properties of the enamel, from the surface layer, but at the same time strengthens their structure. The main thing is that you know how to use this component.

Dental Cleaning Salt

Use of salt

The unique quality of the salt were opened in the 17th century. Numerous studies have shown that in the treatment of the oral cavity and the teeth of salt possible, to the highest disinfectant effect. This can many times the emergence of various infectious and parasitic diseases of the teeth and gums to reduce.

Important! Salt with ease can penetrate into the tissue. As a result of penetration into the structure of the tooth enamel sodium chloride active cleanse of a dark or yellow hue, giving it a healthy and white in color. This cheap and public product, can eliminate mouth odor, it can be used as a rinse.

Regular application of salt during the cleaning of the teeth and the oral cavity avoids such unpleasant pathological processes, such as certain defeat, periodontal disease, a variety of inflammatory processes.

For the oral care, you can use sea salt. It is rich in trace elements and minerals, which have a beneficial effect on teeth and gums. In the composition of sea-salt, manganese, iodine and bactericidal properties when it contains higher than a conventional food-kitchen-salt.

Special features for cleaning teeth with salt

Attention! You can use every day, in addition to salt for cleaning the teeth. Salt, you can use any cookbook or Navy. The Marine is considered to be healthier, but if it's not there, is normal.

Some important notes for cleaning the teeth, salt:

  1. The first couple of cleanings can be carried out without the use of tooth brushes. Clean the battery cover with the fingers and the tongue;
  2. In the mouth, about a teaspoon of salt, then the salt should gently RUB on the surface of the teeth with the help of the tongue and the Finger;
  3. Once the salt dissolve crystals, salty saliva, the gums are rubbed at the base of the teeth;
  4. At the end of the procedure the mouth should rinse with water;
  5. After complete habituation after about 3-4 treatments, the cleaning with the help of the toothbrush;
  6. For cleaning, in preparation of a salt and water mixture the consistency of Paste;
  7. The finished salt blend is on the surface of the toothbrush and begins the cleaning process. When cleaning, should not press too much on the brush, otherwise you can damage the tooth enamel;
  8. For the improvement of the stock in a mixture of salt, you can use a little toothpaste;
  9. Cleaning must be vertically moved to a damage to the enamel;
  10. After complete cleaning, the Massage of the gums is recommended.

How can the cleaning of salt:

  • For the beginning of the toothbrush wetted with water;
  • You put the brush in salt;
  • Thereafter, the cleaning begin. For the beginning of the brush, the movements in the vertical direction over the entire surface of the teeth;
  • Next, you need to run the cleaning from the robbery of the inner part of the dentition;
  • Then you go to clean the outer surface.

Clean the device properly and carefully, otherwise you may damage instead of the use of enamel. When carried out properly, the teeth white and strong.

Positive Features

Hygienic cleaning units of the dentition is a useful procedure that allows for the strengthening and recovery of the weakened teeth. In addition, this method has a number of positive properties:

a Paste made of salt
  1. Has cave has a positive influence on all the tissues of the mouth;
  2. The availability and low cost compared to other means for brightening;
  3. If you are taken there are no negative effects, in contrast to other means for cleaning the teeth;
  4. Caused no side effects;
  5. In the application of unpleasant odour is reduced cavity of the mouth;
  6. Reduces the risk of the emergence of pathological processes, such as unpleasant, such as periodontal disease, periodontitis, defeat pus;
  7. In all shops only natural table salt sold in the absence of impurities

The main positive characteristics that set it apart cleaning of salt to other methods is the availability, because the buy the salt in any store, and harmless, since the penetration of salt in the body not harm your health.

What components can be mixed with salt

Important! A good therapeutic effect has a mixture of salt and clay. This composition allows for the improvement of the teeth, saturate your precious vitamins and components. It is believed that if you regularly use this mixture to clean the mouth and teeth, then you can forget for a long time about visiting the dentist.

For the cleaning of dental units salt clay mix with white, blue, pink type. The mixture of clay removed perfectly from the surface of the dental units Patina, gives the tooth enamel white in color, massages the gums and removes the lesions, including pus and defeat.

Also the salt and mix with the other components:

  • A simple mixture of salt and baking powder;
  • You can prepare a mixture of salt and baking powder with a small amount of any essential oil – orange, cinnamon, mint, allspice. Natural essential oils have an antiseptic and tonic effect. In addition, these substances the deposits of stones eliminate and improve the root structure;
  • The healing bowls at the end of a Paste of sea salt with the addition of dried bananas, needles extract and a few drops of olive oil. The finished Paste cleans the tooth enamel from dental plaque, stone, has a disinfecting effect and strengthens the structure of the roots;
  • A good cleaning from the salt -, eucalyptus leaves, olive oil. All components are mixed and apply in the cave for the regular cleaning of the teeth and the mouth. The ready to use mixture cleans deposits of dental plaque, stone;
  • A good effect has a mixture of sea salt and heated the crumpled eggplant. The finished mixture is on the surface of the teeth and gums. Offers the cleaning of dental plaque, stone, resolves a variety of diseases;
  • The mixture of each clay, salt, and pepper in the Form of a hammer. Therapeutic Paste promotes circulation in the mouth and eliminates periodontal disease.
soitsu salt

If you right application of salt you can produce not only high-quality cleaning of the teeth, but improved cave the condition of the mouth. The salt can be mixed with various herbs, clay, Soda ash and other natural ingredients. A healing Paste made of these components are able to eliminate various diseases of the teeth and the oral cavity.