Comprehensive professional Hygiene (cleaning) of the teeth

Professional Hygiene (deep cleaning) of teeth – it is a completely painless procedure, consisting of removal of dental plaque by ultrasound, the removal of dental plaque with the aid of Air-Flow and the application of the enamel by fluoride-containing gels.

comprehensive cleaning

The decrease of the dental stone sets, the normal circulation of the blood in the room next to the tooth, which, in turn, strengthens the gums and strengthens the support function of the tooth. The essence of this technique consists in the removal of Tartar from the surface of the tooth enamel special ultrasonic vibrations on the surface of the tooth. Specially selected frequency and the vibration amplitude in the ultrasonic Skyler. easily Tartar from the tooth surface to separate, and without enamel. The vibrations of the ultrasonic wand, however, only affect the Material a certain hardness, and, because the enamel does not suffer from many times harder than limestone, you from such a treatment.

1. Professional Ultrasonic Dental Cleaning, Skyler. Services:

  • the removal of dental plaque;
  • removal of dental plaque;
  • effective removal of subgingival SUPRA, and stone with the help of ultrasonic vibrations;
  • Depth of irrigation of the periodontal pockets;
  • The tooth surface polishing with paste.

2. Process Air Flow

Auto ultrasonic cleaning rarely used as an independent method. The most common is complemented by a preventive procedure Air-flow. Air-flow is the jet of air, water, and Soda, amenable in the mouth. It is the tooth surface of dark deposits, cleans the teeth smooth makes, or serves as a complement to the procedure of curettage of periodontal pockets (this is necessary if the tooth's stones hit under the gums and tissue, non-protected Email).

Process Air Flow:

  • useful for the Email;
  • recommended for smokers, as well as for those who abused coffee, tea, and wine;
  • the pigmentation is destroyed;
  • is non-contact;
  • sure;
  • requires no anesthesia;
  • has a pleasant taste;
  • slightly whitening effect (1-2 tones) without the use of chemicals.

3. Fluoridation of the teeth.

The natural Element fluorine actively promotes the correct formation of the teeth and prevents the formation of caries.

  • the hardness of the tooth enamel is improved by 10 times;
  • the disease dental caries to 65%;
  • extends the life of the previously established seal;
  • reduces the probability of the formation of secondary caries;
  • reduces the hypersensitivity of the bearing pin of the tooth.

The doctor, hygienists the hygienic cleaning of the teeth and tooth spaces, whereby the individual spoon is taken, and with a special preparation, the fluorides (e.g. sodium fluoride), spoon on the teeth, hung up, and about 1-4 minutes.As a result, such a supply of the teeth the natural color and smoothness that, ultimately, the speed of deposition of Plaque slows down and makes the teeth less prone.