Cleaning of the Air-Flow: photos before and after, reviews

White smile emphasizes the external attractiveness of its owner. But also the professional tooth whitening can not only everyone, but also has a number of contraindications, the negative consequences for health. An Alternative to cleaning with Air-Flow. Today, such a procedure can offer as one of the private clinics and public health facilities. What is such a Manipulation, how it is effective and safe, we will describe in this article.

Calamus cleaning flou

What is tooth cleaning with Air-Flow method?

In spite of the innovative title, the procedure itself is quite simple and require no special professional equipment and materials. In fact, cleaning with Air-Flow is a method for the removal of Plaque with the help of directed high pressure jets of air and water with the Soda. Sometimes the crystals of calcium use in abrasive substances. Such a filler solution gently cleans the tooth enamel, but is more expensive, so is rarely used. A special device Air-Flow spraying the mixture on the teeth, the destruction of the deposits in inaccessible for other methods of cleaning (between the teeth, on the gums). In addition, the melting and polishing of tooth and "soft" bleaching occurs by 1-2 tones due to the removal of Plaque and debris.

In dentistry, this method is not neither belong to the chemical method for the cleaning of the teeth (such as the chemical constituents are not applied) to the mechanical (as in the course of the proceedings, there is no direct contact with the Instrument). Cleaning of the Air-Flow is one of the additional methods of oral care.

Is completed the procedure of the processing of the teeth special pastes with a soft rotating brushes. Thus, the remnants of dental plaque, Plaque removed. Some of the clinics patients to cover tooth enamel dental varnish offer to fix the result of professional cleaning.

The duration of the procedure is from 15 to 40 minutes (depending on the starting condition of the dentition).

Whether the procedure is painful teeth cleaning Air-Flow?

The procedure is absolutely painless. Although some discomfort during the cleaning marks. Despite the use of a special extraction, to a certain extent, the sputtering device of fluid, the Patient swallows. Although the solution does not aromatize lemon flavor, but it is for internal use. In addition, Soda ash is irritating to the mucosa of the oral cavity — in some patients, the burning sensation in the mouth appears directly in the process of cleaning and after the procedure, there are dry and Soda Plaque in the mouth and on the lips. The solution can heartburn provoke in swallowing, digestive disorders.

Indications for the treatment

Professional teeth cleaning Air-Flow-Test as a self-contained procedure for the care of the teeth, and in fact the prevention of the formation of dental plaque, stones, and stable Plaque, as well as preparatory work before the implant dentistry, teeth whitening, or the installation of the prosthesis.

Experts recommend such hygienic measures twice a year, especially for people who consume foods, dyes, enamel (coffee, strong tea, juices), as well as smokers.

Indications for cleaning

Indications for the following procedure:

  • The formation of Plaque and light plaque (prevention of diseases such as caries and periodontitis).
  • The pigmentation of the teeth.
  • The Problem of overcrowding of the teeth (to close together). In the case of such a Problem, other methods of cleaning the space between teeth is ineffective.
  • The planned abolition of breket-systems.
  • The upcoming chemical Bleaching, Dental Implantation or prosthetics.


Professional teeth cleaning Air-Flow has a number of advantages over other types of hygienic procedures, including ultrasonic treatment of the melt:

  • pain-free procedure;
  • no mechanical contact with the device, it often leads to damage of the tooth (i.e., Air-Flow recommend patients with surgical implants);
  • the possibility for the processing of inaccessible areas;
  • Efficiency (the result is noticeable after the first procedure);
  • Non-toxicity of the solution;
  • the enrichment of the tooth enamel fluoride.


In spite of the security the implementation of such a dental cleaning, there are contraindications for the holding. Not carry out the procedure of Air-Flow under such conditions, such as:

  • Periodontitis (cleaning can trigger bleeding gums, inflammation, swelling).
  • The presence of a large volume of dental plaque (not to cope with several deep deposits cleaning of the Air-Flow). Photo shows prior to the intervention, the following, in which the initial state of the dentition procedure is effective.
  • Bronchitis and Asthma, other respiratory diseases are a direct contraindication for the cleaning of the teeth in this way.
  • People, salt is assigned free diet, also not a such hygiene measures.
  • Patients to not recommend the allergic to citrus fruits, Air-Flow.
  • With care procedure of pregnant and lactating women.
before and after

The result of the cleaning

The result of hygienic cleaning of teeth Air-Flow method is visible immediately after the procedure:

  • removes deposits of Tartar and Plaque;
  • the teeth are lightened by removing impurities.
  • teeth Shine acquires as a result of polishing.

In the photo below you can see how effective the cleaning with Air Flow. Before and after the procedure the teeth look quite different.


The effect of the cleaning of the Air-Flow, and experts advise to the following recommendations:

  1. Within 3 hours after the procedure, do not eat that can stain the enamel (red beet, juices, coffee, etc.).
  2. Smoking, too, must leave for a few hours.
  3. If the planned further chemical teeth whitening, then can perform such a procedure, not earlier, than through 2 a week after the Air-Flow.

Air Flow (cleaning): responses of patients

Despite the simplicity of the procedure, the tooth cleaning with Air-Flow method, there are mixed reviews about this dental Manipulation. Most of the time negative opinions arise as a result of the insufficient awareness of the patients about the nature of such a procedure. Namely: people expect an immediate noticeable whitening of the tooth enamel. In fact, as explained above, Air-Flow only removes Plaque, dirt, stones, return of the Patient's natural original color of the teeth.

So often reviews, in which the patients are not aware of the ineffectiveness of such a cleaning. Also, visitors to the dentist practice brushing on unpleasant sensations during the teeth, burning in the oral cavity. As claim patients, the sensitivity of the teeth, appears to be bleeding of the gums, after which was carried out in Air Flow (cleaning).


Positive reviews to show that such a procedure is an effective way of prevention of diseases of the teeth. In addition, there is a significant cleaning of the tooth enamel, removing the stones.

Cleaning of the Air-Flow — effective hygienic procedures, which the care of the teeth. Such an additional purification of tooth enamel reduces the risk of dental diseases and has an aesthetic effect.