Dental Cleaning Soda

Each time has its heroes. Hero of our time – the man to be the perfect everything: clothes, figure and face, and smile. This creates the image of a successful Person. One of the components of such an Image, smile. What a beautiful smile? The white, shiny, healthy, straight teeth, draws the eye. Who would not of such a jewelry? In life, however, all usually is not so perfect: the teeth are not always the perfect shape, often not very healthy not to be white, dazzling. The level of modern dentistry can fix almost all of them. For this we need money, time, and equipped clinic with good specialists. Not everything is available. If you do not correct the shape of teeth or to heal yourself, then bleaching can. Do not let on 9 tones, such as in the clinic, and 1-2. Simple Solution — Teeth Cleaning Soda.

Dental Cleaning Soda

Why darken teeth

There are several main causes of the darkening of the teeth:

  1. Lack of care, or the regularity of the implementation of the hygiene procedures. Inadequate tooth cleaning leads to the formation of Plaque. It consists of epithelial cells, food debris, bacteria and their metabolic products. The color of the plaque may be brown from light yellow to dark. If no action is taken, the Plaque solidifies into mineralizes, Tartar. He hides the color of the tooth enamel and is a risk factor for the development of caries. Acid, created by the activity of bacteria that destroys tooth enamel and leads to caries.
  2. Use of food, the food dyes. Mostly it's fruit, the taste for strong tea and coffee, red wine, and vegetable juices, berries. Dyes, penetrates through the micro-cavity in the tooth enamel, gather, change the color of the tooth.
  3. Smoking. The smoke contains many resins, the color of the teeth of the smoker in the color yellow.
  4. Trauma to the tooth. If in consequence of a breach of circulatory and nerve damage to the bundle of pulp, a tooth is darker.
  5. Excess Fluorine. Excess fluorine usually occurs in the drinking water. This leads to brown staining of the tooth enamel.
  6. Age-Related Changes. They cause a violation of the structure of the tooth enamel, which leads to a change in its color.
  7. Yellow teeth, the child can, when the woman took during pregnancy tetracycline. Dentists call this pathology "tetracycline" teeth.

The home whitening should only be in the first three cases, The durability of the result depends on the elimination of the cause of the blackout. The cause is, the result will not be long.

How whiten teeth baking powder

Teeth bleaching at home, you can powder with baking. Soda is a small crystals of sodium bicarbonate, its aqueous solution is weak liquor. Crystals – abrasive particles through mechanical action to whiten the tooth enamel. The Plaque on the teeth, acid, soda solution neutralizes it, a contribution to the cleaning of Plaque.

The most difficult to clean between teeth, here dental plaque accumulates also to clean when the teeth carefully.

The Council of the dentist. In order to determine whether or not a Plaque, should you have some level of iodine, mix with a drop of water, the solution with the help of cotton swab apply on the teeth near the gums. The area, covered with bloom, immediately manifest. Now you can take the brush, moisten it in water and dip it in baking soda. You only clean the spaces between the teeth, while the promotion of the brush and Soda particles between the teeth bristles. This gentle method because the effect of a plaque, enamel does not take place only on the surface, where it is on without a Plaque impact. In consequence, spaces between teeth can be lightened, whereby the visual effect of whitening of the enamel. In addition, reduced removal of Plaque, the risk of caries.

Brushing Your Teeth Baking Powder

With baking powder bleach can, and the entire surface of the teeth. In this case, you must be swab to clean very gently with a soft brush, cotton or simply with the Finger, since the abrasive and chemical action can be used directly on the tooth enamel is damaged. The duration of cleaning 1 Minute. The intervals between the cleanings at least 7-10 days.

The effect on the tooth enamel has been mild, you can use crystals, and soda-ash solution. A saturated solution may boil, not more dissolving in a small amount of water, lemonade, up to the Moment until they dissolve. With this solution, you can brush either teeth, or take a cotton swab and to clean thoroughly all the surfaces of the teeth. Such a solution can to the mouth. This method can illuminate courses are conducted for 7-10 days a month to maintain the achieved effect.

Use of soda in combination with other substances

Add Soda other substances can mitigate or exacerbate the effects of Soda on the enamel. You can add baking powder to the well spumans toothpaste and clean as usual.

Have strawberries many useful features that you can use to mitigate the effect of the Soda, to improve the taste of the cleaning mixture and to increase its effect. To do this, you need to berries, the mash 2-3 small, mix them with a pinch of Soda, stirring to achieve a uniform consistency. With this mixture brush the teeth night. Duration of use – no more than 10 days.

To strengthen the effect, you can of iodine and a teaspoon of baking soda in a few drops, all thoroughly and properly in the teeth massage. Leave for a few minutes, not more than 5, then rinse the mouth rinse. The same can, replaced iodine Apple cider vinegar or lemon juice. Recipe Professor Neumyvakina: take ½ teaspoon of baking powder, add 5 drops of lemon and 15 drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide, mix all thoroughly, RUB on the entire surface of the teeth in soft, circular movements, leave for a few minutes (maximum 15). Then thoroughly the mouth rinse.

It is important In the use of soda, without a solution, try not to hurt the gums and the mucous membranes. After the procedure, do not eat and drink within 1-2 hours.

Dental cleaning Soda is absolutely not suitable for those who:

  • Thinning of tooth enamel revealed;
  • Increased sensitivity of the teeth;
  • Problems with the gums;
  • There are fillings or crowns.

Important: if, as a result of the application of Soda any unpleasant symptoms, and treatments should be stopped immediately.

Rules of cleaning

What the dentists say

Among the dentists, there is no uniform opinion about the cleaning of the teeth Soda. Some are vehemently against it, others – for advice. Advantages of the method:

  • Availability;
  • Cheapness;
  • Quick and visible results;
  • Side effect – the elimination of the unpleasant smell.

There are significant disadvantages, these include:

  • High risk of damage and thinning of the tooth enamel;
  • Appearance of bleeding gums and Irritation;
  • Short-term effect, if not the elimination of the causes darkening of teeth.
  • The low intensity bleaching – 1-2 sound;
  • The risk of allergic reactions.

Use or do not use Soda for cleaning the teeth, everyone decides for himself. If you decide to try, don't be to be diligent: be aware of risks and recommendations, pay attention to your sensations. This will minimize the negative impact and maintain the health of your teeth.