Teeth whitening activated charcoal: overview of the methods for cleaning and bleaching

A beautiful smile with white teeth is a cavity, an indicator for the care and health of the mouth. Modern products the majority contain large amounts of dyes to the emergence of yellow on the e-mail. Disappears Smoking and alcohol white.

Dental Cleaning Activated Carbon

Again, the teeth blindingly white in the hike to a specialist, but often these methods lead to costs for the budget. Alternative to expensive procedures, the use of activated charcoal for whitening teeth are affordable and accessible to all drug, you can take advantage of all the free – of-charge to home.

Function principle

Activated carbon is a natural desiccant, is absolutely safe when you remove the yellow on e-mail. The drug, in contact with water, turns into a kind of grinding medium, purifying and neutralizing with the surface dirt. Powder adsorbed in a dark Patina, not been absorbed in the enamel, but with frequent use, lead to the formation of micro-cracks. You can avoid this through the breaks between the treatments.

In addition to the mechanical cleaning, the carbon materials are able to dissolve to neutralize food colors and fine sediments.

To achieve in the course of the cleaning within 1.5 months, positive results in bleaching, the result of which is similar to an ultrasound procedure.

Pros and cons of teeth whitening activated charcoal

Among the advantages of this drug is to point out the following:

  • Recipe for cleaning by the simplicity and ease of application, the equipment does not require a certain experience and special.
  • For whitening, there are various recipes, from which the most appropriate can be selected.
  • For the implementation of the method can be used at home, at any time, without a visit to the clinic.
  • The drug in any pharmacy to buy, at an affordable price.
  • Guaranteed performance a good result, in compliance with the concrete recommendations.
  • Whitening carbon does not degrade for sure the condition of the teeth and the mucous membranes. If you are taken, if accidentally swallowed, no harm.
  • Carbon has the anti-bacterial and disinfectant effect, relieves inflammation, therefore, is useful in a cave for the whole mouth.

Disadvantages of such methods are the following:

  • Disadvantages can occur if the common use for the bleaching of the drug. Frequent contact with enamel powder can have a devastating effect on you that you have cracks in the formation of micro-on the surface. This leads to an increase in the sensitivity of the teeth, reduction of the fortress, and mineralization, the development of caries. To avoid injury, you should strengthen in parallel with the Bleaching of the dental enamel with special means.
  • To clean the whitening a whole lot of time, since must of the coal difficult to reach areas of the teeth. You have to be patient, to achieve an optimal result.


Although no negative impact to the bleaching of the teeth activated carbon, this method has a number of contraindications.

It is advisable to the dentist prior to the commencement of the action to consult, tell about the condition of your teeth.

It is recommended that the teeth whitening, in the following cases:

Activated carbon
  • When wearing braces, or in the case of a recent their repeal, because of the weakened enamel is available to mechanical stress. For starters, you need to enamel to strengthen the tooth and then start to bleach.
  • It is forbidden to a method for the age of the child, because children still have immature enamel, and teeth.
  • Contraindicated in the presence of caries, bleeding, and in inflammation of the gums and of the mucous membrane.
  • Should not be used for the cleaning of implants, because the artificial Material will be exposed to exposed to abrasion and can corrupt.
  • Upon the occurrence of discomfort and complaints, as well as in the case of the individual intolerance and pregnancy.

How otbelit the teeth activated carbon — opportunities

The implementation of the whitening active carbon. in three different ways: in the Form of chewing gum, cooking, powder for cleaning or in combination with toothpaste Originally choose for himself the most convenient method, and check the expiration date of the drug, to avoid the emergence of negative consequences.


This Option is the most effective. The chewing of the drug such as chewing gum. To do this, take 1 or 2 tablets of stone coal, and gently chewing on the distance of 5-7 minutes. Substance, thoroughly clean yellow plaque, bleaching agents, a few tones, the color of the teeth, and eliminate bad smell in the mouth.

The method is convenient because it can be run under all conditions – at home or on the go. After the procedure you must rinse your mouth with warm water for 1-2 minutes to remove the drug from the teeth. To enhance the effect, and additional antibiotic treatment may be carried out decoction of chamomile or oak bark rinse.

How to use the powder to clean the teeth of activated carbon

A tooth-powder of activated carbon is simple to manufacture.

To do this, take crushed 2 tablets of the drug carefully and to a fine powder. Make sure that in him there is no large grains remained, otherwise the mucosa may be damaged, or micro-cracks appear on the enamel.

Before whitening your teeth to brush with normal tooth powder. Continue to dip the brush in the water and diving into a black powder. Must of this composition is a good the surface of the teeth, clean them, pay attention to every piece. To eliminate after bleaching, rinse the mouth with warm water or a decoction of herbs powder with the surface.

To increase efficiency you can use a brush with charcoal drip a few drops of tea tree oil (it is good to combat inflammation), or of any other.

Good reviews of this recipe powder enjoys on the Basis of activated carbon: mix 10 tablets of powdered charcoal, add a few tablespoons of chalk, 1 TSP of baking powder and a lot of the same salts. The resulting mixture was stored under the hood in a glass container, and the application is similar to the previous one.

Methods of teeth whitening

Use with toothpaste

Not less effective is the combination of toothpaste with powder of the drug. To do this, take a dry glass container with a screw cap, squeeze the full Tube of toothpaste. More 10 black tablets crushed to the consistency of the powder and pour it into a glass, stir it thoroughly with the Paste. The resulting mixture must smile brushing your teeth 2 times a day for a couple of minutes to brighten up your.

For 30 minutes after cleaning, no food is allowed to pigments, in the composition of the color. Better implementation of the method according to the meals.

There is an Option to not mix in the pot and apply directly before cleaning. To do this, drag the brush in the usual amount of Pasta, and on top of abundant sprinkle with powdered activated carbon. Further Manipulation spend the usual way.

How to reduce the risk of damage to the tooth enamel

The abrasive properties of the activated carbon are harmful to the tooth enamelif used too often information, to get involved in home whitening. Damage the tooth enamel, follow these guidelines:

  • Use a toothbrush with soft bristles, so as solid the injury of tooth enamel promotes. You can also, instead of brushes, use a cotton swab soaked gauze, either the Pads of the fingers.
  • The crushing of tablets as well as possible, so that no big pieces in the form of a powder.
  • In case of hypersensitivity procedures not more frequently than once in ten days.
  • When bleaching the tooth enamel mineralizovannimi strengthen pastes, and turn on in the diet an increased amount of Calcium, Protein and phosphorus.
  • The remnants of the coal that is not removed with water, remove the toothpick.
  • Do not forget to floss and care of the oral cavity.
  • If you procedure on the teeth dull or stain immediately interrupt. It is a Signal of sophistication of the enamel.


In the case of the dark color of the tooth enamel as a result of external influences, it is an effective and cost-effective method of tooth whitening is with the help of activated carbon. Preparation of the powder, or chew it with toothpaste a noticeable advantage and brightens the teeth a couple of shades with regular use, not worse than in dentistry. The main thing – the rules of procedure and to not forget to keep the Hygiene of the oral cavity.