Home Tooth Whitening

In some cases, instead of a professional tooth whitening at the clinic the patients Home whitening prefer the teeth can. It is advantageous and comfortable enough. Professional procedures in any dental clinic costs significantly more expensive. The whitening System for the home conditions, despite the low cost, can be very effective. At any convenient for you time you carry out the procedure of teeth whitening can improve your appearance. In addition, teeth whitening at home allows you to independently control the duration of the treatment and its intensity.

Set for otbelivanie

It is important to understand: If you choose, home whitening, plan, and the effect to achieve a similar training System to be adapted should be based on a sufficiently long (several months) and disciplined work. Home Bleaching to be in the public domain, and this means that the concentration of the component in them are safe for the consumer, i.e., many times cheaper than a professional System.

Currently on the market for dental products contains a large number of OTC systems and resources for tooth whitening: whitening toothpastes, gels, liquids for gargling, strip, plates and so on.

Whitening Tooth Pastes

All of the teeth to remove pastes superficial Patina with enamel because they contain soft abrasives. Some toothpastes with bleaching properties contain soft polishing or chemical ingredients, the the further effectiveness of the removal of Plaque and discoloration. However, with a whitening toothpastes you can. only superficial Patina and whitening of the teeth only on one sound, while in the dental practice with the help of the professional whitening systems – on 3-7 tones In the case where the Paste contains abrasive particles, do not use constantly, you can harm the enamel.

Strips and gels for tooth whitening

Whitening gels – gel-like medium, the tassel applied directly to the surface of a tooth crown. The statement, usually a one - or two-times daily use to 30 minutes within 30 days. Sometimes, the effect is already after a few days, and the final result for several months.

Strip for bleaching teeth – a very thin, almost invisible strips covered with the active substance, usually a Gel with hydrogen peroxide. Strip - a way of applying the gel to the tooth surface. The type of application, stripe – a-twice a day for 30 minutes, within 30 days.

Application period defined for each System there may be differences.

mouth guard for teeth whitening

Mouth guard to whiten teeth

The System of teeth whitening with a special a Kappa can purchase either in the store or at the dentist. Are you a Kapu in the Form of deformities, with a whitening Gel. Root wood is used for a certain period of time, usually several hours per day (e.g., during sleep) within a period of four weeks or more (depending on the degree of change in the color of the enamel and of the desired tone).

Kit for the bleaching.the lamp-Gel-activator, the light, through the transparent mouth guard, enhances the process of release of oxygen from the Gel

A mouth guard can be versatile, and can be produced in the hospital after the individual print.

Liquid for rinsing

Liquid for bleaching – one of the latest products for home teeth whitening. Like most liquids, the mouth water, they freshen breath, help reduce Plaque, prevent gum disease. But these products also contain ingredients such as hydrogen peroxide in a low concentration, the bleached teeth. Manufacturers claim that in order to have the desired result, you need to brush the liquid within a period of 12 months, every day, twice a day in front of the teeth. However, rinsing may not be as effective as the use of other bleaching products, because the liquid to the bleach in contact with the teeth within a short time (in only 2 minutes compared to 30 minutes for most of the beams).