Menu and contraindications of the white diet after teeth whitening

White diet after teeth whitening is the ideal Option to save and the effect of treatments at the dentist over a longer period of time.

white diet

The enamel is naturally yellowish, but in today's time, fashionable Shine toothed smile, as a sign of health. Artificially bleached teeth – is a kind of decoration, and an identification characteristic on a par with the reputation of substantial importance for many.

There are only three methods of whitening: Zoom, Youtuel, Amazing White. But it is very important that after the procedure, the effect lasted for as long as possible – to ensure you keep to the rules of a transparent diet.


Someone at the word "diet" immediately the Association is with weight loss, but this term carries a specific meaning indicated. Diet is, as a rule, eat people or other living organism for a variety of purposes:

  1. Slimming.
  2. The Recovery.
  3. Support for any effects of interference in the body or in the preparation of the body to something.

Individual rations prescribed by doctors-nutritionists, depending on the needs of the patient and his eating habits. But there is a diet with a certain set of products and their rules of inclusion in the diet, which are the same for all. Such Power modes refer to the types of recovery, support, or preparation of the organism.

Why a colorless (transparent) diet?

Doctors, the smile, the procedures, methods, advise on the correct and long-term support of the "Hollywood". The purpose of the observance of a special diet is to prevent that bleached enamel of food, the impact on your color, your dyes, especially in the first days, when the tooth enamel is still very receptive to the adoption of an irrelevant color.

These products include:

prohibited products
  • strong hot drinks;
  • Chocolate, wine, drinks and ice-cream with a content of color materials;
  • Vegetables and sauces to dye capable of tooth enamel.

Transparent diet includes in his menu, what's not Whitening effect ruin. Also, the mass of the products with Protein and calcium, which have a positive impact on the health and strengthen the teeth.

Smoking also affects the color of the tooth enamel after the bleaching, so you should abstain not only from heavily pigmented foods, but also of nicotine.

Characteristics of the white diet after teeth whitening

The first two days after the procedure expressly prohibited products, which may be the cause of the change in the color of the teeth.

So a strict diet is only the first two days are observed. Then valid for 14 days more as a simplified variant, in which you can restrict to food received from the list, have re-the influence on the tooth color. Allowed the Option for the application of the beverage through a straw is even with the condition that it shall not affect the teeth.

It is the rules to support the diet, it is recommended that:

  • after the meal, thoroughly brushing your teeth, not only with toothbrush and Pasta, but also others, developed for the oral care agent;
  • white teeth and Smoking are not compatible.
  • restrict the application of the cosmetic to the lips.

Sometimes after the bleaching for a while tooth pain. Then you should consult a doctor, of the procedures carried out. He appoints the strength of the vitamins and gives practical tips.

white teeth

Advantages and disadvantages

In the case of a transparent diet, like any other, there are advantages and disadvantages.

To be able to the benefits you highlight the following:

  1. Purchased the white color of the teeth save.
  2. The probability of slimming in the time of the diet is to eliminate foods from your diet fat. But the main focus is concentrated on the teeth and in the color of the tooth enamel.
  3. The consumption of healthy food without chemicals and dyes.

The disadvantages are:

  1. Weakness of human beings in relation to food, not all can adhere to a strict diet.
  2. A lack of some trace elements in the body by limiting the use of certain products.

But it should be remembered that white diet carries important elements for the body, which does not affect you negatively.


The first two days of the application's consumption of these products is absolutely contraindicated in:

  • Tea and coffee, even with milk;
  • Food and drinks with chocolate or cocoa;
  • Drinks, ice cream, sauces and other dishes, the natural or unnatural dyes;
  • dark wines;
  • fresh vegetables, able to the teeth to color Pigment.
approved products

Of alcoholic beverages is acceptable, only white wine. The remaining units of such products particularly undesirable in the case of increased sensitivity and pain in the teeth after the procedure.

Transparent diet there is a limitation, and unreliable for the new white staining of the tooth enamel, the products, as well as eating nutritious and healthy food. With these simplest of rules and recommendations, the effect of the the bleaching extended to 2 years.

For More Questions

What you can teeth after eating to lead?

Milk and dairy products, pears, green or yellow apples (and other fruits, which is not possible with the pigments), seafood and fish, vegetables such as asparagus, cauliflower, celery, white meat chicken, rabbit meat, cheese and yogurt without dyes, mushrooms, beans, products made from wheat flour, walnuts.

What products are not allowed after the bleaching?

Coffee, tea, red wine, chocolate, juices, drinks and fruit drinks with dyes, beets, carrots, blueberries, currants, dark grapes, cherries, sauces, spices and additives.