Teeth Whitening System Zoom

Technology for the production of beautiful and snow-white smiles now has reached a new stage, in which the efficacy and safety of the most important positions. Modern dentistry offers the Zoom teeth whitening System, in which the enamel is not damaged, and not destroyed the structure of the tooth-the surface. Changes the color of the enamel of your teeth 6-8 shades, and, in some cases, 8-12 colors, and the result lasts for a couple of years.

The method has several advantages and disadvantages, but in General is considered to be the most advanced. Tooth whitening Zoom lamp is not suitable for everyone: before you contraindications, and permission from the doctor must study. The implementation of a professional teeth whitening in the clinic, you must care for the rules of the mouth, the effect of the procedure remain the same. Whitening can be carried out and at home, but the result is so significant. What Zoom teeth whitening is, and what are the specifics of the procedure?

What is professional tooth whitening Zoom? The steps of the method

The color of the teeth before and after tooth whitening System Zoom

Zoom teeth whitening System requires the implementation of preparatory activities. After a thorough examination, the dentist determined the cave to the condition of the mouth and in the detection of diseases of the teeth, gums, or replace if necessary, fillings and prostheses, appropriate action will be taken. Also, the skilled artisan prior to the bleaching appoints the professional tooth cleaning, the task - to remove Plaque and stone, result in you polishing and fluoridation of teeth. Then the dentist decides on the necessity of strengthening the tooth enamel, reduces sensitivity.

Tooth whitening Zoom lamp runs in several stages:

  1. The procedure requires the use of protective equipment: eye on a special pair of glasses worn, and the gums, the lips and part of the skin is protected from the glow of the lamp.
  1. On the teeth, the whitening Gel is applied, the component activates the carbamide peroxide, amorphous calcium phosphate (required for the strengthening of the structure of the root and enamel) as well as the catalyst by the action of light. Hydrogen peroxide is the main component of the other gels in this method.
  1. The lamp Zoom feature, so that the light fell simultaneously on the upper and lower teeth. UV radiation causes the components of the gel begins to lift, and free oxygen. The molecule O2 is able to penetrate deep into the hard tissue of the tooth, and remove even the most stubborn deposits. The procedure does not take more than two hours, but during this time, the levels of application of the gel, and the treatment of the teeth of the lamp is repeated 3-4 times to achieve the desired hue.
  1. After completion of the whitening Gel with water must wash off.
  2. 3d Zoom tooth whitening ends with the application of the Tools, the melt, in addition, strengthens the tooth and reduces sensitivity.
The protection of your teeth and gums Gel

Contraindications to the use of the system of Zoom teeth whitening

Technology Zoom teeth whitening is contraindicated in the following cases:

  1. In the case of serious diseases of the teeth and the gums (the procedure of diseases of the oral cavity) should be after the healing.
  2. During the intake of drugs, the increased sensitivity to light (must have a permit from the attending physician).
  3. Persons under the age of 18 years.
  4. Women during pregnancy and lactation.
  5. In the presence of a pacemaker.
  6. In case of allergic reactions to the ingredients of the gel.
  7. In the presence of cancer and chemotherapy during the treatment.
  8. Epilepsy and mental disorders.

Features whitening systems, Zoom, Zoom 2, Zoom 3

Professional tooth whitening Zoom presents several variants, the most advanced of the Zoom 3. In this method, the largest wavelength is, the shortening of the duration of the procedure.

In the methods of the Zoom and Zoom 2 gels were used with a high content of hydrogen peroxide so that you can be a little different than other methods of teeth whitening. A certain concentration of the acid bears the risk for the health of the teeth, because the mineral components can be flush. But it is with the complete destruction of the roots.

The safe, comfortable and effective method of tooth whitening is a unique technology Zoom 3, which has been created, taking into account the drawbacks of all previous methods. Features Zoom 3 are as follows:

  • The whitening procedure is issued by the use of lamps and reagents, from a company. This ensures maximum compatibility and optimum results.
  • Gel for Zoom System 3 contains only 25% hydrogen peroxide, so that it is possible to use the method without violation of the structure of the tooth enamel.
  • Another advantage of Zoom 3, the use of special storage system. Hydrogen peroxide and alkalinizing materials are mixed in various injection molding and prior to application to the tooth enamel. This guarantees a high quality of the Gels and the lack of conditions for the destruction of the teeth.
  • Increase the short lifespan of the device for brightening UV replacement lamp. This makes the procedure much safer.
  • After the treatment of the teeth of the apparatus, on the enamel of the teeth, a special Gel is applied, part of the calcium phosphate. The use of the gel promotes the restoration of the structure of the tooth enamel and the reduction of hypersensitivity of the teeth. The drug is suitable for use in the home.

Advantages and disadvantages of tooth whitening System Zoom

Teeth whitening device Zoom gets many rave reviews from patients. The main advantages of the method:

  • High aesthetic effect.
  • The ability to whiten teeth, until the desired tint (the color of the tooth surface is on a scale VITA).
  • The effect lasts 3-5 years (subject to compliance with the requirements for the care of the teeth).
  • Some diseases of the oral cavity (e.g., fluorosis) is not a contraindication for performing the method.
  • This kind of the teeth whitening removes even old Patina, appeared in the result of Smoking, excessive consumption of coffee or wine.
  • Laser configurable according to individual parameters, corrects the intensity of the radiation, making the process of bleaching much.
  • The procedure is painless and is carried out in the Form of parts of the face.
  • The method of Zoom whitening is used as a prevention of the development of carious processes and allows for the strengthening of tooth enamel.
  • The shade of the enamel can gradually change.

But Laser tooth whitening Zoom has a few disadvantages:

  • The methodology of the procedure requires a long (about an hour, but not more than two) to sit in a pose with an open mouth.
  • Occasionally discomfort and discomfort due to increased sensitivity of the teeth and the heating of the tissue. Pain syndrome can save for a couple of days.
  • The penetration of the gel to the soft parts leads to undesirable consequences.
  • A few days after the bleaching, it can lead to hypersensitivity of the teeth.
  • In case of insufficient qualification and experience of the dentist, the result of the Laser Zoom teeth whitening is unnatural and visually repulsive shade of tooth enamel.

Recommendations for long-term preservation of the effect after teeth whitening

An important period for the preservation of the effect after teeth whitening with the Zoom lamp, the first 2 weeks. Please note the following rules:

  1. Within the first 2 days is not recommended for dyeing foods such as tea, chocolate, coffee, drinks red, berries and fruits, beets, carrots, adjika, Ketchup, etc.
  2. Then you can use these products in the diet, but after each meal the teeth need to brush.
  3. The first 2 days should be a full switch from Smoking and within 2 weeks - the electronic cigarette. Tobacco reduces the effect of the procedure, so for those who don't want to exclude the cigarettes, at least for a while, the tooth whitening apparatus Zoom to refuse.
  4. Oral hygiene should be regular and quality. You need to floss the use of dental, a good brush and toothpaste, mouthwash, and a means to gargle. It is advisable to not brush your teeth after every meal, if possible, not less than 2 times per day.
  5. Note appointed dentist mode of preventive visits and additional procedures for the bleach.

Tooth System Zoom white-home

Is the use of the technology of Zoom teeth whitening at home. It is cheaper than in office whitening, but this is not found to be significant and requires much more time. In the home mode, the Gel is applied with 6% hydrogen peroxide content, and not 25% as in the dental clinic.

For System Zoom tooth whitening at home is the method for Overlay applications. It consists in that the Patient wears a specially made mouth guard with the whitening Gel. Doctor-dentist, developed a Plan to carry kapov, you can use it within 4-8 hours of the day or night.

A fascinating white smile is possible, thanks to technology 3d-Zoom teeth whitening. The procedure is not cheap, but in the implementation of the recommendations of dentists and the proper Hygiene of the mouth effect cave worth the money.