Laser Dental Cleaning

By the method of cleaning the teeth, a Laser can effectively remove Plaque and whiten tooth enamel. This procedure today offer many modern clinics. What are its features and benefits?

Laser cleaning

Technology of the cleaning of the teeth Laser

With the help of the new method of Laser teeth cleaning teeth, can heal, make the minimum probability of the spread of caries, inflammation of the gums. A special device is able to kill the infection, the cause of the development of dental diseases. This method is not related to painful and non-provoked bleeding of the gums.

Laser dental cleaning effectively removes Plaque and different formation on the teeth. The method is based on the use of long waves, which is typical of the anti-inflammatory and healing actions. Laser, layer by layer, removed the deposits, the non-melting to cause damage to healthy tissue and the tooth. This method of cleaning does not need anesthesia.

The laser beam removes pigmentation of the teeth. He is able to stimulate Regeneration of the tissue and increase the permeability of the enamel for calcium and fluorine. The procedure of cleaning of the teeth by Laser is the destruction of the layers of the Plaque, then deleted, running water, or air. At the conclusion of the e-mail an aesthetic appearance acquires, and much better absorb useful components of tooth pastes and foods.

Phases of the cleaning of the teeth Laser

The specialists in the clinics, Laser dental cleaning involves a series of consecutive actions:

Level 1. the determination of the natural shade of the enamel of the patient;

Step 2. simple mechanical cleaning of the teeth;

Step 3. uninstall with the help of air-and water-jet soft Plaque;

Step 4. Teeth Cleaning Laser;

Step 5. Grinding of the machined surface;

Step 6. Grinding of each tooth;

Step 7. Coating the teeth with a special varnish containing the fluorine.

Indications and contraindications of Laser teeth cleaning

Regular cleaning of the teeth Laser benefit all. Experts recommend a twice a year.

Indications for the procedure:

  • Dental stone, and a solid coating on the teeth;
  • Bleeding and inflammation of the gums;
  • unpleasant smell from the oral cavity;
  • Darkening of the tooth enamel by Smoking and the frequent consumption of tea and coffee;
  • the forthcoming tooth whitening;
  • planned treatment of Gingivitis, periodontitis, periodontal disease;
  • the need to restore the natural whiteness of your teeth.

Contraindications for Laser dental cleaning is part of:

Before and after cleaning
  • the Patient up to the age of 18 years;
  • Pregnancy;
  • breast-feeding;
  • the availability of breket-systems;
  • a large number of fillings and the teeth;
  • existing prostheses;
  • high sensitivity masticatory organs;
  • Heart problems;
  • the bronchial asthma;
  • viral infectious diseases;
  • Cold sores;
  • Hepatitis;
  • Tuberculosis;
  • HIV.

The advantages of Laser teeth cleaning of stone and Plaque

A method for cleaning the teeth Laser has many advantages. Here also should:

  1. the Option to remove the Plaque of different origin in all areas;
  2. Strengthening of the gums;
  3. Strengthening of tooth enamel;
  4. Prevention of dental caries, bleeding gums;
  5. gentle cleaning of the tooth enamel;
  6. to achieve the high speed of the process and efficient results;
  7. the destruction of infections of the periodontium;
  8. Noiselessness;
  9. Security.