The gums: causes and treatment of bleeding

One way or the other, but the Situation, if the gums bleed, should be cause for concern, and after a short period of time, the treatment to the dentist is recommended.

bleeding gums

Why is bleeding of the gums?

Symptom of diseases of the oral cavity - bleeding from the gums , in most cases, your inflammation (Gingivitis, periodontitis), or other types of lesion (periodontitis).

Infectious defeat of the teeth and of the periodontal tissue due to violations of the rules of Hygiene or the background of the evolving of the mouth disease infectious micro-flora is amazingly fast cheap land, caused by bleeding gums.

The breach of the oral hygiene rare hygiene, or other reasons, to insufficient cleaning of the surface of the teeth of Plaque sooner or later turns to the formation of Tartar, and it is an opportunity for inflammatory processes in the oral cavity, in the background, in front of the and bleeding of the gums.

To Intensive cleaning of the teeth - an Alternative to the above-mentioned Problem, but no less threatening. The choice of hard bristles, the unsafe use of dental floss and excessive enthusiasm in the cleaning of the teeth leads to mechanical damage of the gums and if the Problem is repeated often inflammation can.

Dentures and other dental Manipulation - in this case, bleeding of the gums as a side effect, or in a certain Phase of the treatment, that persists with the course of time.

Diseases of the blood and of the connective tissue, leukemia, scurvy, a variety of blood clotting disorders and in some therapies, the use of drugs: blood thinners in the prevailing number of cases, the reason for this is that the gums bleed.

Beriberi chronic deficiency of vitamins, especially C and K, among others, bleeding of the gums.

Hormonal disorders during pregnancy - the body of the pregnant woman undergoes a variety of adjustment, which, among other things, to respond may result in increased bleeding of the gums. After birth, a Problem usually self-liquidated.

Eruption of the milk teeth or permanent (indigenous) teeth - if the gums bleed in children is characteristic of these processes is the compliance with the hygienic standards.

Because the gums bleed as a result of the variety of causes and the elimination of the problems lies in the elimination of the root causes, the necessary is an exceptionally comprehensive diagnosis in an office of a professional dentist. Wondered why the gums bleed , the dentist checks for a lot of reasons - systemic diseases of the body and infectious lesions of the oral cavity up to the individual peculiarities of the organism and the patient's compliance with the Hygiene of the oral cavity. Comprehensive diagnostics can be carried out in a dental practice, can not be complete without information about other symptoms that develops in parallel with the gums bleed

Symptoms of problems with the gums

It is necessary, above all, the differences between the three main diseases of the oral cavity, bleeding usually the gums.

Periodontitis - systemic failure of the tissue, the so-called periodontitis. Periodontal disease - only rarely a disease, where the sharp signs of inflammation of the gums is missing, will be formed, such as bags. This gum win pale hue, and to remove the teeth prone to excessive accumulation of Plaque and as a consequence to the formation of Tartar.

Periodontitis - a disease characterized by inflammation in the tissues of the periodontium, the gums including. In contrast to periodontitis, periodontitis is more common, since the lesion tissue is screaming in the shortest amount of time by inflammation, as well as the progressive destruction of the structure of the alveolar process of the jaw. In the case of periodontal disease on the gums, the pathological pockets, they are often a source of purulent secretions and, of course, a hotbed of infectious inflammatory process.

Dental treatment

Gingivitis - a gum disease, all in the same inflammation, but without violation of the integrity of the connection. Complication of Gingivitis, in the above-mentioned periodontal disease, because the inflammation, the sinus slightly, the infection occurs and the lack of a timely and effective treatment addresses the progress in the development of the complication, and the condition of the mouth.

If the gums bleed , the Patient can experience in General, and observed the following characteristics of the pathology:

  • Redness of the gums - before it arises hemophilia and, in parallel;
  • Redness and bleeding, not only when brushing your teeth, but before and after such procedures;
  • Discomfort in the gums - it can hardly pain noticeable discomfort, itching and a feeling;
  • to feel unpleasant sensations in the gums are particularly strong for solid food and strong jaw in the bite, bite;
  • Swelling and swelling of the gums;
  • Formation of periodontal pockets, very deep holes between the teeth and gums;
  • Loosening of the teeth, sometimes the teeth wiggle, you move deliberately, the fingers;
  • Formation on the surface of the teeth from Tartar, deposits, unnatural color;
  • The smell of the mouth returns to brush after a short period of time after the teeth;
  • "Ptosis" of the gums - large defect of the gums, the cause of the turns out to be a large accumulation of Tartar, and the presence of periodontal pockets.

The risk of bleeding gums: what it is?

At first glance it may seem that the bleeding of the gums will not bring anything, except for momentary discomfort, but this is a fallacy.

Single cases of bleeding gums should challenges, "beacons of the future", as the disease specific Form:

  • Hemophilia suggests the susceptibility of diseases of the gums, or already incurred illness;
  • Hemophilia can develop as a result of General diseases, such as leukemia, or blood clotting disorders.

The inflamed and bleeding gums are a breeding ground for the infectious lesion, the kidney, therefore, the following pre-disposing diseases factor:

  • Disorder of the digestive tract;
  • oncological diseases, particularly of the pancreas;
  • Predisposition for heart attack and stroke;
  • Predisposition to Diabetes.

Strong bleeding of the gums in the prevailing number of cases, the development in the oral hygiene, Gingivitis , of which there are several varieties:

  • catarrhal Gingivitis - manifests itself in redness and swelling of the gums, often on the teeth to form deposits of various structure; when brushing your teeth, inflammation develops even more, bleeding of the gums; the chronic Form of catarrhal Gingivitis is characterized by intense reddening a gingival epithelium;
  • hyperplastic Gingivitis - a consequence of the disorders of the endocrine system in the body, what can happen in adolescents, pregnant women, patients with Diabetes mellitus persons; the disease manifests itself in the increase of the papillae and the formation of false periodontal pockets, bleeding and suppuration, unpleasant smell from the mouth;
  • Ulcerative Gingivitis - most often a complication of catarrhal, symptoms of which are itching, ulceration and swelling of the gums, bleeding gums timeless, brushing your teeth or when you bite to eat.

This type of disease is not in General a deterioration of the General health, but may, in certain cases, on the background of diseases of the gums, the body temperature may increase to deteriorate the digestive process, decrease the efficiency, and weakness to feel "pain" of the body.

The risk factors for the development of Gingivitis are:

  • Tobacco Smoking;
  • Violation of oral hygiene;
  • immunosuppressive conditions;
  • no access to adequate dental care;
  • Under-nutrition and nutrient deficiency;
  • the deposition of Tartar;
  • The age of 3 to 6 years and periods, or Status, hormonal changes (Diabetes mellitus, pregnancy);
  • a lack of Vitamin C;
  • Depression;
  • SARS, flu, sore throat, aids, tuberculosis, and other diseases;
  • The poisoning of the body by heavy metals (mercury, bismuth, lead);
  • the use of oral contraceptives;
  • Pathology of the teeth, and dental manipulations to address them;
  • problematic fillings;
  • Violation of nasal breathing.

As for the treatment of bleeding gums?

For a Person faced with a Problem bleeding gums, there is an algorithm of the most important actions:

  • Contact your dentist for professional assistance and expert recommendations;
  • the use of breket-systems, or dentures, that increase the likelihood of bleeding of the gums, should not things left, but on a regular basis by the attending physician to be monitored, the report on complaints, including pain and bleeding in the gums;
  • after every meal a mouth rinse with water with the addition of sea salt and/or Soda; the Alternative is for the surface treatment of teeth and gums with a cotton swab dipped in hydrogen peroxide;
  • are cave, to exclude the use of alcohol-containing liquids for rinsing of a mouth, because it is a catalyst for the problems;
  • stop bleeding help, gauze swab, soaked in ice water or a towel wrapped ice cubes;
  • analyses should be made (preferably with the help of a specialist) their way of life and the intake of vitamins, maybe that is the Problem in this and useful vitamin therapy;
  • Special attention to professional dentist people gums bleed earn changes, as well as children develops on the background of the hormone in an age where you cut dairy and molars.

Pharmaceutical preparations of bleeding gums

The pharmaceutical industry for the solution of the problem of bleeding gums offers a wide plethora of anti-septic, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, soothing mucous membrane. Most of the time it is rinsing solutions, or the basis for such. Dentist the patient's problems with this category therapist can paste assign-prophylactic tooth, special accessories for the cleaning of the teeth and the specific varieties of tooth brushes. Before the application of each of these medicines, read the instructions for use, dosage, contra-indications. In the framework of the self-medication of such drugs is not recommended.

The folk recipes of bleeding gums

Traditional medicine offers a variety of ways to overcome bleeding gums, but to use such better as a Supplement to traditional therapy, by the professional doctor. In General, traditional methods are not dangerous consequences, but is not always effective, such as, for example, in the case of the complex nature of the disease. The popular recipes from the bleeding gums have antiseptic, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory effect. Popular the following recipes are:

  • a decoction of the oak bark - 3-4 TSP oak bark pour 200 to 250 ml of water and bring to a boil, cool to room temperature, drain, use it to rinse the mouth 2-3 times a day for several weeks; the bark of the oak has astringent effect and strengthens the gums;
  • Decoction of herbs-sage leaves - 2-3 tbsp. L. grass sage pour cooling, 500 ml of boiling water and cook on low heat for 15 minutes, then strain and use to rinse the mouth several times a day or after every meal;
  • Chamomile Tea - 1 Tbsp. L. chamomile flowers pour a Cup of boiling water, cover and let stand for 20-30 minutes in a warm place, then let it cool and after the strain and use to rinse the oral cavity after brushing your teeth for a period of two weeks;
  • the tincture of a dogrose - 2 tablespoons petals of the dog rose (or tea rose) pour a glass of alcohol and insist in a dark place within 8-10 days; the resulting Infusion in an amount of from 1 TSP to add in a glass of purified water and use to rinse the oral cavity.

Vitamins for bleeding gums

Bleeding gums is a deficiency in an organism of vitamins of group In, as well as vitamins A, C, E, and K. In this case, loose gums, suggests unnatural hue, decay purchase. Vitamin therapy in this case is based on the results of the analysis performed and is an integral part of the entire complex of medical procedures.

Prevention of bleeding gums

Bleeding gums is a Problem that is fairly easy to prevent, in order not to fight with the difficulties. Preventive measures in this case are as follows:

  • the regular visit to the dentist semi - annually, even if there are no visible problems with gums and the teeth have to go to the dentist, the inspection of the oral cavity and perhaps detects approaching a Problem; here you can also professionally clean the teeth, the order backlog formations;
  • careful oral hygiene at home - is the use of the necessary accessories for the cleaning of the teeth, which again better see a doctor (this also applies to problematic insertable teeth or dentures), not always because of the cleaning of the teeth by a toothbrush, after each meal the mouth should at least rinse with clear water;
  • balanced diet - part of a Routine meal, where is the best to eliminate spontaneous snacking, but also the consumption of healthy foods rich in nutrients and vitamins, with a minimal content of sugar in the diet, salts, preservatives;
  • The avoidance of harmful habits, especially Smoking - tobacco use has a negative effect on the whole body, but primarily on the condition of the oral cavity, which he inwardly permeates.

One of the most important components of the prophylaxis of bleeding gums is the selection of tooth brushes, because it is precisely the violation of the rules of oral hygiene can cause single cases of bleeding, it is the basis of the more complex diseases of the gums.

Mechanical damage to the gums with the toothbrush happens, when the last contains to hard bristles or cutting Manipulation, and careless. The basic rule of the use of tooth brushes is to change them every 3-4 months, otherwise, the brush is characterized to be a source of pathogenic bacteria, and the bristles of your order. Probably the source of the bacteria, bristles of a brush made of natural and not synthetic. The modern rich range of brushes in different models, among which you can brush with bristles of different hardness. For normal teeth, without any noticeable problems, we recommend a brush with bristles of medium hardness. You are to clean enough teeth and the spaces between the Plaque between them, and the furrow from the rest of the pieces of food. For gums prone to bleeding, it is recommended that the therapeutic brush with Multi-Level field. For people who are bleeding under periodontitis and gum, is recommended a special technique of dental cleaning, what you need more, ask the doctor.