Plate for teeth whitening

Plate for teeth whitening is one of the most effective methods for the creation of a snow-white smile without the active participation of the dental practitioner. It is important that the precise execution of the art procedures that allow for maximum effect, as well as the prevention of damage to the tissues of the tooth and the oral cavity. Use the similar method of the teeth whitening can not all categories of patients, as he is a real and serious contraindications. With all the nuances and recommendations for the use of the plates with the lightening effect, you can find below.

Types of plates for teeth whitening


To achieve the whitening effect you can use several types of plates. They have their own characteristics and differ significantly in cost in comparison to each other.

  • Standard-plate mouth guard. They are in large quantities and have absolutely the same size and shape. Because of the impossibility of adapting to the individual characteristics of the patient, such systems can cause discomfort during the whitening. In General, in a quantity of 10 pieces for each row of teeth, mouth protection wear these within an hour daily for about ten days.
  • Thermoplastic mouth guard. To whiten your teeth with the help of this sentence, requires the completion of the system with a syringe to apply the active ingredient on the plate, then bring him to the teeth. Before applying the component Kapu immersed in boiling water. It is important to quickly distribute the bleaching agent, so that the plate cools down actually immediately. While the wear of the system is 8 hours, usually wear in the night.
  • Individual plates of mouth protection. For the beginning is necessary, so that the imprint of the exact model of the plate for a particular patient is then created on the Computer. The most expensive cost System, the wear to the teeth, Ellen, about 1-2 hours up, taking into account the severity of the problems.
  • Strip to glue on to a surface. Such elements already bleach, impregnated wear requires 5 to 30 minutes. The treatment is carried out courses of 5 to 14 days.

Efficiency of the plate Cap for teeth whitening

The plates have a rapid effect, so that the tooth enamel to lighten, which affected not only the color pigments in foods, but also tobacco, Plaque, and strong coffee. The real effect is noticed in 1-2 weeks of intensive Bleaching. This period of the course and is the best use of Cap-containing Gel with hydrogen peroxide.

To have the desired result, keep the plates with the Gel for at least 20 minutes on the teeth every day. When using the thermostable Cap of the time bleaching can be from 3 to 8 hours, taking into account the condition of the teeth of the patient. Ordinary plate wear 20-60 minutes.

The duration of the result may 11-14 months. In the process, teeth become whiter tones, 2-9 color, taking into account their original state. On the preservation of the results by factors such as diet, the presence of harmful habits, the presence of tetracycline or dental fluorosis'. Important, the rules of care not only during the course of bleaching, but also in the subsequent period.

Attention! But as the plate mouth guard is not always convenient to use and are quite expensive, many patients opt for Whitening Strips. You are able to be fastened to the enamel and no longer wear.


Attention! In the presence of harmful habits or strong darkening of the tooth enamel, you spend two courses of therapy. Between the corridors for two weeks, a break of at least a week, in order to develop a hypersensitivity.

When using the strip, it is necessary accurately to fix the Material to the tooth enamel, carefully observing the contours of the teeth. This is required to have a uniform color and lack the dark spots. In addition, thanks to the presence in the composition of the vitamins A and E, occurs skin the care of the gums and of the mucous membrane. It is also a good prevention of hypersensitivity and irritability Email.

In the case of the use of mouth guards and strips for bleaching of the teeth is best to apply for the production of individual samples. Repeat the ideal Form of the row of teeth individual patient by him as closely as possible to bleach the tooth enamel. It is essential to check the absence of contraindications to bleaching components. When the dentist gave permission to use this, all of the treatments you can at home. In case of correct implementation and compliance with the measures for the care of the teeth is the result of the method, there are cleaned up to a year.