System Zoom tooth whitening – what is it and how much it costs?

Zoom teeth whitening System is considered to be the most popular and most effective way to change the color of the tooth enamel. But not all of them known so far, that is it. Positive user reviews, but also the price of this procedure significantly.


Whether it is worth spending money and risking the health of the oral cavity for the purchase of a beautiful smile? Consider these questions.


Elimination of coloris with the help of the Zoom is a modern clinical methodology of teeth whitening. The basis of the method, the reaction of the photo-Activ publications-Gel consisting of carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide.

Properties you can change the hue of the teeth complex Zoom:

  • the initiation of the Peroxidation is carried out with the help of a special UV-lamp;
  • the light beam leads to an increase in the temperature of the active substances, whereby their cleavage happens to atomic particles. Hydrogen ions penetrate deep into the tooth enamel and destroy the molecules of the pigments, which led to the de discolourness de;
  • after the procedure, the teeth are of course white.

System Zoom tooth whitening is only possible thanks to the development of the American scientists. Today there are several generations, distinguished themselves in the composition of the Gel activator and the frequency of the wave spectrum UV rays. With the help of this technology, Office-Bleaching tissue of the tooth can whiten hard to 8-10 colors.

Advantages and disadvantages of tooth whitening Zoom


Effect on the tooth enamel Zoom System has some advantages compared to other methods for the elimination of de discolourness de:

  • Speed – already after a single session, there was a significant lightening of the teeth, which can not be achieved, with homemade equipment;
  • guarantee the result – of- whitening is performed regardless of the reasons for the blackout;
  • painless – to run the procedure does not need anesthesia, because in the process of photo-dealbatio, the Patient does not feel discomfort;
  • long as the result – the effect is maintained for up to five years;
  • Safety – the System of Zoom is not exercised by melting a harmful effect on the teeth, as in the case of the classical method, and does not irritate the mucous membranes;
  • short Recovery time, increase if the effect, you should refrain from Smoking and the "white" diet.

Despite the impressive list of positive sides, in the process, there are also negative moments.

  1. Hypersensitivity within a few days after the whitening is performed.
  2. Can lead to irritation in case of accidental contact with the active agents to the gums.
  3. At the time of the procedure, an increase in the temperature of the tooth's hard tissue, that it is capable of, unpleasant sensations cause.
  4. In the case of high-intensity bleaching possible strong whitening, making the enamel malovydne-and-white, what looks unnatural.


Like any method of eliminating de discolourness de, whitening with the help of the photo system Zoom, is a list of limitations, if the use of the techniques prohibited.

  • Age to 18 years because of the lack of Mature enamel structure;
  • Allergy history of one of the components present in the active Gel;
  • Pregnancy and breast-feeding;
  • karioznie the caves and the land of demineralized enamel. Prior to the whitening of the teeth need to be filled;
  • structural damage, such as cracks or chips;
  • an increased gag reflex that it is very difficult to Bleaching, since it is necessary for a long time with your mouth open;
  • the presence of cancer pathology;
  • the period of rehabilitation after the photochemical irradiation;
  • Psycho-neurological disorders;
  • Epilepsy;
  • Disease characterized by increased photosensitivity;
  • Taking medication, the radiation, the response to UV.

How is the whitening procedure Zoom?

Before you run Desktop discolouration of the teeth, you must visit a dentist for a complete examination of the oral cavity for the presence of dental caries and pathological elements of the mucous membrane. Make sure you assess the condition of the tooth enamel, if it is mineralized, unstable, sufficient to delay the proceedings, or to refuse, in order not to harm your teeth.

To repair all the cavities to seal, as the active ingredient of the gel to penetrate into the affected areas of the tooth and cause interference. On the eve of Bleaching you perform professional Hygiene, it increases its effectiveness.

Zoom teeth whitening System is performed in several steps:

  • the identification of the original colour of the enamel according to the Vita scale, as well as the Definition of the sound, wants to receive the Patient;
  • Treatment of the soft tissues of the oral cavity protective cream against UV exposure;
  • the fixation labium retractors and eye protection with a special orange-colored points;
  • on the free edge of the gum liquid is applied, the solidification of a dense impenetrable forms urgent barrier for the active substance and protects against burns;
  • drawing on the vestibular surface of the teeth, in the line of smiles, a special whitening composition;
  • the Installation of the lamp, Zoom in as close distance to the enamel, so that your beams have been directed into the Zone, the change in the hue;
  • after it took 20 minutes, the dentist removes a valid solution with the surface of the teeth and causes a fresh portion of the substance;
  • the whole procedure is repeated three times;
  • after completion of the Bleaching elimination of the residues of gels, and a protective layer is applied with gum and fluorine-containing drugs for the restoration of tooth enamel.
Tooth whitening zoom

How teeth bleaching System at home?

To change the color tone of the enamel in the dental practice, and a good visible results, but also gives a lot of value for the money. The company Philips has developed a System-Zoom Option that you can use at home, where the need for the visit to the clinic is not applicable.

Complex White Day and Night White are specifically created to whiten teeth at home. Before you require the use of one of the systems to still visit a dentist to heal existing carious lesions, and to ensure that the change of the color tone of the enamel you are not contraindicated. Apart from this, a dentist will an individual Kapu and recommends, day or night-complex is better to use in a specific case.

The price for the System is compared with photo-dealbatio, and for the achievement of the result required, a loop process is. And yet, White Day and Night White significant disadvantages:

  • less pronounced results compared with Office-whitening the teeth will be whiter not more than 3-4 points on the scale of Vita;
  • the frequency of the manipulation – due to the fact that the lack of photoactivation of Gel, it takes a longer time for visible brightening;
  • You will need the use of mouth protection – substance-activator is in the individual Form, which serves as a protection for the gums from irritation and chemical burns;
  • Short-term effect – the method better suited as a supportive for a professional whitening, if not more, to perform whitening without medical help, the result remains as 10-12 months.

How much does the effect lasts?

How to care for your teeth after the procedure, the bleaching of the enamel, depends on the duration of maintaining of the effect.

  1. Daily oral care with the application of the brush, Pasta and dental floss.
  2. The avoidance of harmful habits (Smoking).
  3. Reduce or eliminate foods that the bright dyes, such as soft drinks, red beets, blueberries, red wine, black coffee, tea and others.

Also on the duration of the storage of the result of the methodology of the implementation is influenced. In the case of proin photo-dealbatio teeth remain white for 4-5 years if properly cared for, and treatments. If the whitening of the tooth enamel at home with the help of Day White Night or White, then the effect is no more remains than a year.

The nuances of care after bleaching

In order to reduce the time that should be for the restoration of the structural components of the bleached tooth enamel, the following tips:

  • the "white" diet – eliminate all foods, the pigments and the are able to change the tone of the teeth;
  • To avoid irritation – not enamel to expose the negative effects of chemicals, but not to create differences in temperature of the food.

Solid fabric after the bleaching-prone, because they are crystalline structures are open and not protected against the penetration of dyes, so that colored products should not eat, in order to obtain the result, to see the Reverse of expectations: instead of the beautiful snow-white smile in the mirror, yellow, or gray teeth.

The regular visit to the dentist for checkups and execution in the medical room, removal of soft and hard dental plaque, which daily Hygiene care for teeth and gums, will save for as long as possible the result.


Irina 28 Years

Always wanted a snow-white smile, like on the TV screen, but worried about the Email, and it's not cheap. After they offered me a good Position, I have the teeth bleaching decided. My choice was the Zoom System 4, as it is a very safe and effective. I had to spend in the chair with mouth open for longer than an hour, but it's worth it. The result is beautiful! The teeth to natural white. Of the minuses – was the increased sensitivity of tooth enamel 4 or 5 days, but the same can happen in any of the techniques whitening.

Ignat, 33 Years

I smoke a lot, so my once white teeth are by nature yellow. Thought about the return of the natural shade, so a lot of information about teeth whitening options. Stopped at the System Zoom White Night. He went to the dentist, where my professional Hygiene of the mouth meets the protection and produced. Daily for 14 days, you wore to go two hours before bedtime. As a result of the teeth brightened to 4 clay – I'm satisfied.

Oksana, 25 Years

Whitening Zoom 3. Yes, the initial result makes me happy – change to the 8 tones. But then the Horror began – there was a strong sensitivity of the enamel, I could not eat normally and drink, self-talk in the wind. Urgently needed to the course reparatii. Maybe I have to blame – not the doctor said that earlier the teeth sensitive to hot and cold, but I wanted to have a beautiful smile. A year later, tooth enamel a little darkened, but before the original appearance, the color does not return.