How to quickly whiten teeth, whitening of the teeth

In Western countries, teeth smile, is strongly associated with success.

Tooth whitening

How to prepare yourself for the bleaching of teeth?

Teeth whitening procedure is minimally invasive and, at first glance, pretty simple. But there are indications and contraindications, as well as certain steps that you can take, in advance.

Especially, the visit to the dentist. He noted, if you ever whiten teeth or you first decide other, more pressing problems. He recognizes the cause of the darkening of the tooth enamel and give recommendations on how to maintain the white.

In General, the effect of the tooth whitening procedure lasts from six months to several years. Its duration depends on many factors, in particular Smoking, the consumption of coffee and tea, as well as of coloring foods: beets, dark berries, red wine. Especially important is the observance of the so-called color-free diet immediately after bleaching, and during the week after him.


Children up to 16 years of age, pregnant and lactating women teeth Whitening. Also under contra-indications — hypersensitivity erasability of the teeth, gum disease, tooth decay, but also the wearing of braces. And orthodontic treatment with the help of elajnerow combination with whitening of the teeth, it is possible.

Relative contraindication: hypersensitivity of the teeth. But here, everything is solved individually. Usually, before the Bleaching, a preparatory treatment and after — strengthening the tooth enamel, fluoride.

In addition, prior to the whitening of the teeth mandatory professional cleaning and the liberation of the dental stones. Without this, no Bleaching will not be effective.

Whitening main-and Desktop — where is the difference?

Bleaching should only under the supervision of a physician. But you can always choose which Option to wear the right one for you: a serious procedure in the dentist's chair or a regular Cap with lightening composition of the house for several weeks.

The difference consists mainly in the concentration of the active substance. For whitening in the doctor's room, the agent with a content of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide 30% and more, in the professional home gels, the content of hydrogen peroxide allowed 7-10% and urea 16-22%. This is explained by a gentle and long process.

To acquire professional systems for the Home Bleaching is better at the dentist. If you bought in the pharmacy in the public, a specific Bleaching System, you should consult with your doctor before you use it. Uncontrolled Bleaching can lead to hypersensitivity of the teeth, the occurrence of defects of tooth enamel, inflammation of the gums.

If the System that you purchased in the pharmacy, no hydrogen peroxide or carbamide, and then it can't be Whitening. The Maximum, it is the liberation of the teeth of Plaque and polishing of the surface of the enamel. The teeth are in a really white look, but count on a radical result is not necessary.

In fact, even when dealing with the professional bleaching in the office, you can't predict the result. He is heavily dependent on the individual characteristics of the organism.

Advantages of home tooth whitening

Generally, Home Bleaching is less chair cost counterparts. It is captivating people resort to him. But here's the catch: if you are sure about your discipline, and mouth protection for every day wear in the morning and in the evening the allotted amount of time, then nothing you will not prevent, select this method. If you expect impulsive and miss a meeting the other, and the effect is strong, it is best you look at the Office version.

The means of teeth whitening

Unfortunately, the lovers of the traditional medicine can only disappoint. Effective means that the Problem of the change in the color of the teeth, which will not find a healer. The fact that professional teeth works whitening is not on Email, but on the Dentin is under it. Exactly its color and changed. Email — transparent material, so bleach does not make sense.

Folk don't penetrate the same method of bleaching in the situation, so deep, and you have the desired effect. It is just Patina, you can clean off mechanically. Soda, activated carbon and even gluconate Calcium in tablets in fact, abrasive, and rough.

Hydrogen peroxide, purchased in the bottle, should also try to apply as a bleaching agent. In the professional gels peroxide is present, but its concentration is much lower. I remind you, in the for the private use permitted only 7-10% of the peroxide, the Rest — care are components, which can reduce by restoring the enamel to the action of peroxides, the sensitivity of the teeth. In addition, peroxide can severely the mucous membranes burn.

In the forums recommended home remedies for tooth can call whitening safe strong lemon juice, lemon peel, strawberry and strawberry puree diluted. But do not expect a fundamental change in the tooth color of them.

For the bleaching of teeth one should with all the responsibility. This should be under the supervision of a physician after a thorough examination, including x-rays. Means applying freely accessible in the pharmacy, it should also be under the supervision of the physician and the methods and even forgotten. A few safe ways teeth can give you don't know, especially if you take care of the health of the oral cavity comprising, Smoking, drink a lot of tea and coffee to forget and about regular — every two years — visits to the hygienist.