Professional dental cleaning: what is the best solution

So oral hygiene is the right thing to do, as always. Sad only is the fact that the brush to 100% of the teeth are not clear. Dentists point out: even after careful domestic procedures, a third of the bacteria remains on the teeth.

Teeth cleaning

How things are in the mouth full right? Without professional help do not get along. A visit to the dental clinic and the mass of the advantages: disappeared, Tartar, enamel – smooth and shiny, even the smile was snow white.

From the smile, all pre-lit:-professional treatments

Special Dental Equipment, "advanced" methods, professional actions of the doctor – bacteria have no Chance.

Cleaning in the office helps

  • keep the removal of Tartar and Plaque;
  • remove the foil from the bacteria and protect the teeth from decay;
  • enamel on 1-3 shades lighter;
  • remove Plaque smoker;
  • improves the condition of the gums, promotes skin healing of wounds and ulcers on the mucous membrane;
  • you will prepare your teeth to other dental services: prosthetics, implants, bleaching.

Modern Cleaning Technology

  • actionable: 30-60 minutes pro dentist's chair and 100% effect at 3-6 months;
  • painless;
  • gently relating to the tooth enamel. In contrast to the "barbaric" mechanical treatment, when a tooth had to rough scraping.

Types of chair cleaning

Dentists of the third Millennium, complete the cleaning in two types: ultrasonic and Laser. The methods are so popular that before the visit to the clinic is difficult: what is Laser or ultrasonic dental cleaning is better? Each method has its advantages and contraindications.

Lining removal of a tooth by ultrasonic

The dentist takes a stone, even without touching the enamel. All the work makes special nozzle, by means of ultrasonic waves.

Under the influence of the oscillations deposits easily flies from the surface of the tooth. It is noteworthy that the stone is also the poddesnevih of the bags is removed – where there is no brush pulls. After the procedure, enamel with protective fluoride varnish give a smile in the Shine and prevent the multiplication of bacteria.

The time, in the dental practice: 30-40 minutes. Method – painless, proven and inexpensive.


  • difficult the sensitivity of the tooth enamel values;
  • chronic Bronchitis, Asthma;
  • Dental implants;
  • Age to 18 years (change of teeth and dentition);
  • Heart rhythm disorders;
  • Disease of the group of the extreme risks (Hepatitis, HIV, tuberculosis).

Laser Dental Cleaning

Peaceful Laser in the service of the dentist works wonders. Contactless Method. The doctor directs the beam to a specific tooth. Water molecules in the sediments are destroyed, and the stone disappears. The tooth enamel remains intact, thanks to the dense structure.

The impact of the Laser Spot. The mouth cavity, gums, and lips due to the insulating seal. The procedure takes 20-40 minutes. Result: no Tartar, and the smile that lighten up to 2-3 tones.


  • Age up to 18 years of age;
  • Pregnancy and breast-feeding;
  • Braces;
  • Diseases of the heart;
  • Exacerbation of Bronchitis, Asthma.

How often a professional dental cleaning can do

Enough dental clinic visit for hygienic cleaning half a year. The procedure depends on home oral care, the condition of the teeth. With regard to the effectiveness of the methods, Laser and ultrasonic noticeable results. Everyone chooses a viable option, after consultation with the dentist.