Whether it is the professional dental cleaning and it hurts?

Hiking to the dentist – it is scary for most people. Because all know how it is painful and uncomfortable to treat the dental disease. But much more comfortable, if I we give professional cleaning of the teeth – that this is the price, guest reviews and photos below.

In order to prevent problems such as caries, Gingivitis, periodontitis, Pulpitis and other diseases of the oral cavity, need to clean in time, the Plaque. If schools are to a similar procedure on a regular Basis dental treatment costs much less, and the teeth themselves are healthy, and you will be on pain and unpleasant manipulations of the doctor

Prof Dental Cleaning

What is it?

Professional tooth cleaning in the dental medicine it is painless, but a competent way, you watch your mouth in a perfect manner. Each of the available methods is Plaque lose weight with varying degrees of difficulty, including dental stone. Because this formation can help accumulate and intensive care, the bacteria that cause a variety of diseases multiply.

And then time with the elimination of Plaque, the most unpleasant consequences that may not heal, no one can prevent. Also, please note that a professional cleaning will cost much cheaper than the treatment, recovery, and moreover, prosthetics and Implantation. Those patients, the once-a-year visit to the doctor is in the interest of specialized cleaning, you forget the pain and no longer afraid of dentists and their equipment.

Why have the professional dental cleaning?

In the context of the daily consumption of foods and drinks, Plaque appears even and cleaned it with toothpaste and a toothbrush. First of all, these structures are soft and easily removed, but only in accessible areas. But the initial in the spaces between the teeth or in periodontal pockets, are virtually inaccessible for removal from home.

In the course of time, so soft Patina it starts and harden to Tartar. And here it is cleaned with a brush, can not, then more aggressive methods need. Why is this so? Everything is very simple – stone surface virtually unaffected; soft brush.

The resulting dental stone causes a cave a lot of damage to the entire mouth. And it is also not in the outer Form of a smile, and darkened teeth. Much worse is the fact that Plaque is solidified and is a nice environment for the active multiplication of bacteria. And you in turn destroy the hard and soft tissue, leading to tooth decay, gingivitis and other dental diseases.

Doctors say that even healthy teeth may fall out easily due to the fact that around him a lot of solid stone. In addition, appears and halitosis, and your smile leaves something to be desired.

The output is not only a change in the year to the dental clinic for a professional cleaning in any suitable manner for you.

Indications and contraindications

Prof Dental Cleaning Laser

In contrast to treatments that apply only for certain indications, Dental cleaning desirable for everyone. Once a year, or better yet, half-yearly, checkups and the cleaning of the Plaque until it led to the formation of more serious problems.

Particularly recommended is a similar procedure for the prevention of diseases of the gums, periodontium and the teeth, for the prevention of bleeding of the soft tissues, as well as immediately prior to the Bleaching.

Restrictions for the implementation of this Manipulation a little bit, they relate mainly to a separate procedure, for example, Laser cleaning, but all the others remain.

So, you should carefully choose the method under the following conditions:

  • Pregnancy and breast-feeding;
  • The age of the children;
  • to melt thin and sensitive tooth;
  • severe diseases of the respiratory tract;
  • the tendency to allergic reactions;
  • improved erasability of the teeth;
  • various infections in the acute stage;
  • the presence of Gingivitis, Stomatitis and periodontitis.

In these cases, you should wait to heal the initial Problem is, or but for a while, and sometimes you stop your choice on more than gentle cleaning method. An experienced dentist selects the appropriate version and say which is better.


There are several ways to clean the Plaque and each doctor chooses depending on the sensitivity of the enamel of the patient and the complexity of the body fat. So, the first procedure is a normal cleaning with a special brush and professional Paste is maintained, the e-mail.

But mostly it is only the first stage, followed by special Manipulation, the peculiarities are directly depending on the selected method of cleaning.

Air Flow

A simple and cost-effective almost all of the methods of the cleaning of the tooth surfaces of Plaque and stone, the Air-Flow. The way this cleaning is based on the Jet of air and water with the addition of conventional baking powder. Thanks to the high pressure of the Soda perfectly deposits of any complexity smashes, getting to the most remote places. And the water gently cleans residues of the Plaque and softens rough effect of the Soda lowers the temperature of the surface of the tooth.

It is important to configure properly the power of the beam, and given the strength of tooth enamel, and the sensitivity of the patient, and the hardness, the neglect of dental stone. Advantages of the method are:

  1. Pain lack.
  2. Availability.
  3. Efficiency and full safety for the health of the patient.

Cons smaller contraindications, and relatively short-term result be able to act – it is sufficient, on average, for half a year.


Prof Dental Cleaning Ultrasonic

This method is most effective for the health of the teeth, because you will be able to not only remove the visible stone and Plaque, but also what is more important, the formation of the subgingival. They can withstand almost any type of cleaning and they are also difficult to diagnose. However, on the health of the tooth of such a stone is much stronger.

With a special device and the nozzle, the covering in the location of the reach of all the most difficult places is in the oral cavity, effect of ultrasonic waves on all of the tooth. They will be destroyed, and a jet of water washes gently the remains. This procedure is completely painless, safe for the surface of the tooth enamel and the effect stays on for a year.

The only downsides are a few contraindications:

  • Acute viral infections.
  • Diseases of the respiratory tract, Bronchitis and Asthma.
  • Increased sensitivity of tooth enamel.
  • Problems with the work of the heart.
  • The age of the children.
  • The presence of such diseases as tuberculosis, HIV, Hepatitis etc.
  • All implants not only in the oral cavity, but also in the body of the patient.


This cleaning, which is often called Laser whitening, which includes a lot more than the previous possibilities. To understand what is in the procedure, you need the function principle, explain:

  • Under the rays of the device, all of the moisture, in the attack much more than in the tooth enamel or Dentin.evaporates
  • From this additional education, such as layers, is cleaned so that the surface of the tooth.
  • If a special Gel that he is in the activation with a Laser capable, and additionally change the hue of the Dentin, the effects on the other way, practically not possible.

Thus, the Patient does not receive cave only a clean mouth, but also the maximum whitening of the tooth enamel. This is a result of the procedure will last for several years.

But in the case of Laser cleaning, there is still much more contraindications, than in the case of all other possibilities, and also their price is significantly higher. Under the restrictions for the method to be mentioned:

  1. The age of the children.
  2. Pregnancy and breast-feeding.
  3. Installed dental braces or implants.
  4. Hypersensitivity of the enamel.
  5. Heart-Circulatory Diseases.
  6. Various infections of a General nature.
  7. And HIV, tuberculosis and Hepatitis.
Despite this care and attention to a laser beam bleaching, more and more people apply, as it happens completely without pain, quickly and the effect lasts much longer than all other manipulations. Also, patients may the absence of sound method and there is no contact of the device with the surface of the tooth.

The steps of the method

In order to make everything right, the doctor must examine the patient's mouth to determine whether it will begin contraindications for the procedure, and only then to specific phases:

  1. Effects with an electric toothbrush and a special chemical composition.
  2. Cleaning of Plaque and stone with the help of selected professional methods that we have described above.
  3. Using literature – special rigid bands with rough surface. You are stuck between the teeth, so that as always in the pages.
  4. Polishing is an important step to the further formation of Plaque. Because if it is, the cleaned surface, then in the appearing unnoticeable to the eye recesses of bacteria is to start with much greater speed than it was before. Just sanded the enamel to achieve its smoothness, in which the formation of Plaque more difficult.
  5. For the protection of tooth tissue a doctor in the last Phase, a special fluorinating composition, which is capable to improve the health of the tooth enamel, strengthen and protect from the harmful effects.

Only if you through all the stages of cleaning, you can be sure that the procedure was successful. But not less important is the adherence to the other recommendations of the doctor, use the houses for a professional procedure.

The recommendations of the conference

It is obvious that in the case of non-compliance with the rules of Hygiene, bacteria very quickly, all of the cleaned places to fill, and effect of the proceedings will be of short duration. To avoid this, doctors should teach patients the basics of oral hygiene. This includes:

  • Daily cleaning, the correct movements and high-quality toothbrush and toothpaste.
  • The use of special filaments for the cleaning of the interdental spaces.
  • Rinse the oral cavity after every meal.
  • Also important is the waiver of some bad habits such as alcohol consumption, Smoking and excessive consumption of coffee and carbonated drinks.
Under the recommendations, and regular visits to the dentist. Doctors advise to commit a examination every six months, and in time, a regular cleaning with the help of professional methods. Only in this case, you can be sure, not only in the constant radiant smile, but also the absolute health of the dentition and the gums.

Professional teeth cleaning for children

Ultrasonic and Laser cleaning under his view the age of the children. This is due to the fact that up to 16-18 years, the structure of the enamel formed, and will not be able to defend themselves against aggressive influences. Therefore, the ordinary cleaning with special brushes and stocks, as well as Air-Flow.

If the child is to the regular cleaning in the dentist's chair, it brings good results:

Prof dental cleaning in children
  • The child will not be afraid, the doctor, and in the future a variety of treatments and manipulations agree.
  • To keep the contents of the oral cavity clean, the health of the teeth and of the gums, which means that he will visit in the future as fewer dentists to, as there are no problems with the teeth.
  • Under the influence of the communication with the doctor, the child learns, with a regular and, above all, the correct Hygiene procedures.

Do not think that the milk drawn the teeth quickly, and therefore need not be treated or carefully take care of them. From the condition of such units, the teeth, the temporary gradually be rotated depends on the health of the permanent.

In the presence of dental braces

Braces have been the most popular System for the correction of refractive. They also bear children, teenagers and sometimes adults. But with all of its positive effects on the bite, the daily cleaning of the mouth make it difficult to cave. As solid structures, which are sometimes on the teeth for several years, braces are able to worsen your condition due to poor cleaning of the surface.

That is why it is important, at regular intervals for professional cleaning, washing in the location of food debris, bacteria and remove Plaque-even in the presence of such structures. With special adjustments to the doctor will be able difficult to access and completely remove Plaque, remove Tartar and clean out the jammed pieces of products from all of the gaps.

Can I do in pregnancy?

The majority of dental treatments, including whitening or professional cleaning, not for the women in such a delicate situation.

But in any case, the doctor decides, what term and what actions they can perform. Especially since high quality cleaning and timely treatment of the teeth contributes to a better standing and women and the fetus.