Safe whitening use modern methods

Many people dream of an attractive smile and snow white teeth. But not everyone opts for the implementation of dental treatments to improve the color of tooth enamel.

Of course, beauty is always requires sacrifice. But it would be naive to believe that the tooth whitening is absolutely safe procedure. Because as a result of such manipulations, the sensitivity of the tooth enamel changes. In humans, the risk of caries is increased. In General, according to the teeth whitening is often the condition of the gums deteriorates. One of the absolute contraindications to the treatments for the implementation of such tooth allergic to components of the medication.

Tooth whitening

But if a Person wants to change the color of your teeth, then you need to understand that the possibilities of bleaching of the tooth enamel there are now many. So you choose the most appropriate, effective and, above all, safe technique, you have to deal with the peculiarities of each of them

Safe Teeth Whitening

Efficient and safe tooth whitening - the dream of all, the smile of a perfectly white Hollywood and not harmful to health. The Problem is that because of our eating habits, lack of oral hygiene and other factors, the tooth enamel is gradually pronounced yellow tinge. And get rid of it - a rather difficult task, it is good to solve that today, there are many options out there.

Dental Whitening gives you a radiant smile and healthy appearance. You can choose the services of professional dentists or home procedures. It all depends on your preferences and financial possibilities. At the discretion of you to clean the enamel of the teeth by a few shades lighter or radically whiten teeth.

It is important to remember that Bleaching is a serious procedure, even if you spend it at home, do not forget about safety. Otherwise you risk to make your teeth very sensitive or heavily damage the enamel.

Please note that Bleaching should undesirable attention for pregnant women and for people with sensitive tooth enamel in any case, a specialist, in order to be as gentle as possible cleaning of the teeth.

Safe methods of teeth whitening in dental medicine

If you want to be sure in the effectiveness of the tooth whitening, is a good Option - you can contact us in the dental clinic. Experts choose the optimal method and calls how to repair the top layer of the enamel after the procedure.

Today, there are a variety of different ways to make a smile brighter.

Teeth cleaning

In the strict sense of cleaning - no bleach. But it is the safest procedure, which allows the enamel of the teeth a few shades lighter. And to be exact, cleaning smile back to its original color, because actually healthy tint of the teeth may not as white as snow. In General, enamel yellow or grayish.

  • The cleaning is done by several methods. Take note of the two most popular ways: the First cleaning with the help of the apparatus of Airflow delivers on the teeth, abrasive water jet solution. Small particles to remove soft plaque and yellow plaque.
  • To remove if you need to make dental stones, a good solution is the second option is ultrasonic cleaning. Vibrations allow to destroy and fixed deposits to remove the most difficult dirt.

Laser Whitening

Experts say that teeth whitening with the help of the laser - one of the safest, fastest and most effective ways to get the coveted radiant smile. To clean such a procedure significantly yellow enamel, so your teeth will be really white. Radical change of sound may take several sessions.

One of the advantages of this method is that the Laser heated e-mail.

The more you look at the procedure:

  • Preparation. It is recommended that a hygienic dental cleaning about a week before the primary surgery.
  • Protection. Before the bleaching, the dentist is a special composition adds to the gums, which is necessary for the protection of your effects of active substances.
  • The application of the gel. Further, on the surface of the enamel Gel is applied, which contains sodium-chloride, or hydrogen peroxide, in addition to minerals, Fluoride and substances, the acceleration of the action of light.
  • Activation. Carbon dioxide Laser acts on the Gel, whereby it is the active ingredient that penetrates into the tooth enamel and dentine and makes the tooth to whiten. The device corrects the effects, so that the result of the bleaching was uniform.
  • After the meeting, on the teeth, a special ointment is applied with a high fluorine content, it is important for the remineralization of tooth enamel.

During the session, the Patient may experience a mild tingling sensation felt in the treated area, but it goes fast. Sensitivity of the teeth after the treatment is not increased. And if you follow all of the recommendations of the doctor, watch your diet and Hygiene of the oral cavity, the result will remain up to five years.

Bleaching with photos and other types of professional whitening

Whitening procedures are very similar, the difference might be in the composition of the applied Gels and methods of activation. When bleaching with photo-process starts by acting on Gel-Halogen lamp.

Also popular are the method is, when highly active Gel for 40-60 minutes, change at this point in time, the active ingredients of the hue of the teeth.

Harmless teeth whitening at home

It also gives many of the popular methods that can help whiten teeth a few shades out of the house. Before you try, it is important to understand that they are not suitable for people with sensitive teeth. If this is the case, contact your dentist, otherwise you risk a lot of complaints, but also greatly damage the enamel. Homemade methods are not effective when the teeth have a grayish tint. Therefore, you compare before the procedure, the color of the teeth with a white sheet of paper. If you are a yellow colour - you can start when gray - and-seek be better to see a specialist, probably, the reason for this color is located deep in the interior of the tooth.

We analyze the known methods and their properties:

  • Whiten teeth with a special professional Tools, they are the same gels that are in hospitals only, the active ingredient content apply, much lower, therefore a couple of weeks ago to wear on the night mouth guard is thick, that he was the result.
  • Soda. You make the enamel a couple of shades lighter can of Soda with the help of kitchen. You can moisten the mix with Paste, or with water and RUB this composition of teeth. Remember that Soda is an abrasive, so you can take breaks between the periods of cleaning.
  • Hydrogen peroxide. To brighten up the teeth on the 1 - 2 tones for a couple of days, you can cause, solution of hydrogen peroxide, it is part of the many professional Tools. This method is effective and safe, the main thing is not to overdo.
  • Strawberry - probably the most delicious way, a smile brighter. You wear the berries on the teeth, wait a few minutes, rinse the mouth. Now you need to brush their teeth every fluoride-containing Paste.
  • Whitening toothpaste also helps the tooth enamel a little brighter, it is one of the most effective and safest ways to whiten your teeth at home.

Remember that if you whiten your teeth, you do a thorough need care. You need to reduce heavily pigmented food and, preferably, the number of cigarettes smoked. Otherwise, the tooth enamel quickly back to the former shade. To enhance the effect, and to maximize the use of the special pastes.