How is the cleaning of the canal of the tooth and why is it necessary?

Many people suffer from tooth decay, which are capable of hitting such a part of the tooth, which is not possible to determine visually. A Person can be a long time do not feel pain, but the process of destruction in the process of Plaque channel. Bacteria penetrate into the Dentin, and then begin intensive multiply, on the nervous tissue. The resulting inflammatory process through a lot of pain. In this case, you need to see a doctor, the treatment of the teeth.

Channel cleaning in this case – a mandatory procedure. Can you perform under local anesthesia, so no complaints, the Patient would not experience. But the patients experience and ask: "Hurts if the tooth after the cleaning of the channels?". You know this Moment.

Indications for cleaning

We need to be afraid of such a procedure?

Any Person faced with a Problem in the mouth, the question is: "cleaning the canal of the tooth – the hurts, or no?". To answer you, you should the structure of the molars. It is well known, it consists of crowns, the inside of the jaw bone, the root that holds it in the gums and Plaque-channel, of a cavity, the inside of the root. Exactly these channels and deliver a lot of pain.

Indications for cleaning

This procedure is performed when there are serious reasons, such as:

  • Pulpitis;
  • Periodontal disease;
  • Pain syndrome that can develop under the influence of internal and external factors.

Cleaning of the channel of the tooth can be carried out and before the prosthetic, because the Installation of implants provides for the removal of the nerve.

Specifics of cleaning

The treatment of the tooth, or his prosthesis was carried out according to the procedure, with maximum quality, you must determine the doctor, very precisely, the length of the channel. If there is still tissue, dental filling is not up to the top. This can lead to the fact that in its cavity the different types of complications develop.

To avoid adverse effects, the cleaning of the canal of the tooth is done with the help of x-rays. In the case of such a Manipulation in already treated the dentist channel, a special tool (apex-locating device), the depth you can specify, on which he sank. At the same time, an x-ray is. All of this is completely pain-free.

Technology to clean

The technique of cleaning

The procedure begins with the numbing Phase of the oral cavity, which are subjected to such Manipulation.

To isolate the problematic tooth. This is done with the help of a special seals, made from a safe rubber. This insulation material reliable is the mucus which helps protect the skin from burning, due to the use during the procedure disinfectants. This rubber also prevents the saliva, the wound may infect microbes, capable of, fall into the open cavities.

With the help of special instruments, the dentist begins to open the access to the tooth canal. This is done as follows: cavity preparation, and then drag the top layer with pulpam camera.

Begin to expand the channel with the help of the finest instruments, the compact dimensions, the strength and flexibility. In a circular motion doctor puts you on the inside of the channel, whereby the walls of the cavity, the removed particles of the mass of the affected.

Thereafter, the chemical disinfection of the cavity spend, free of pulp. With a thin disposable needle and as a cleansing sodium hypochlorite used during the impact on the remains of the soft parts, solves them completely. For the activation of the disinfection solution, a special ultrasonic tip used in a VORTEX-flows. The application of ultrasound makes it possible to clean very thoroughly the small presentations canales to achieve the almost impossible.

To the final machined cavity thoroughly dried, then place the sealing or special pens.

What are the requirements for implens Material?

In the cavity filling material must meet the following requirements:

  • a maximum strength;
  • the ability to completely fill the space created in the tooth;
  • to not cause discomfort and allergic reaction to the treatment;
  • resist acids and other aggressive media;
  • be eco-friendly;
  • x-rays miss rays;
  • resist temperature fluctuations.
Pain after cleaning

Tooth pain after cleaning the channels

Sometimes after this procedure the tooth pain continued to torture the man. Some doctors believe that this is a complication, even if the x-ray image showed that the channels signati without error. Many dentists know that this is the normal condition after carrying out this procedure. How painful is the tooth after the cleaning of the channels? This should continue no longer than 5-7 days. There are slight sensation of pain within two weeks, with their intensity should be gradually reduced.

The pain occurs not only through the fault of the doctor. During the treatment of Pulpitis, the detachment of the neuro is the vascular bundle, the through a small hole directly in the root of the tooth. Just the Trauma of nerve cells and promotes the emergence of such complaints. It usually takes a few days, then stops.

Also anesthetic injections can to promote a swelling of the tissue, the additional pressure and the emergence of pain. In this case, a mouthwash with antiseptics or herbal teas will enable you to quickly solve the Problem.

In addition, the pain can be caused by the processing of roots of a chemical solution, the tissue to its limits and annoy start. Perhaps, what was bad cleaning of the channel of the tooth or the doctor not performed up to the end filled him with a filler material. In this case, the germs can easily penetrate into the tissue.

Allergy to the filler material

If after cleaning the canals of the tooth hurts when you press, then the Patient can not eat normally. Often the doctors can't understand why with perfectly treated channels with a Remote nerve, such a Problem occurs. The reason for this is that many people have allergic reactions to the filler material occur, manifested by severe pain after the insertion into the cavity. In addition, swelling of the gums, swelling of the lips or cheeks may occur.

Often, patients are asked to have a doctor remove the problematic tooth, so he harasses you. The doctor, not understanding the cause, most often denied, and in this super sanat him with the same filler material, which does not solve the Problem. The tooth continued to torture the man. In this case, only the use of an alternative material with a different composition is resolves pain manifestation of allergies and relieve.



So, we have found that such a cleaning of the tooth canal, and the cases in which it is performed. The emergence of pain after such a procedure many doctors believe the normal condition. But if after the cleaning of the channels to the aching tooth for a long time and the pain only intensifies, you should definitely to the dentist, since this is already a complication that must be addressed.