Cleaning of the stones on the teeth

A beautiful smile is not only a criterion for the attractiveness, but also an important indicator for the health of every human being. For complete oral care, without the teeth quickly lose their snow would know, there is not enough regular cleaning, and / or the use of chewing gum. Consumed food delayed flowering on the tooth enamel, periodontal pockets, and to not smile back when the time is delete, then the home of the old stunning. Cleaning the teeth of Tartar is almost a jeweler's work to a professional dentist, and efficiently self-perform impossible.

How to of dental stone in the dental practice and dental clinic?

How to of dental stone

This procedure is exclusively cave for the rehabilitation of the mouth. Must pass it at least once in 10-12 months. Cleaning of the stones on the tooth enamel is not just a hygienic function. By eliminating the hardened Plaque from the surface of the crowns of the doctor the opportunity to objectively assess the condition of the teeth to detect dental caries at the stage of their formation and pick up the tint seals, is identical with the natural tone of the tooth enamel.

To remove the sintering formation, caverns are mostly in the pocket of the gums, dentists can make a whole complex of therapeutic and preventive possibilities:

  1. In the first line of the old Patina removed. Cost method are some special considerations if you pain or discomfort can provide in account reviews: - cleaning of Tartar, and therefore a local anaesthetic is sometimes.
  2. In the second Phase, the polishing of the surface is done, the crown gets a fresh even tone.
  3. After the completion of – fluoridation of tooth enamel. The last Phase, in which the enamels put on a surface strengthening coating.

Professional methods for cleaning and whitening the tooth enamel

Today, there are a couple of ways, the cleaning of the teeth of erhrtenden Plaque. The Senior – manual method for the removal of stones. The cleaning is done with a special tool. Despite the presence of innovative approaches to the scanning of the oral cavity, the manual way calculi popular today. In addition, a modern device not be able, under the gums proceed to the removal of Plaque at the roots, without the soft parts.

Manual measure recognized stones are more delicate and quality than, for example, the chemical method for cleaning the tooth surfaces. Its essence consists in the use of special materials, the impact on the outdated "happen". Because of the aggressiveness components and a high risk of an allergic reaction, the chemical cleaning is extremely rare.

The same applies to the Laser methods for cleaning of tooth enamel, the advantages of such a service can only clinics in expensive private. The high costs of Manipulation are not always a re-treatment is due to its efficiency – the desired result is often required.

Ultrasound of Tartar and Plaque

Dental ultrasonic cleaning from the stone is the most popular technique, not andefficient damaging effect on tooth enamel. This is the latest dental treatment, absolutely harmless for the patient and gentle to your mouth. Since the cleaning of the Plaque and the stone with the help of the ultrasound is smile the most common method of Transfiguration, it is worth it, the description of which in Detail.

Manipulation is possible with a special device – Scaler. The device performs the ultrasonic Vibration, is gentle and pain-free by the action on the tooth enamel color yellow. In contrast to other types of procedure for the rehabilitation of the oral cavity, these dental Manipulation effectively whiten teeth and prevent the formation of Calcium deposits in the basal Zone, carefully channels clean and strengthen the gums.

In addition, the cost of the ultrasonic cleaning of the teeth of Plaque and stone is significantly different from the expensive Laser session, and thus more accessible. This is the most economical solution today is a manual method of cleaning the tooth enamel.

Whom it is desirable to ultrasonic cleaning?

Regardless of the financial possibilities of the patient to the choice of the procedure responsibility should be addressed. Before carrying out the cleaning of stones with ultrasonic, the dentist is obliged to examine the condition of the teeth. If excessive dilution enamel surface of the ultrasonic effect is contraindicated. Experts do not recommend you perform the procedure in a number of other cases. So, tooth cleaning of Tartar with ultrasound is undesirable to pregnant women and other patients:

How is the procedure
  • are jaw implants;
  • suffer from diseases of the respiratory tract (Asthma, chronic Bronchitis);
  • cavity recently the infectious inflammation of the mouth;
  • the 16-year-old age;
  • sick with tuberculosis, HIV, Hepatitis.

Most of the visitors to the dental practice prior to the start of the procedure, worried, out of fear of the impending pain and discomfort. But, as shown, in the absence of contraindications, all experiences are in vain – ultrasound carries no harm to the health of the teeth. For the reception of an expected outcome for the provision of the service, it is desirable to treat a qualified physician.

How is the procedure?

The procedure of ultrasonic dental cleaning can be described as follows:

  • First, the dentist prepares the equipment. Scaler-mounted Installation of the machine, in the oral cavity of the patient saliva ejector – device, so that the excess liquid during the process.
  • At the Start Scaler fast oscillations leads to sufficient effects for the ultrasonic frequency to separate what is and helps Tartar from tooth enamel.
  • In Parallel with the main apparatus, the flow of water or the drug solution, low concentration, the washed treated tooth.
  • For a successful implementation of the cleaning of the stones, the nozzle is directed along the surface of the enamel.
  • After the completion of the procedure, the polishing of the tooth enamel. An additional nozzle and a special abrasive composition.
  • Fluoridation of the surface is usually done at the request of the patient. The aim of this Phase is to protect the teeth after the cleaning of the stones, the prevention of the destruction of dental caries.

By the way, Finishing paint (polishing and fluoride) is only after the ultrasonic treatment. After the removal of the Tartar by manual method or with a Laser also occur, to step in part-day channels, which in itself is the increased sensitivity carries to cold, heat, sour, etc.

Homemade methods for the removal of Plaque and stones on the teeth

Popular and home-made methods of cleaning the stones on the tooth enamel. Not to harden your application is not always effective in advanced cases, when the sediments have already managed. However, with time, wise use of traditional recipes, you can get whiter teeth permanently and delay the migration to the dentist. The most common such natural healing is considered medium for the cleaning of the stone:

  • Radish. For the preparation of the preventive composition of chopped fruit in need of black radish, 1 TSP of lemon juice. The flesh rubbing movements to the problem, so that for the impact to several minutes. The Tool is not suitable for everyone because of the specific fragrance that will remind some of the time.
  • Honey and horsetail. For starters, prepare a broth (1 tbsp. L. the dried plant material take 2 tablespoons of water), cook for him. Once the Infusion has cooled, be sure to drain and add 1 tbsp. L. Honey. You use the Tool as a rinse for the oral cavity after every meal and brushing your teeth. The recommended frequency of application 3 times per day.
  • The bark of the oak and walnut. In analogy to the previous recipe, you prepare a broth, and rinse the mouth several times a day. Both components are mix in equal amounts (1 TSP.) and fill it with cold water. Then broth, bring to a boil, simmer half an hour.

Hydrogen peroxide: how to apply?

With reference to reviews of people, canadian with Home Bleaching are worth mentioning the effectiveness of hydrogen peroxide, a bottle should be in every home pharmacy. By the way, this substance is based is not a dental System for the removal of Plaque and tooth stones. Hydrogen peroxide is a component of an abrasive fluoride-containing tooth pastes, and in the course of dental treatments, since the effect on fixed deposits, it will detach by the action of the active oxygen.

The liquid used in pure Form Plaque helps move away from the enamel walls. But also do not forget that the hydrogen peroxide is a very aggressive substance for the teeth, but because in case of improper application can lead to an increase in their sensitivity and burning of the mucous membrane of the oral cavity. Application schema peroxide is easily applied: in a ratio of 1:3 and stirring with cold boiled water, then to the enamel with a cotton swab for a few minutes, then water rinsed thoroughly. It is not important that the solution came in the esophagus, but also on the tongue, gums, lips.

Soda: a simple tool for beautiful teeth

Soda should not be used for cleaning the teeth of Tartar rarer than hydrogen peroxide. Get rid of yellow plaque, enamel, if, within a few days agents act to grinding on its surface. Despite the relative safety of this tool, it is undesirable in the case of bleeding and diseases of the gums, in the presence of ulcers, wounds on the mucous membrane of the mouth, in the destruction of the tooth crowns.

Effective for teeth whitening the combination of baking powder and citric acid. This Paste, as strange as it may sound, used for the cleaning of the toilet-bowl of stones. In fact, sanitary and give it back to former glory for a couple of hours without a huge financial outlay. Cooked pasta (instead of powdery citric acid, sometimes use the liquid Essentia) will be on the dirty areas, some of the time for the exposure, then wash with hot water. Pulpy urinary stone removed easily visit your brush.

Back to the topic of cleaning of dental stones Soda, should be the example of a couple of recipes for the preparation of the Paste:

  • With 1 TSP baking powder pinch of lemon mixed acid, add 10 drops of water, stirring and rubbing movements for the problematic areas of the teeth for a few minutes.
  • To 1 TSP. baking soda, 10 drops of hydrogen peroxide. More enamel wipe the cooked mixture and soap.

Oil for the softening of the stones on the teeth

The same freshness and charm of smile, you need to in the morning and in the evening the teeth, rinse the vegetable oil. There is no need to periodically spit at him – only once the oil dial in to the mouth and hold for 10-15 minutes. After the robbery, and the stones are soft, you need to brush your teeth and Paste clean. After a week the result will be visible to the naked eye.

Prevention of Tartar formation on the teeth

The properties of vegetable oils are indispensable in the cleaning of fecal stones. It is also important to note that the diseases of the gastrointestinal tract are the most common reasons for the accelerated formation of Plaque on the teeth. Disorders of the digestive organs cave always has an influence on the condition of the mouth. Therefore, the prevention of the formation of Plaque on the tongue and stones on the tooth enamel has much in common with measures to prevent constipation, hardening fecal masses:

Prevention of Tartar formation on the teeth
  • Every morning you have to start with a glass of clean water, only drink on an empty stomach!
  • After the last meal a couple of tablespoons of Flaxseed, sesame, or olive oil drink. By the way, the dinner should be easily digestible, do not leave a feeling of heaviness in the abdomen. Consumption of food, fermentation, flatulence, and best avoided.
  • For maintaining the intestinal health and the beauty of the teeth instead of tea and coffee, it is desirable to give preference to beets or juice from carrots, fresh apples.
  • The Hygiene must not be forgotten. Always before eating, thoroughly washing vegetables and fruit.

How to brush the teeth, not by the stones?

After cleaning the tooth stone it is important to remember that only the regular implementation of preventive actions is to prevent the repeated formation of solid deposits. First, you make a fine soft film that covers the surface of the tooth enamel. If it is not eliminated in a timely manner, are just a couple of weeks you will deposits, the type of lime. First and foremost, you appear to be between the teeth, in the basal area, especially in loose, not sealing the adjacent gums.

One of the measures of prevention, which is aimed directly at the prevention of the stones, is the choice of the right toothpaste. Here's what to consider when buying:

  • In the composition of the toothpaste available cleaning agents must be of the these substances to penetrate even into the most hidden and restricted areas of both jaws.
  • For the prevention of Tartar, the content of abrasive substances, such as calcium carbonate.
  • Choose a toothpaste is necessary, on the basis of the principle of the protection and the strengthening of the gums.
  • After brushing, the antibacterial rinse, it is desirable.

Do not try to clean the teeth of stones improvised means (e.g. a needle). This may not be melting, only to damage to the teeth, but also the serious injury of the soft parts, registration of the infection and complications.