How do you use to take the Waterpik for the oral cavity: application notes

Dental floss (dental floss) to treat almost impossible to the area of the removed teeth, everything else, you can injure the gums. Thus, the emergence of smart devices for the care of teeth is justified. One of these devices in the location, you will take care of the mouth, shower the mouth. Many do not have to represent something similar in a dentist's office, but all and understand how to take a shower in the mouth at home.

Irrigator for teeth

What are the benefits of using it

Today, you can be profitable on the market two types of devices: stationary and port.

The first type operates on mains voltage, so before buying you should make sure that the bathroom has a suitable outlet. The volume of the container, depending on the model can be from 0.5 to 2 liters. In addition to the Stand-alone, where the water one has to pour, the stationary showers flow type, the water line, but she earned huge popularity in our country due to the poor quality of the water.

Portable type has a decisive advantage – it is its mobility, consisting in the small size of the device. The volume of the tank not more than 1 litre, there is a possibility of rechargeable batteries and the charging mouth shower allows in any accessible location. A big disadvantage of almost all modes of transport – in their small force.

The oral irrigator is an excellent addition to the toothbrush and Pasta during the oral care.

It is worth noting that this device is not intended to replace the Standard mechanism for cleaning teeth. Therefore, the acquisition of a mouth shower, take the time to clean your toothbrush on the other shelf. Clearly, the device is able to clean the hard-to-reach areas in the mouth, the breket-systems, crowns and implants. In part, the device, the dentist, the mouth rinse as well can replace, such as a dentist, promoet periodontal pockets. With his help, maybe the removal of the stone with inaccessible spaces.

He serves as the indispensable means of prevention of Gingivitis, periodontitis, Stomatitis in children and bleeding gums. But in spite of all positive properties, the denial of the services of specialists, because only the dentist can determine the diagnosis and the treatment.

The rules of the use of the device

According to the Definition of the choice and the purchase of the machine, only a lot of houses, the question of how the Waterpik works and how to use it, in order not to harm neither gums nor teeth. The device is not really a new feature, so before the operation is redundant, have a look in the instruction guide or a Video guide on the Internet.

What should the liquid in the Tank

Often enough, many will ask, what is the liquid pouring into the Tank of the device. Clearly, the water should be boiled and filtered, otherwise the risk of an infection or ruin Assembly. In house conditions you can do decoctions of herbs, but it is important to consider that not all and not always allowed to use decoctions to better consult this issue with your doctor. This is not the only reason, complicate the application of herbs, is the fact that the particles of the plant , in the technological holes on the unit, the infringement of his work.

Make sure that the Keeper of the cave the liquid is too hot or cold, it should be comfortable for the mouth.

If it does not, for example, only with pure water, then the water in the Tank, you can add a few drops of rinse aid for the mouth, what is a positive effect on teeth and gums when using the device. But note that you flush the device after this mixture more thoroughly.

How to treat the oral cavity

Prior to the start of the procedure is necessary, a toothbrush, by applying with the help of larger particles of food, and then the mouth shower. The device is not able to replace the mechanical processing of the mouth, its purpose – the Hygiene on a critical level. The process of cleaning should not be longer than about 15 minutes, this is enough time to complete the task remains for cleaning the mouth of bacteria, Plaque and food.

At the time of work of the device, it must not forget to keep at a right angle to the property, from top to bottom, to the gum on the tooth.

Prior to the first use of the device, you can use the Video instructions to the device, so you can avoid errors in operation and to prevent possible damage to the gums.

To begin, clean the mouth with the slightest pressure, gradually increase it, thus gums and teeth is given the opportunity to adapt.

how do you use the mouth to take a shower

The cleaning of the mouth start with the bottom front teeth and the upper jaw, gradually in the rear by a little more time, as a normal toothbrush does not always get along with their own function in this area, and there is only the remains of food and harmful germs.

Prior to use, for the oral cavity do not clean silk and the gap between teeth with tooth — it can cause damage to the gums, and the device will only exacerbate the Situation.

How many times a week you can use the device

Depending on the objectives, the will of the owner of the device is followed, the use of the device as the prevention of diseases, for example, Stomatitis, periodontal disease, oral hygiene or treatment of a particular disease, the frequency of its use.

For medical purposes, the frequency of application of the device to be an expert in a particular case. In cases where there is desire, the level of cleanliness of the teeth and gums, it is sufficient, the device up to 4 times per week.


Oral irrigator, invented in 1962, is considered to be a unique tool, able to remove up to 99% of Plaque, Plaque Biofilm, is conducive to the formation of caries, periodontitis and Gingivitis. In the case of proper use of the device, you improve blood circulation in the gums, remove the unpleasant smell, remove Plaque from the teeth by coffee and tea. In case of doubt in their actions, maintenance manual, you will see a Video in which the producers tell and show how to use the device properly clean the cave, not only the teeth but the entire mouth.