Ultrasonic Dental Cleaning-Air Flow

Modern life is so rough and fast that sometimes not even enough time to charge the fee at the end of time on the high quality of oral hygiene. And you know what negative consequences this will lead? First of all collects in the area of the hard-to-reach places Plaque, then a stone on the teeth, leading to damage to the tooth enamel – tooth decay, inflammation of the soft parts, and so on.

Therefore, annually develops innovative methods will cave to the cleaning of the mouth, and one of the most successful and available procedures, the ultrasonic cleaning of the teeth.

The device for cleaning the teeth

What is the Air-Flow is

Air-Flow teeth cleaning, and ultrasonic is a professional hygienic procedures. The main indication for its implementation is the presence of a soft pigmented Plaque. Ultrasonic tooth cleaning – it is one of the varieties of a professional cleaning, the health of your teeth and the whole organism. If it causes discomfort bleeding gums, pain in the mouth or mouth odor, then it is possible to assert safely on top of the existing tooth powder stone in the mouth. According to the opinion of dentists, every adult person must annually, by a method for the removal of Tartar from the teeth.

As practice shows, Tartar does not appear in the exact places to clean where the toothbrush under the force of the Plaque, in such a case, the help of ultrasonic cleaning. Features ultrasonic cleaning of the teeth is that the procedure is painless, does not damage the enamel, there is no mechanical effect and is characterized by a high degree of efficiency. The removal of Tartar is done quickly and efficiently. On the basis of clinical observations it can be concluded that it is Tartar often the cause of dental caries and, therefore, many other diseases of the teeth.

Air Flow: the mechanism of action

In the course of the proceedings, on the surface of the teeth under high pressure a mixture of water, air and sodium bicarbonate (baking soda). Solid particles are spherical. By this cleaning, scouring has not effect, and polished. Air-Flow to clean not only the Front surface of the teeth, but also hard-to-reach places, between teeth. The presence in the oral cavity of the patient, Veneers, Lumineers, crowns not be an obstacle to the implementation of the method. To clean the data of construction is also easy with the help of Air Flow.

Teeth cleaning

Tips before, during and after the procedure

Prior to the implementation of the professional dental cleaning kupirovat all inflammatory processes in the mouth. Necessarily curable tooth decay and gum disease. Directly before the procedure on the patient's lips Vaseline is applied, whereby the drying of their surface. In the oral cavity, the saliva ejector to fit. The nozzle of the device is within 3-5 mm from the tooth at an angle of 30-60 degrees. With circular movements of the dentist ends cleans the teeth, avoiding exposure to the surrounding soft parts. The wastewater mixture is vacuum cleaner with the help of the dental. The whole procedure of cleaning the Air-Flow takes about 30 minutes. After cleaning, you need to leave for a few hours, the consumption of staining foods and drinks. Natural Bio-film, dental covered, removed in the course of the proceedings, what makes your teeth more vulnerable to the effects of various pigments.

Cleaning of the oral cavity ultrasound under the conditions of the clinic consists of several steps: processing of basal channels, the removal of Plaque and Tartar, even in the most remote places, to rinse the oral cavity and polishing of the tooth enamel. Many experts believe that in order to have a positive impact by committing any manipulation in the oral cavity, it is advisable to begin the ultrasonic cleaning process. As practice shows, the ultrasonic cleaning of the teeth, the cost of the individual Features, and scope of work, effective procedure.

To combine according to the recommendations of dentists, well with an ultrasonic dental cleaning with homemade style and manner of the application of the device to remove Plaque air flow. Air-flow – ultrasonic-toothbrush at home. The latest air-flow method is an Inkjet method for the cleaning of the teeth and of the mouth with an alkaline solution, the strong pressure of the solution washes away even the most inaccessible places away, and the stones with the teeth at home. It is worth noting that the air flow is also use as a cleaning of the tooth enamel and oral cavity and dentists in the conditions of health facilities. This method has the medium as an effective and cost-effective as a self-employed pure. Hygiene and Dental cavity must be considered, since their childhood, because it is an effective Hygiene – the guarantee of health!

Advantages of Air-Flow

  1. Simple Tooth Whitening. The method has not only a cleansing, but also whitening effect. Removal of dental plaque and pigmentation of natural tooth enamel, natural hue allows. Usually, after cleaning the teeth brighter look to be 1-2 shades. Air-Flow is know a natural tooth, the in many cases, a more intensive and expensive procedure avoids.
  2. Security. A mixture of water, air and cleaning powder will not damage the enamel of the teeth and the adjacent tissue. Interference in the internal structures of the tooth is not happening. In comparison to other dental manipulations, the Air Flow a little its contraindications. Obstacles to the implementation of the hyperesthesia of the teeth, Asthma, and Allergy to citrus fruits (during the procedure, natural lemon acid essence).
  3. Pain lack. During the cleaning, the dentist, the nozzle of the device draws only on the solid substances of the tooth, and not sensitivity. The surface of the gums is not affected. Pain during the procedure, the Air-Flow.
White Teeth

The most important abrasive in the Air-Flow method is the usual Soda, the procedure of professional cleaning causing gene never no allergic reactions. Such a Hygiene of the teeth allows you to achieve the maximum result. As mentioned above, the device of the "Air-Flow" destroyed not lining, only soft tooth, but also eliminates the dark spots on the tooth enamel.

In connection with this Air-Flow method sometimes bleach-write properties. In fact, the method of cleaning teeth, not whitens tooth enamel, but gives it a natural color, which is usually a little yellowish or grayish. However, for many people the return of their teeth in a natural color is quite enough the result of teeth whitening, therefore, the apparatus "Air-Flow can be positioned" as the apparatus for bleaching.