Tooth-cleaning ultrasonic: pros and cons

Regular oral hygiene is an important prerequisite for healthy and beautiful teeth, the gums. Unfortunately, to remove home hard-to-strength dental stone or yellow plaque, formed months. Therefore, men are interested in the beginning, what is it "before the SHACKLES of the tooth cleaning", the main advantages and disadvantages, contraindications and special features of the care after the procedure.

Teeth Cleaning Ultrasonic

The essence of the method

Chaotic diet and the presence of harmful habits (consumption of alcohol and coffee, Smoking, etc.) often leads to the formation of this Plaque, which is difficult to clean with a toothbrush, and even high-quality expensive toothpaste. Any mechanical methods, clean the stone in vain, and the use of chemical methods can seriously melt destroy the tooth, leading to the destruction of the tooth and hypersensitivity.

As an Alternative to traditional procedures, ultrasonic cleaning is a relatively safe, but really effective method to clean the teeth of every pigmentation and deposits.

So, the white teeth and healthy appearance is the device – ultrasonic-Skyler. He leads special TIES waves that fall without obstacles on the surface of tooth enamel and clean off Plaque, and varying degrees of density. Under the dentist every patient individually, the depth, the frequency and the Amplitude of the waves will fit, what the best effect with minimal Trauma to the tooth enamel. Substances, which has not beaten on the action of the waves, remain intact, that is, the method can be used as a local.

This dental service pain-free. But sometimes, during the cleaning of the teeth with ultrasound, local anesthesia, especially when it comes to the deposits under the gums.

Duration of the procedure is usually not more than 1 hour.

After the event the Patient is physically the purity and smoothness of the teeth, feels she sees her exactly box polished and slightly tanned, smooth surface. Not to be confused with Bleaching, this procedure acts on the tooth enamel and it can cause a small damage.

By the way, ULTRASONIC cleaning is used not only as a hygienic or preventive method. Sometimes it is necessary to the particularly difficult seals or refurbished departments of the tooth. It is also an excellent prevention of development of dental caries.

Modern technologies, TIE cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning

To understand in detail, what it is "ultrasonic cleaning of the teeth" should be part of this complex process:

  1. With the scaler tooth cleaned from Tartar, stubborn age spots, carious formations, etc.

The technology allows for the cleansing of the tooth enamel of soft Plaque and calcium deposits.

  1. Of the dentist the tooth enamel strengthens professional pastes that contains fluoride.
  2. Polishing and whitening the tooth enamel. In this Phase, the doctor uses the nozzle with a buffing rubber band, as well as perterget and resources. Unfortunately, after such a procedure it should be easy to e-mail a couple of days, because it is.extremely sensitive to temperature fluctuations, acidic, and sweet foods

Pros and cons of ultrasonic cleaning

First, consider the positive characteristics of the procedure. The best the benefits of ultrasonic dental cleaning photo show before and after the implementation, that can clearly see the quality and the result.

Technology is harmless and painless, in contrast to a mechanical removal. On the tooth small effect is not exerted, which reduces the resistance, leads to severe injuries and Chips. Scaler, used during the session, sharpened according to certain rules, what is the maximum conservation e-mail allows an effective cleaning of the foreign-like sediments.

Also, the method allows for a perfectly smooth surface of the tooth, which produces the prophylaxis of the formation of the Plaque in the near future.

Eat a Plus technology includes the stage of gentle tooth whitening, the Email allows aesthetic natural hue.

The Moment is comfortable, and increased comfort for the patient, – a minimum of pain, effectiveness of the procedure and the regular watering of the effects of cold water.

And finally, GANGS cleaning improved silver-plated, the resistance of the tooth to the subsequent body treatment (fluoridation, sealing, etc.), improves the coupling of the material, produces to the prevention of caries.

Unfortunately, ULTRASONIC dental cleaning stone, disadvantages:

before and after
  1. The method may use as free of pain for people with increased sensitivity of tooth enamel, and ongoing cases – almost always local anesthesia injections.
  2. The technology is not applicable for people allergic to baking powder, salt, anesthetic, fluoride-containing Paste, Polish, etc.
  3. The therapist can prevent the execution of the event, people with cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the respiratory tract.
  4. The event requires increased caution, if the Patient has implants, fixed prosthesis, or breket-systems.
  5. There are a number of contraindications.
  6. Difficult working conditions for the dentist (Splatter, reducing tactile sensitivity, etc.), which sometimes impact on the result.
  7. The inability to remove Plaque in some areas.
  8. There have been cases of damage to the gums and the tooth enamel during the procedure.

Safety of the procedure and possible contraindications

Of course, the patient's care, is harmful whether or not dental cleaning ultrasonic.

Expert studies have proven that the modern variants of the implementation of the event is absolutely safe for health (with the exception of contraindications). On the contrary, the application of GANGS, technology, a strong other dental prophylaxis diseases and low enabled.

On the efficacy and safety of the procedure, of positive reviews from satisfied customers.

In most countries, this event for the first time in the list of Standard-and the necessary dental manipulations.

Of course, one should not miss need cleaning of the teeth with ultrasound. Enough you spend time in 6-12 months.

Unfortunately, the implementation of the event, there are some contraindications:

  • the presence of implants, fixed ortopedicheskih of designs as well as complex;
  • Heart rhythm disorders, severe disease of the heart and blood vessels;
  • systemic, chronic diseases (Asthma, endocarditis, Bronchitis, epilepsy), etc.;
  • Disease in the acute Form (infectious, viral, colds);
  • Inflammation and diseases in the area of the impact;
  • Age up to 18 years of age;
  • serious diseases such as tuberculosis, aids, HIV, Hepatitis, anemia, etc.
Effect after cleaning

Important: ultrasonic dental cleaning, contraindications during pregnancy has not!

Oral care SHACKLES after brushing

As explained above, in accordance with the procedure of the sensitivity and susceptibility of the enamel to external stimuli increases, so should the first day rules for the care of the teeth:

  1. Clean the oral cavity after each meal, and not the usual 1-2 times a day. You also need to the first time you use toothpaste for sensitive teeth, a toothbrush with soft bristles (children's room). Food residues should, in addition, the medical thread delete with the help of the tooth. The first few days after the ultrasound cleaning, the rules of dental care will need to
  2. The diet should.Sate solid and fiber products, the prevention of the formation of Plaque and stones (of fruits, vegetables, nuts, etc.)
  3. After the dental cleaning with ultrasound does not use products, the beet is a strong Pigment (wine, coffee, cocoa, Cappuccino, juices, black tea, carrots, etc.). A similar diet should the course of the week

The Patient, it is important to remember that the teeth after the procedure are more sensitive to the positive and negative effects. Therefore please adhere to the recommendations, use fluoride toothpaste, don't eat foods with calcium and potassium, do not forget about regular Hygiene!