Professional dental cleaning: indications and contraindications

A Person with an open smile awaits you to be around. But to smile, many are hesitant, because not all teeth are healthy and white. What you for the treatment of caries is known to all, but this disease is far from the only Problem that can mess up the appearance of the dentition.

In the presence of a mineralized solid deposits ("dental stones") you should be able to avoid removing as soon as possible development of severe consequences, in particular the diseases of the periodontium. Not always, these deposits are can identify themselves; usually they show up as a dentist in the course of the inspection and instrumental studies.

Professional Tooth Cleaning

A method for cleaning the teeth

What is professional dental cleaning? Professional cleaning is the process of removing Plaque and mineralized deposits (stone), is the dentist with the modern medicines, instruments and equipment.

It offers people, it is recommended to periodically grab all of them without exception, but, above all, they need those patients in whom the oral cavity of the seat at the end of pine installed in a fixed orthopedic constructions (in particular, in brackets), as well as bridges, crowns, Veneers (lining on the vestibular surface) and implants. Professional cleaning is also required if you are planning a teeth whitening.

Why Specialists?

The usual tooth cleaning at home, even at observance of all rules and the use of high-quality brushes, not always possible to remove 100% of the formed Plaque. Most often collects in the spaces between the teeth, the neck area (especially on the inner side of the teeth) and subgingival space.

To settle over time in the attack of mineral compounds, compaction, leading to its. As Tartar, the remove yourself is almost impossible. Solid deposits lead to inflammation of the gums (gigngivitu), the formation of pathological dental-gingival pockets and periodontal morbo.

Please note: the prices for a procedure of professional tooth cleaning was significantly lower than the cost for the treatment of dental caries and other diseases, the development due to insufficient Hygiene.

Contraindications for a professional cleaning

Contraindications to the implementation of the professional dental cleaning are:

  1. pronounced inflammation of the mucous membranes of the mouth (before the elimination of the inflammation or reduce the severity of clinical manifestations);
  2. Tooth Enamel Erosion;
  3. increased sensitivity of the teeth;
  4. Arrhythmia (in the story).

This medical Manipulation, it is desirable that children and young people. The use of the device, air flow is not permitted, if the Patient suffers from epilepsy, acute infectious diseases, bronchial Asthma (severe Form) or Diabetes mellitus. Not perform the procedure in difficult nasal breathing (runny nose against SARS, or chronic Rhinitis).

What is the procedure?

Recently, the cleaning of the enamel is carried out exclusively mechanically with special instruments. The procedure took a lot of time and was very traumatic. Nowadays, dentists use a more advanced Hardware techniques, the quality of the cleaning, and the absolute safety. Manipulation suspect:

  1. delete from dense deposits;
  2. the elimination of soft Plaque;
  3. Polishing of the teeth;
  4. Coating enamel protective layer ftorlaka.

First, an ultrasonic cleaning to the teeth of stone is carried out with the help of a special device – scaler.

The density of mineralized deposits sound effect of waves of high frequency, whereby the strength of its adhesion is disturbed with the surface of the tooth enamel. In Parallel, the cooling of the tooth water flow, which reduces lassest zero possible complaints.

Despite the fact that the procedure of cleaning the teeth of stone, free of pain, hypersensitivity reactions of the enamel can be demonstrated prior to the implementation of local anesthesia (infiltration of water or wire).

In addition to the Scaler applied laser systems, the radiation acts selectively covering onto a solid tooth. Undoubted medical benefits of the use of the laser, and pain, Manipulation and improvement of the tooth enamel after its implementation.

Removal of Plaque from the teeth

Soft Plaque, clean with enamel with an air flow device, under a pressure, an Aerosol, consisting of sediments safe melekodispersnogo abrasive materials (Soda) and water. The technique allows not only the removal of Plaque, but also the elimination of pigmentation of the top layer of tooth enamel. Ultrasonic dental cleaning-air flow offers the possibility to remove soft deposits in the most remote places.

Dental cleaning Soda in the house conditions, allows a similar, but much less pronounced effect.

Please note: If the survey is not detected Tartar, start cleaning immediately with the second Phase, bypassing the ultrasonic cleaning of the teeth.

After the surface of the tooth is cleaned, it begins through the use of special polishing with abrasive pastes, which are selected strictly individually in accordance with the state of the dentition of the patient. Polishing makes the tooth enamel is smooth, what is the adhesion of Plaque, inhibits for quite a long time.

The last Phase includes the application to melt the protective composition – ftorlaka. Fluorine prevents "leaching", mineral components (Calcium compounds). Damage in compliance with all requirements of the paint is able to stay on the surface of the teeth for up to 2 weeks, reduced their sensitivity.

Important: a number of formulations can temporarily trick when eating out Email unwanted yellow.

Possible complications after professional cleaning

Some patients may bleed a complaint with an increased gums after the removal of the stone, as well as the cleaning and brightening of the teeth with air flow, but in this case it is not about the shortcomings of the methods, and enough high qualification of the dentist.