How to bleach the enamel of your teeth at home?

How to bleach the enamel of your teeth at home

Tooth whitening along with the treatment of caries is one of the most popular dental treatments. White smile is a sign of beauty, health and well-being, so in the pursuit of your people do not spare money and time.

For whom the teeth bleaching is really worth it?

The main reason for bleaching of the teeth is melting with the darkening or yellowing of the tooth, if the Plaque does not penetrate into the teeth so low that normal body hygiene, get rid of it.

The cause of the darkening of the tooth enamel:

  • Smoking. Nicotine is on the enamel and penetrates deep in to her. Toothpastes with Whitening effect face effect, soft, with a hint of tobacco tar and nicotine. Home whitening a natural white teeth, but you can back dark under the influence of negative habits;

  • Excessive consumption of sweets. The interaction of microorganisms in the mouth, with carbohydrates leads to biochemical reactions with the release of various substances. They are aggressive on the teeth. The enamel is so thin that the yellow dentine shines;

  • Consumption of coffee and strong tea. Drinks with dyes have a negative effect on the color of the tooth enamel, which then will be impossible to call snow white. On the staining of the dental enamel of red wine, strong tea, natural and soluble coffee. Brown Plaque on the teeth appears quickly with regular use of these products;

  • Application of the antibiotic tetracycline. If the expectant mother took tetracycline while waiting for the child, the beginnings of his teeth are yellow. The same effect is manifested when the children tetracycline during the formation of the teeth in early childhood;

  • An excessive intake of fluorine compounds. Ecological problems associated with contaminated water or air, food, can be a reason of the development of fluorosis due to excess fluoride in the body. For this disease is characteristic enamel speckled;

  • Under development of tooth-tissue. Hypoplasia manifests itself to the teeth in the Form of white spots or yellow. They are symmetrical and have the same size. If signs of hypoplasia seal noticeable when dealing with people, affected teeth or bleached.

What you need to know, by focusing to whiten teeth at home

What you need to know, by focusing to whiten teeth at home?

Teeth whitening similar to discoloration of the hair, it affects the health of the people. Max, the main task of the bleaching, to reduce the damage to the body.

The health of the teeth before the in-home cosmetic treatments is on the pathologies subject: periodontal disease, periodontitis, alveolar lateral projections, cement seals, abnormal teething wisdom.

Caution is not superfluous to the assessment of the condition of the seals. If between the seal and the tissue of the tooth gaps, created by the corrosive substance penetrates, and the cause of the destruction of the tooth from the inside.

To smoke after treatment of the enamel and the desired effect is undesirable and eat food with colouring pigments. Hygienic cleaning of the teeth with a soft toothbrush, as stiffer bristles the cause of the unpleasant sensations. Whitening toothpaste helps to support the effect achieved.

Procedures, bleaching of enamel after 2-4 months.

How to bleach a tooth enamel activated carbon?

Activated charcoal – a safe agent for teeth whitening at home, minimize mechanical damage to the tooth enamel. In addition, if you accidentally of carbon ingestion active is not harmful for the body, what the other bleaching agents.

A quick way to teeth without cooking powder chew two or three tablets at once, then rinse the mouth with warm water a couple of times. Despite all of the useful bleaching properties of the coal, immediately after the procedure, a smile can" to black had to be" because of the jammed in the tooth spaces between the particles of the powder. Wash thoroughly, then you can brush your teeth with normal toothpaste.

The positive effect of this method is not only the effect of activated carbon, the soft Plaque, but also in its absorbent action. Charcoal absorbs toxins, substances that can damage the tooth enamel and provoke the emergence of spots on the surface. However, too often wood coal powder use for the cleaning of the teeth, damage the tooth enamel and hypersensitivity of the teeth.

Teeth Whitening Lemon

Treatments for the teeth with the application of lemon are one of the chemical methods of whitening the tooth enamel. They are less traumatic than the abrasive bleaching baking soda or activated carbon, since the degree of the effect can be controlled, simply reducing or increasing the concentration of lemon juice in the solution. Then as the teeth baking soda brushing is the danger of scratching the enamel with a minimum of the toothbrush operate.

There are some simple and effective recipes with the application of lemon:

Teeth Whitening Lemon
  • Cup fresh lemon to wipe the Front surface of the teeth within 3-5 minutes. Make sure that in the spaces between the teeth, a particle of the shell, nor any other food. A proven fact that the greatest risk for the development of caries, damage, and Browning of the enamel are not materials, the unique effects of acid-forming or color, and the constant presence of food residues. This creates a fertile breeding ground for pathogenic microorganisms that provoke most of the pathologies of the teeth and oral cavity in General;

  • Gentle treatment method for people with sensitive teeth. In toothpaste before brushing your teeth 1-2 drops add lemon juice and lead to hygienic measures the usual. Do not exercise more than twice per week during a month;

  • The pulp of the lemon is for whitening the teeth, the enamel, which is not sensitive to acids. A fresh slice of lemon applied to the teeth for a few minutes until there is no discomfort, then remove and rinse the mouth with warm water;

  • A solution of lemon juice in a glass of water you can use mouth water, by the course of more than a month. The ratio of the components of the solution 1:1, you can reduce the content of the lemon juice in a response to pain of the teeth.

Homemade whitening of tooth enamel Soda

Baking powder can be used for home bleaching of the teeth as an abrasive that helps in the removal of soft Plaque from the surface of the tooth enamel. This baking powder is diluted with water until a homogeneous slurry is applied on the toothbrush and brush their teeth. Either the therapeutic composition to the teeth for a few minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water.

Good tone, brightens the teeth, the combination of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda, mixed to homogeneity, and use instead of toothpaste. Use the recipes on the basis of baking powder for cleaning and whitening teeth may, not more frequently than once every two weeks to avoid thinning of the tooth enamel.

You use baking powder for teeth whitening, you must with caution. First, make sure that the Soda fall on the gums, because the friction can damage the tissue and cause bleeding. Secondly, it should be remembered that in the case of thinning the tooth enamel, this procedure can be dangerous for the teeth, provoke a heightened sensitivity and even contribute to the development of caries.

How to whiten teeth with hydrogen peroxide?

Hydrogen peroxide is a popular means to whiten teeth, is used not only at home but also part of the bleaching gels used by dentists for professional whitening of the enamel on a couple of tones. It is, of course, that the concentration in all of these Tools differently. For a radical whitening dentists 30% hydrogen peroxide. After each such procedure, a remineralization of teeth, a therapeutic composition needs to see a dentist in order to prevent leaching of calcium hydroxyapatite of enamel. In the home enough of a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide.

Recipes for a variety of applications. The easiest way is to pre-moistened cotton applied sticks to the surface incubated with stains and a couple of minutes, after which the mouth should rinse with warm water. The rules for home use peroxides are the same as for professional whitening, avoid materials in contact with the gums and other soft, ingestion of the solution. In high concentrations this compound can be harmful to the body.

You use it more often than once a week is not recommended, after a month of treatment, you need to take a break for two or three months.

Clarification and strengthening of the teeth with the help of rinse aid

Whitening and strengthening the teeth rinsed

Brightening Conditioner for the oral cavity are the soft means that do not harm the tooth enamel, and contribute to the recovery of its mineral composition.

They contain harsh chemical ingredients – for example, active oxygen, removes plaque, whitens teeth and prevents the formation of Tartar. For patients with sensitive teeth and sensitive tooth enamel, there is Conditioner on the Basis of plant extracts of cinnamon, tea tree, clove, mint. They not only prevent the darkening of the surface of the teeth, but have antibacterial, prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

Resist rinsing in the mouth of one to three minutes, the volume for one application is two tablespoons. Recommended for daily use during the month.

Application of home-bleaching gels

Homemade Whitening gels are applied together with a special mouthguard to the increased contact area of the active components to the tooth enamel and increases the degree of whitening. Mouth guard made of flexible plastic or silicone, pull the upper or lower jaw, depending on which teeth bleaching need.

Gel and root wood supplied, or it will be on the hoody itself. The means of various manufacturers differ in composition. Gels for a more intense whitening of the enamel hydrogen peroxide, a mouth guard with such a composition can be included do not wear for longer than half an hour, repeat twice a day during a two-week treatment.

Gels measures contain urea, or carbamide peroxide in low concentrations, they can be worn, not decreasing, a couple of hours. So for the night bleaching at home is it better, exactly these gels. Especially since the wearing of mouth protection at work or in public can cause inconvenience.

Whitening strips for the teeth

Use the strips are very simple – you need to be daily applied on the teeth and leave there for at least half an hour. A month later, the tooth enamel is lightened about 2-3 shades. The effect of the snow-white smile lasts a couple of months, then the tooth enamel is darken again. Side effects of the procedure – a temporary increase in the sensitivity of the teeth.

Whitening Strips is a High-End tool, you are in a different price category and are more convenient to use. Strips hold firmly to the teeth, so that the talk during the procedure.

Lack of any bleaching strips – dental spaces between lighten and in this way will not work.

Whitening Pencil

This portable type of whitening Gel is applied to the special applicator. After a certain time, the composition of the statement, you remove Email. Consumer available pencil, the active ingredient of which is deleted in the saliva without any special manipulations.

The concentration of the bleach is insignificant in comparison with mouth guards and Gel. Therefore, use for the maintenance of white teeth in "mobile" conditions, pencil to remove stains from tea, coffee, tobacco, Plaque.

Tooth Whitening Tea Tree Oil

Tooth Whitening Tea Tree Oil

High quality Bleaching can only concentration of natural essential oil 100%. First, the usual cleaning of the teeth by means of toothbrush and Paste. Then on the toothbrush 2-3 drops of the essential oil applied spread it over the surface of the tooth enamel. Numbness of the cheeks, or the tongue – side-effects procedure, to the mouth rinsed thoroughly.

Cleaning of the tooth enamel, tea tree oil is not only Plaque but also Tartar.

The prevention of the yellowing of the tooth enamel

To warn yellowing of the tooth enamel, follow the rules of oral hygiene and avoid the consumption of foods with colouring compounds.

In addition to the colorful, sweet drinks, sweets and chocolate, to the products, which include damage to the tooth enamel,:

  • Freshly squeezed fruit juices and canned foods – pomegranate, orange and others. In addition to the coloring compounds (phenols) in the berries and fruits in red, the acid-forming properties, which enhances the process of staining of the tooth enamel;

  • Wine, wherein is potentially dangerous not only red wine but also white wine. In red, phenols and tannins contains, white promotes the formation of acid and tannins it contains, is the yellow staining of the tooth enamel;

  • Tea and coffee in constant use yellow provoke staining of the tooth enamel is not less than cigarettes. This is especially true for lovers of strong brewed black tea and coffee, 3-4 cups of the drink per day;

  • Spices, sauces, and spices – Curry, balsamic vinegar, Ketchup, yellow staining of the teeth cause when you in large quantities every day;

  • Fruits and vegetables of bright colors – blueberries, blackberries, red beets, raspberries, cherries. For all the usefulness of these products to not deny is their colouring properties. This does not mean to delete it completely from the diet, you only need to take some precautionary measures.