Photos of teeth before and after the implementation of the various whitening methods

Tooth whitening before and after

How can I tell if a white smile? As the saying goes: seeing is believing. In this article we are going to distribute photos of the teeth collected before and after bleaching, of the different methods: professional and home-made.

Professional techniques for the whitening of tooth enamel

In this group of methods, photo - and Laser-Bleaching, the whitening of tooth enamel Magic White and Beyond, as well as the teeth cleaning with Air-Flow and others. Their main advantage is that they are carried out under the supervision of a physician, and guarantee high more lasting results. At observance of all recommendations of the specialist after the procedure, the result can be saved for several years.

Laser whitening of tooth enamel

This is a professional method that not only make your teeth whiter, but also their strengths. During the procedure, your structure is not modified, acid-base balance remains unchanged. The result is very strong - on average, the whitening is carried out in eight colors and more, and it will remain for five years or more.

Laser Whitening

During the procedure, on a surface of a special Gel to wear on the Basis of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide, to the action of laser radiation, the activation System that keeps whitening. To decompose the components of the gel begin, atomic oxygen, and be destroyed, as the strongest oxidizing agent, the pigments, the undesirable coloring. As a result, the teeth will be whiter and the enamel is to be compacted in the average on 30-40%, and also destroys bacteria. Photos of teeth before and after Laser Bleaching is displayed below.

Tooth Whitening Zoom

This Progressive method, the hue of the tooth enamel, which is widely used in all over the world. On the teeth the Gel on the 25% hydrogen peroxide applied, and treating with light from a special lamp Zoom. The decay of peroxide, the oxygen atoms that destroy the color pigments. After the completion of the tooth enamel is not brighter 8-12 shades that you see in the pictures below and after bleaching Zoom. It is worth noting that, in contrast to a Laser, this method strengthens the enamel, but the cost of it to be a little cheaper.

Tooth Whitening Zoom

The whitening of tooth enamel Beyond Polus

During the procedure, the doctor corporate identity Gel sets, the teeth are processed with a special cold light lamp. The Gel starts to atomic oxygen, and is a change of tone. In the photo, before and after the procedure, Beyond Polus seen that the teeth are clearly brighter on average 8-10 colors. After the conclusion of the case the fluorinated composition for the strengthening of the structures. The advantage of the lamp is a cold light that burns not excluded cavity soft tissues in the mouth, because of ultra-violet and infra-red lamp emits virtually.

Magic White

Only 21 minutes, and this method makes your teeth brighter to 4-8 shades. He that is 0.1% carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide are not different. The procedure is absolutely painless and does not cause increased sensitivity. In the photos below you can see the results of before and after method of teeth whitening Magic White.

The result lasts for a couple of months, but not years, but the observance of the special white diet can help delay the implementation of the following procedure. The value of this method under the above-described.

Cleaning Of The Air-Flow

This technique is not in connection with application no oxidizing agent, as in the previous methods. It is used for the removal of Plaque and age spots with the surface of the teeth. For these powerful jet of abrasive media (fine powder Soda) interact with the air.

In spite of the fact that the result of up to four to six shades, which on the photo to see before and after the Bleaching Air Flow, the undoubted advantage is the absence of hypersensitivity, but also with the pleasant smoothness of the surface of the teeth by the soft grinding of Soda. In addition, it is the only way, suitable for the processing of artificial insertions (Veneers, fillings, crowns) and does not require the implementation of remineralization rates.

Photos before and after applying home tooth whitening methods

Make your teeth bright and attractive, you can be a dentist without a visit to the office a professional and without great cost for expensive treatments. There are several funds that are used to back home, and give a good result. These whitening strips for the teeth, pencils, and mouth protection.

Strips for teeth Crest

Strip Cross

Their operating principle is based on the same hydrogen peroxide in their composition. Pull the strip from the set, put on your teeth and they keep a certain amount of time, in accordance with the instructions. The method is very convenient because it can be done anywhere and at any time. The effect of bleaching strips, Crest is not as strong as we would like, but on the photo before and after the use, the result is still noticeable. The whitening of the enamel to two-four tones.

Pencils for the teeth

Another small miracle for those who make your smile more beautiful. To buy this purpose, we used a small pencil. In the end, it is the applicator or puff. Bottle of medium filled in carbamide peroxide. All you need to do is apply the Gel on the teeth and leave it on for a while. Urea decomposes and begins to oxygen atoms, the color pigments lightened up on the teeth, why the last.

Mouth protection for the bleaching of the enamel

The essence of this means the attachments to wear with Gel (on the Basis of hydrogen peroxide or urea). You just have to Kapu fill Gel, wear on the teeth and a little bit of pressure on them, to the resources evenly distributed. To remove the nozzle and rinse mouth thoroughly with water. Away such resources is little, and at home. With the mouth protector to the teeth brighten you can. a whitening of the enamel in two or four colors The results of their use, you can the photos before and after of your application.

On this, perhaps we can finish our little overview of the pictures of the results of the use of certain techniques. The cost of the tooth whitening we looked at earlier. Select an appropriate method for the efficiency-price and you can enjoy the Hollywood smile, and they often give to others!