Whitening toothpaste: reviews of dentists,

Whitening toothpaste can be 2 types. The first Option pastes a whitening of the tooth with a high content of abrasive components. Abrasives allow for removal of the surface of the tooth enamel Retinitis Plaque, smokers, stains, strong tea or coffee. This toothpaste whitens teeth by the removal of superficial impurities, which appear to be the teeth darker.

The second type of whitening pastes works mostly by the effect of the chemical bleaching. These pastes contain the composition of carbamide peroxide when brushing your teeth, the release is decomposed by active oxygen. The latter tissue has the property of pigments discolor, not only on the surface of the enamel, but also in the depth of the tooth, what is, and makes you brighter.

If you want the best toothpaste for whitening teeth, take into account in the selection of the following points... the fact that the abrasive paste will only work due to the removal of bacterial layers of pigment stains or Plaque from the surface of the tooth enamel. So, if the teeth clean, and they regularly go on Air-Flow or ultrasonic cleaning at the dentist – Whitening toothpaste is not abrasive to help you, and it needs to fuel the Pasta with peroksidom urine.

If at all effective whitening pastes


To note is that the teeth bleached all the colors equally well. Really a significant, visible effect "before and after" watching you, only when the enamel of your teeth has a yellow tint. The teeth of the grey and brownish tones to bleach your pastes will be simply impossible (it is just above the brown shade of the tooth enamel and not on the brown pigmentary Plaque on the surface). In this case, only a professional teeth whitening can help, for example, according to the methodology of the Zoom.

Shades of teeth on the VITA scale

Shades of teeth on the VITA scale, you determine how sound your teeth will be brighter.

If the effective pastes with peroksidom urea how effective the Whitening toothpaste is say abrasive reviews that such pastes that whiten the teeth allow an average of 1 sound on a scale VITA. A significant result – preferably you combine Pasta, for example, since 1. Month, using abrasive Paste, and the following 2 months – apply Pasta with peroksidom urea.

Bleaching toothpaste with urea peroksidom

Best Whitening toothpaste is certainly contains the Pasta in the composition of carbamide peroxide. This component is also for the professional chemical whitening of the teeth, so that you can be sure that carbamide peroxide is really able to whiten your teeth. The effectiveness of toothpastes with peroksidom urea you are able to, tooth clear white on 2 colors (hue on a scale of "Vita").

If 2 tones is not enough, you can then consider better, more radical medium for the Home-Bleaching, which enable it to whiten teeth on 4-6 tones.

Alternative toothpastes with peroksidom urea special strip for bleaching teeth. On such a strip with the inside whitening Gel is applied with a high concentration of hydrogen peroxide. It is one of the most effective and most convenient means for teeth whitening at home.


Abrasive whitening toothpaste

Each abrasive Whitening toothpaste contains an increased concentration of abrasive polishing agent components (compared to conventional hygienic pastes). The higher the abrasiveness of the Paste, the better it gets the Plaque cleaned off the surface of the enamel and bacterial Retinitis. The coefficient of the abrasiveness of the paste measured by the index of "RDA", but unfortunately, not all manufacturers specify on the package. Therefore, it is better tooth-pastes, in which he is given confidence.

For normal Hygiene-toothpastes RDA is about 70-80 units. Whitening toothpastes with RDA of 80 to 100 units to allow the whitening of the teeth is about 1 tone – with regular application within 2 months. For Intensive whitening pastes are suitable with an RDA of 120 to 200 units (you can tones lightening your teeth up to 2). Wherein, Paste with RDA 120 duration, it would be desirable, in 1 month, with an RDA of 200, with regularity 1 time per week.

Whitening Tooth Pastes Economy Class

We also have paste below some examples of inexpensive tooth, of which you all well heard from the advertising (company Silca, Colgate, Blendamed, Aquafresh, New beads). Most of these companies released any information about the abrasion of your tooth-pastes, which immediately makes us the preference to the more expensive toothpastes with the specified index RDA.

It is not wrong in the selection of the Whitening Paste

Even the best toothpaste for teeth whitening is not able to cope, to solid, to Patina and more of your fixed deposits. In this case, you should better start immediately contact your dentist for ultrasonic cleaning, then immediately, the use of Paste with peroksidom urea.

If Retinitis pronounced Plaque (and they are not for the hike to the dentist), then, first of all, it is better, the Paste increased abrasion resistance for Intensive whitening, since the use of the last periodic character, begin only, in parallel with them-abrasive Whitening Paste with RDA 100-120.

If you are not bacterial, and a pigmented dental plaque on the teeth, stains from nicotine, or strong tea or coffee must from the beginning you start with only noodles with peroksidom urea. Abrasive whitening toothpaste in this Situation, will not be able to make your teeth white appear, since you only have by the removal of superficial dirt from the surface of the teeth, the teeth back to its natural color.

Complications of the use of bleaching tooth pastes

Very often in the application of whitening tooth pastes, patients complain about an increased sensitivity of the teeth. Usually it is expressed in the pain syndrome to thermal stimuli, for example, hot/cold water or food, inhalation of cold air. Not less often the pain is the mechanical stress provoked on the necks of the teeth (while your cleaning with a toothbrush).

In this case, it is desirable to switch your Whitening pastes to a minimum of grinding paste, the pirofosfati, Papain, Bromelain, or polidon (containing these components will help remove Plaque, even at low abrasiveness of the Paste). This reduces the sensitivity of the location, special pastes with a high dosage of fluoride – about 1450 ppm and a content of these substances, such as potassium nitrate or potassium chloride.

Disadvantages of pastes with urea peroksidom


Chemical bleaching peroksidom hydrogen or peroksidom urea allows you to bleach only tissue of the tooth, but not fillings, Veneers or crowns. Therefore, if you are on the front teeth, a crown or Veneers on the visible surface of the tooth, they remain the previous color. Therefore, the seal or crown is about to begin, stand out posvetlevshei tooth enamel.

What is after the termination of the use of bleaching tooth pastes

At the end of the course whitening pastes on the Basis of carbamide-peroxide, preferably within 1 month, you use the Paste on the Basis of Calcium (with glicerofosfatom Calcium or hydroxyapatite) – then go to the Paste with a content of fluorine. After the end of the use of abrasive bleaching tooth pastes as directly as possible to start with the Pasta with therapeutic concentrations of fluorides – not less than 1400 ppm.

Bad habits and Hygiene

During the application of bleaching tooth-pastes it is desirable to give up Smoking, the consumption of wine, and staining foods and drinks (this is especially true for tooth-pastes with peroksidom urea). In addition, if you are not regular oral hygiene, if you do not floss with tooth – here are some bleaching pastes is generally useless.

The fact that the time has not cleaned the teeth with a soft microbial Plaque over a period of 8-15 hours, impregnated with calcium salts from the saliva, so that in the sealing of the plaque fixed, not more of the normal toothbrush and toothpaste to take off. On the layer of the attached fast bacterial plaque pigments are deposited, forming pigmentnuyu Plaque part. So, without proper oral hygiene, teeth whitening turns into a fight with wind mills.