How to teeth whitening activated charcoal? The nuances of the procedure

How can teeth whitening activated charcoal at home? Methods-procedures is not enough, we talk about it, and important boards concerning a serious cleaning.

Coal is known in folk medicine for a long time, but if it is wrong, use it in the mouth, then he is just injured. How to get white smile, no tooth decay, destroys tooth enamel?


Properties of activated carbon

Coal and neutralize all the negative substances of carbon begins only at the time of contact with water, so liquid is an integral part of a prescription bleaching agent on the basis of it is clean. He cleans exposed to the tooth enamel due to abrasion, but the powder does not absorb, and pulls with the crown, often together with micro-particles of the tooth enamel. For healthy teeth nothing similar threatens, if after the procedure, take a break.

About the cleansing properties of the coal, know, beauties in Russia. His pieces in a mortar, and the teeth rubbed. Today, the composition of the tablets is significantly altered and includes not only the woody base, but also a variety of useful organic components. The highest quality is, as such, activated carbon, includes the shell of the nut and bone fruit.

To achieve an effect of the bleaching is such a rich composition optionally, but the mucous membrane of the mouth and gums it is very useful. Even Plaque it removes the tablets, thanks to the abrasive effect. He is able to wash the dyes from coffee and tea, what is clearly already a method in a half-month.


Pros and cons

Benefits of teeth whitening this method are as follows:

  • Cheapness;
  • quick effect;
  • remove Plaque from lengthy wine, cigarettes;
  • Security;
  • the availability of the tablets;
  • easy recipes.

Dental cleaning methods, in this case, will lose in terms of costs and availability.

The Following Defects:

  1. The biggest disadvantage of this method of teeth whitening is melting in a catastrophic impact on the tooth. Damage with frequent process obviously, because the powder of activated charcoal relieves literally the protective surface of the tooth. As a result, the formation of micro-cracks and like the eye you can almost imperceptibly, gradually injuries expanded. Increased sensitivity of the teeth, loss of minerals, the formation of dental caries is a common consequences of bleaching in this way. In the case of a reasonable approach, risks are minimized, and if you strengthen such a cleaning action of the enamel to strengthen the tooth, then it is too.
  2. Perhaps the only drawback, and the duration of the procedure, because in addition to cleaning, it is necessary to remove the carbon from all the places, with which the flushing can not cope.

Contraindications for carrying out the method

In comparison to other methods of whitening teeth at home, this is considered to be the safest. Hit rotate together with the fluid, and saliva, pieces of tablets in the stomach does not return negative consequences for the child. On the mucous membrane of the mouth, the harmful effects of not, it turns out, including the presence of small wounds.

  • under the procedure that people have not got rid of so long ago braces;
  • Caution is better to use, the on thinned out a sensitive teeth or who to crowns (e-mail. To decay and the owner, because the protective layer is diluted and abrasive particles only destroy;
  • in spite of the security, for the children, it is better to choose a different method of tooth whitening, to destroy because of their natural defenses in the small age easily.

Before the start of treatment is very important to visit a dentist. The doctor is able to properly evaluate the condition of the oral cavity, so when he recommends to give up cleaning with powder of carbon, to better listen to his advice.

Teeth Whitening Activated Charcoal: Recipes

Recipes for teeth whitening with the help of tablets activated charcoal is not enough. The easiest way is to mix them with water, and the resulting slurry to in the teeth. More convenient to do this with a Finger, but it is possible and a brush, just your pile should be soft. In all cases, are already using the pounded powder, because it dissolves faster.

Here are a few interesting recipes for bleaching are:

  • Coal to mix with the Pasta (best with cleaning, but not with a coarse abrasive). Tooth cleaning is carried out according to Standard Schema;
  • To combine cleaning powder effectively with a decoction of oak bark. It is known that he will have a good effect on the gums, but in addition, and brightens the enamel of the teeth (such as tea tree oil);
  • dilute the medium to a Paste, add lemon juice, 3 drops. The recipe is not suitable if the sensitivity of the teeth increases;
  • the combination of Soda ash and coal cleans rule the crowns of Plaque, literally, "to quiet". Powder in equal quantities, mixed with the fluid and flowing movements in the teeth rubbed. The cleaning is very aggressive, therefore, is suitable only for one-time urgent applications;
  • together with honey carbon powder has a mild cleaning effect. In addition, he has to disinfect, strengthens the gums and reduces sensitivity.

If time does not chew on the application of all the above recipe is enough for 1-2 tablets in the mouth, tried to mordere pieces in different parts of the oral cavity. Don't forget that the action begins to activated carbon only when in contact with water, so before the procedure, and then rinsing the mouth with warm liquid.

If the hemophilia, in the glass add 1 tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide. A means to quickly disinfect wounds and stop the blood, but use it only after the cleaning of the mouth of the coal. Strictly prohibited this swallow Rinser! The mucous membrane on the end of the procedure, you will need cooked, rinse it with normal water.


How to reduce melting of the risk of damage to the tooth?

Activated carbon is a strong abrasive, therefore, the common fascination for this method, the tooth has to be lightening threatens harm to the tooth enamel. So then with the restoration of the tooth enamel, you need the following tips:

  • not the daily routine Standard of care: oral exclude, flush, clean, dental floss;
  • o
  • Powder triturated to fine dust to large pieces not scratched tooth;
  • o
  • every day you need to eat solid food;
  • o
  • after each treatment make a break for 7-10 days (depending on the degree of sensitivity of the tooth enamel);
  • o
  • in the diet all of the track elements, especially phosphorus and calcium;
  • o
  • Brush with soft bristles to use or replace the gauze, cotton wool, fingers.

In case of stains, white tint cleaning should completely stop, and then go to the dentist. A similar Symptom can testify about the initial stage of the caries. If found crowns (dark strip according to the use of activated carbon, then this is a clear sign of a serious violation of the integrity of the enamel. When you postpone only increase.

To clean the triturated powder on the teeth thoroughly puriter lauit, and difficult to clean their land with the help of RIVUS.