Toothpaste pencil for brightening

Dazzling white smile attracts others, helps you to be successful, says about the prosperity of the people. Who doesn't want to show your best side? To have healthy teeth, must be monitored behind them carefully. One of the components of the care can pencil the application of whitening.

What is a pencil, to whiten teeth

The agent is in a small cylindrical container with a brush or applicator. Active content – a whitening Gel that you apply at regular intervals to the teeth. The effect is achieved by the presence in the composition of the two components:

  • Hydrogen peroxide (5-12%). Reacts with the oxygen, which activates the removal of Plaque with enamel. The substance may well bring in with the fresh stains on the teeth, prolonged dark layer of coffee or cigarette complicated.
  • Carbamide peroxide (up to 15%). It is a chemical compound more gentle in relation to the Email, but not so intense. Flame retardants on the Basis of peroxide you need to use longer to reach the snow-white smile.

Whitening pencil for the teeth as safe, if the instructions for use. Pasta sealing, non-dripping, so the cave in the mouth. The most effect you will get in the complex care for your teeth. First of all, better to have a professional cleaning can hold up to and then the result is a Whitening toothpaste. The Tool helps freshen breath, whiten enamel on a couple of tones for 1-2 weeks of application. A month later, more obvious difference to see your friends.

How to choose a bleaching agent for the teeth

How to choose a bleaching agent for the teeth

The first, most obvious, tip – listen to the recommendations of the dentist. It calls for a good professional preparation, depending on the condition of your oral cavity. If this is not possible, use the following tips:

  • Study carefully the composition. Carbamide peroxide causes less damage to your enamel than hydrogen peroxide, if you hold accidentally for longer periods of time. Be careful on the concentration of the active substance. To large be proportion of destroy the tooth enamel.
  • Select the pencil bleaching agent for the teeth of well-known manufacturers. Below is the range of the most popular brands will be presented. Carefully review the existing guest reviews, ask agents in the forums.
  • High-quality drugs have enriched composition. They contain anti-bacterial substances, fluorine, calcium, phosphorus, flavors. Select pins such lead to the aggressive action of the Protagonist component.
  • Do not chase the low price. Even if the packaging of a good team, not the fact that it corresponds to reality is indicated.

How to

Whitening for teeth pencil for at least two weeks have to use twice a day, then take a break of 1,5-2 months. You should avoid the consumption of coffee, tea, juices and other food coloring. Instructions for the procedure at home:

How to
  1. Rinse the mouth after eating;
  2. well dry the teeth with a paper towel, you will need to be dry;
  3. apply a thin layer of Gel on the surface of the teeth;
  4. sit with mouth open for 1-10 minutes (as indicated on the package with a pencil);
  5. Rinsing the substance with water, or no action is required (also depends on the manufacturer's recommendations).

Contra-indications to application

Effect of whitening pen for teeth can be harmful in such conditions:

  • Periodontal disease;
  • the over sensitivity in the tooth enamel;
  • Caries;
  • Sores on the mucous membrane of the mouth;
  • Piercings on the lips, the tongue;
  • individual intolerance to the components of the gel;
  • the wearing of braces, or jewelry in the teeth;
  • a minority.