Teeth whitening is harmful or harmless: the advantages and disadvantages, pro and con, reviews

Teeth whitening procedures on the basis of discolouration of the tooth enamel. This is the most effective way to your snow-white smile. The result can be achieved in many ways.

Especially the whitening procedure should be classified, according to the venue. It will be home.

Professional tooth whitening is carried out in private clinics or specialized Salon and Home by the acquired funds to bleaching, either by the application of the methods.

On the question of safety

How safe or harmful tooth whitening depends on the method used. The damage to the teeth, could be small, or entirely absent. A significant role is played by the professionalism of the staff, the procedure of teeth whitening, you need to be attentive to the nuances.

Email-yellow is the best, when it comes to the health of the teeth, it has a high strength. During the procedure of bleaching, it is deleted, and thus loses its natural fortress.

Some of the components, the bleaching, are able, by chemical reactions not only clean the Plaque and edit natural-hereditary color of tooth enamel, but also the impact on the pigments that are important for the health of the teeth.


Tooth enamel by the action of the acid is in a loose, weak, porous. The acute Problem is not his strength.

Similarly, the hypothetical damage from bleaching, depends on the personal intolerance of certain drugs and the condition of the teeth at the time of preparation for the procedure.

Therefore, before you smile methods to create Hollywood-self, you should definitely go through a consultation at the dentist.

You can make it better two times: in private clinics and in the free, to be sure of the reliability of the information received, because, how sad, and corporate-paid doctors clinics lead to a waste of resources, but can also damage your health.

Safe teeth whitening - is this possible?

The choice of approach, with a maximum exemption of risks to damage the own health. The first method is a mechanical cleaning. So the teeth didn't become white more than two shades, but you will get rid of Plaque and formations of Tartar.

Thanks to this procedure, you can make your smile clean, not damage, but also the benefits.

Professional Bleaching can call in comparison to the use of funds at home, for sure. As this is under the supervision of the dentist, in case of occurrence of problems may be solved in the initial phase.

Seal – hurdle snow-white smile?

On the issue of bleaching be addressed seriously, otherwise, you can not only improve a smile but ruin. The presence of seals when bleaching a real challenge, but not in all cases.

If the seal is not in the front rows, the procedure can damage. It does not change its color, but it is apparent when you smile.

Things are worse if the seal is located at the front of the tooth. It is the previous color, tooth enamel remains, the teeth are always white, so the teeth will differ in tone and very clear.

The larger the surface of the seal, the lower the probability of a positive answer to the question "Can I perform the procedure?" If the teeth crown installed, then bleach.

To create a luxurious smile fillings in people who have significantly impeded and delayed.

As the first professional cleaning, bleaching, after the last Phase of the restoration. In General, such a method includes as a replacement for seal on the appropriate color.

Contra-indications not so little

Since the whitening procedure affects the health of the teeth, it has a number of contraindications. You are not only physical, but also mental health of the people.

  • Fear of enclosed spaces, the fact that to spend in a limited space enough time to the process;
  • impaired mobility of the jaw;
  • low threshold of sensitivity of the teeth;
  • Diseases of the oral cavity;
  • the presence of fillings and crowns on the front teeth;
  • the high degree of phobia to dental procedures.

If not to pay attention to contraindications, so the probability of complications after the procedure.


From the aesthetic side, the Problem may occur, the differences of the tones of the teeth and crowns, will be obvious. An additional dental procedure for the replacement of fillings.

If it is about the health effects, then it is more than clear:

  • increased sensitivity of the teeth;
  • an allergic reaction.

Asked - Reply

Before and after the procedure of bleaching to patients with a range of issues that interest you. You are viewing the most popular, and you:

What to do if she has pain after whitening tooth?

Many notice that after Bleaching the teeth in pain for a while. To get rid of the discomfort, you need to means for reducing the sensitivity of the teeth.

You want to know, what solution you can. at a reception at the dentist Best to consult with the same doctor, the the bleaching. After the procedure, dental pastes for sensitive teeth to begin.

After the procedure: what can and can not?

After the procedure, teeth whitening, oral care, you need to be even more cautious.

You have to know what you can't eat after bleaching. The first few days, need to get rid of foods and drinks, pain when cause hypersensitivity of the teeth.

You can't eat: coffee, berries, soft drinks, tea, tobacco, beet, mustard, Ketchup, chocolate, grape, dark varieties, red wine and Sauce, and soy Sauce. All this affects the color of tooth enamel.

Do not miss the cleaning of the teeth. This should be at least three times a day. It is better that the brush is of medium hardness, and the Paste get for sensitive teeth.

Professional dental cleaning to spend at the dentist once in a year. This will help the results of teeth whitening.

The implementation of the treatments in pregnancy

Maternity leave at the time of pregnancy, you can spend not only on the discharge of the child, but also on themselves. There are a lot of free time for cosmetic treatments, but if you do, the mother-to-be?


Pregnancy is a direct contraindication for bleaching of the teeth.

Danger to mother or the unborn child, the process takes on. But if you do it at the time, when the body is weakened and all the forces for the creation of a new life? In the body of the pregnant woman and thus, there is a lack of calcium and fracture resistance of tooth enamel and chemicals will only help to worsen the Situation.

If you are expecting the birth of a child, you can spray cleaning, the also bleach the teeth a few shades. The same procedure is useful, is a cave which prevent the formation of Tartar and other problems in the mouth.

I can whiten teeth kids?

Refuse the parents lead the child to the cosmetic teeth whitening that no one can. But you must understand that the method brings numerous consequences, not Email child ruin since his childhood.

Solution of problems with a smile can be human. The child may be a physical cleaning and to get rid of Plaque and other formation on the surface of the teeth.

To achieve the age of eighteen years, the person itself can decide whether the procedure that will give you the Hollywood smile to reach, or not.

<>Still can not decide?

Let us weigh the advantages and disadvantages of tooth whitening:

Disadvantages are, of course, go through it again:

  • Thinning, violation of the integrity of enamel and density;
  • the procedure is very expensive;
  • if you are looking for bleaching with ultraviolet light, so you have a high risk of burns to the tissue;
  • increased sensitivity of the teeth;
  • most whitening methods are not long-lasting;
  • the need for careful oral care.

Before, but are mainly aesthetic in nature and exist in a weight of the vehicle would be white teeth, a beautiful smile.

Before you weigh in Bleaching all the "pros" and "cons", which are of importance exclusively for you.

You make physical cleaning of the oral cavity, it is possible to fit the result to you, and you will not be thinking about the bleach. You necessarily speak with a specialist in this area for the presence of individual contraindications.

Responsibility for the selection of the clinic approach. You do not just rely on a high degree of professionalism of its staff, on the prices of services, on popularity, but also on the customer reviews.

The fact that it is after the treatment oral hygiene is necessary a thorough.

On the account of the behavior after the procedure, a consultation with your dentist and clarify all the Details. If you still have teeth whitening, then do not forget to check-UPS, watch the oral health to solve issues as they occur.