Tooth whitening in dentistry: 5 ways to professional cleaning of enamel

As in dentistry, teeth bleached? What are the modern techniques to use the experts? Why should you consult a doctor, if you smile white again? Features and advantages of the modern ways.

When it comes to professional teeth whitening, reviews in the Internet and among friends can be very different. Someone was satisfied with the intervention, others called it a waste of money. Why are there so different opinions in regards to the at first glance, such a unique question? The reasons for this are several.

Why the results can vary?

Teeth whitening in the dental medicine
  • The degree of soiling of the teeth and the causes vary. A Patient is enough to remove the yellow plaque with enamel, his white smile Shine again. And in the case of the other teeth black Patina, which penetrated deep into the fabric covered. And instant whitening achieve, even when using the techniques of professional bleaching of the teeth is extremely difficult. Often several treatments are required.
  • Teeth whitening options in dentistry distinguish. Some allow only to cope with external flowering, and others are in the position to eliminate pigmentation deep in the tissue. In General, the first methods are cheaper, what is the attention of the patients. The second is more expensive, because of what can you use to everyone, but they are significantly more efficient.
  • Individual Characteristics. Prior to the start of treatment, a specialist is always diagnosis, determine the degree of deterioration of the tooth enamel. This allows to predict, how likely is the development of your sensitivity after tooth whitening. If the tooth enamel strong, teeth you can whitening at the dentist, only the positive memories. If it cracks and breaks, even after the procedure, you will experience the uncomfortable and painful sensation in a couple of weeks.

Professional Opportunities

What are the different types of teeth whitening in dental medicine? Today, the 5 mark most effective and safest methods.

  1. Air-Flow. Hardware technique of the removal of the outer Plaque, allows you to lighten enamel on 1-3 sound. Is recognized, rather, the hygienic procedure, which is held preferably twice a year. When it is running, the doctor directs to the teeth in a powerful stream of water and air, mixed with Soda, which is literally blown away Email with all of the impurities, including the beginnings of the stone, the Film of tar from cigarettes. This procedure of teeth whitening prevents enamel damage to the tooth, is a safe and gentle.
  2. Ultrasonic cleaning. To remove is not for bleaching as such, but to the deposits of Plaque and Tartar. For giving the enamel white can be combined with the technique of Air-Flow. Regular ultrasonic cleaning removes all kinds of dirt, keeping the teeth healthy.
  3. Dry professional teeth whitening. Types of it differ with different manufacturers, but the technique is almost identical. The doctor will perform a dental cleaning, then the Bleaching composition caused with a high content of hydrogen peroxide (urea). After a while, the stock removed, and the teeth treated in a medium with the effect of the mineralization. The result of the brightening of 5-7 tones. This technique is the least secure tooth whitening in dentistry, there is often the development of sensitivity caused. But in the implementation of the procedure with an experienced doctor, you can be confident in its effect.
  4. Hardware methods of teeth whitening. In dentistry, photo dealbatio is today, according to the System ZOOM. The whitening 8-10 shades in a single procedure. Allows gentler than chemical, because for him the Gel with a lower concentration of hydrogen peroxide. But by the action of the ultra violet, it operates more efficiently. The procedure causes no discomfort, after you edited her teeth, the amorphous composition of the calcium that strengthens the enamel. The most popular Desktop teeth whitening. Reviews are a Testament to its affordable cost and effectiveness.
  5. Laser whitening expensive Bleaching in dentistry and most effective. Has no negative effects on the tooth enamel, in addition, it strengthens to 40% under the effect of the laser beam. The minimum exposure time of the Gel with carbamide peroxide (only 2 minutes) closes the destruction of tooth enamel. The result of the whitening is visible immediately and up to 12 tones.


Laser Whitening

Professional techniques of teeth whitening show the effectiveness and lasting effect. So after the mechanical cleaning with Air-Flow, the result remains at least for 1 year. And the Laser technology guarantees the whitening of tooth enamel to 7-10 years with proper care. Other advantages of teeth whitening in doctor's room:

  • the professional examination by a doctor if you decide to whiten teeth at home, you can be sure that you are completely healthy, and the selected product is not melt-damaged, the tooth. In the dental practice, doctor's diagnosis, and selects the optimal method;
  • quick results in dental medicine teeth whitening reviews confirm the brightening of the enamel after the first treatment. Then at home, you need to the recommendations of the manufacturer of 10-30 days;
  • visible effect no house means it is not the whitening of the teeth offer 10 tones, and can professional.

These advantages are, obviously, only if you are an experienced specialist. Therefore, it is extremely important to dental clinic you choose with the perfect reputation and the positive reviews.