How to Gel for teeth whitening

White and beautiful teeth is the dream of many people

White and beautiful teeth is the dream of many people. Here only all is not possible, the beauty of the teeth, and not all has the nature of snow-white enamel. In the course of time on the surface of the row of teeth, the formation of Plaque dark colors, also deposits of stones. But the constant cleaning of the teeth in the dental practice, cost is quite expensive and not all you can afford. Therefore, in these cases, you can use a special gel for whitening the teeth. These funds have low costs and a simple application. The main thing is to first study their properties and application recommendations.


The Gel for the teeth whitening are in high demand among the people of different strata of the population, age groups, gender. This is due to the fact that these funds have a high availability to serve you very easy and simple, and you can see the result after just a few uses. A further advantage of this means consists in their high cost, which is far below the professional dental cleaning of tooth enamel.

Important! The basic Whitening effect gels is in the content of the main component – hydrogen peroxide. In the scope of supply of this component oxygen enamel comes in the depth of the tooth, the result of an active chemical reaction to a lightening of tooth enamel.

If you are using a peroxide, this can lead to increased damage to dental tissue and rapid destruction. So, in the bleaching mixtures in addition to hydrogen peroxide contains other elements that protect the structure of the teeth against the corrosive influences of hydrogen peroxide. For this reason, teeth whitening are those that have an increased sensitivity of the teeth.not gels recommended

Also gels for bleaching, in which as the primary substance carbamide peroxide. This component has a high activity, such as hydrogen peroxide, so that the effect according to the use of these funds can come later. But this means with this component, no such side effects such as the increase in the sensitivity of the teeth, gums and cause bleeding.

The content of hydrogen peroxide in the bleaching medium is 4-9 %, and carbamide peroxide – 12-15 %. In addition, in the composition of the bleaching gel other elements:

Also gels are bleaching

Indications for use

To the bleaching gel to the following conditions:

Normally, in the case of the above-mentioned symptoms are present, the application of the bleaching agent should be dentist of the doctor. Exactly there has to be a suitable Gel, there are no significant negative impact to pick up.

Contra-indications to application

It is not a bleaching agent is recommended for the following indications:

Before gels whitening, you need to well, you study the instructions for use. Frequently, allergic reactions and other side effects occur due to non-compliance with the rules for use.

How to use

A specific principle of the application of these funds. In General, the manufacturer in the instructions some of the ways, the application of gels. Gels in different packages, so for any kind of Tools installation instructions are supplied differently. Value are three ways to use gels for whitening:

The last method is often applied to produce because it is much easier, while it reduces the risk that the penetration of the gel on the gums and ensures a positive result after the first treatment, almost. Mouth guards are very rare, these products are the only range in the case of heavily contaminated tooth powder. Sometimes gels combined with paste to clean the teeth, but it is recommended that as little as possible, because during the application of this method is the risk of damage increases in the structure of tooth enamel. In addition, difficulties in the use of bleaching agents, in this method, you can also a wrong dosage can be calculated.

A couple of useful recommendations

In order to study during the application of bleach does not have any side-effects and other unpleasant problems need to carefully and in Detail the instructions for use.

Whereby the effect is achieved

The effect of special gels for whitening the teeth is the hydrogen peroxide content. Molecules of active oxygen of this component which are able to penetrate into the tissue. Due to the chemical reaction between, the hydrogen peroxide and organic components of tooth enamel, the whitening of the surface of the units of the leveling arc.

Effect of the use of special gels for whitening teeth

Why don't you use peroxide in a pure Form? The fact that it will be able to adversely affect the health of the teeth. In the manufacture of pharmaceutical products by means of a special formula, which is the percentage ratio of the active substance with other components is calculated. The content in the composition of professional gels of other ingredients, can protect the tooth enamel from aggressive action.

Aesthetic procedures: whether it is harmful for the health?

The application of gels for the whitening of tooth enamel are one of the chemical methods of exposure. Experts say that currently the safest and most effective methods recognized, Laser, and ultrasonic procedures. You give a wonderful, sustainable results.

All variants of the chemical treatment of the teeth do not wear, theoretically, to strengthen it. However, the modern technologies and innovative formulas to reduce the aggressive action of the reagents on the structure of the protective layer. The best Gel for teeth whitening can be used as the drug, the recommended for people with sensitive teeth. He has a gentle effect, by their function to remove stains from the surface.

Advantages and weaknesses of the technology

Each of the types of giving-and-white smile has its pros and cons. Before you plan to study with the rest of the procedure, it is necessary. These factors allow to determine the adequacy of the Manipulation.

Before The Gel Medium:

  • The main advantage of this technology hold for the mobility. The development of special tools allows for the implementation of aesthetic treatments not only in the walls of the clinic, but at home.
  • Teeth whitening Gel is not harmful for the health. Modern formulas for safety due to the composition and consistency of the medium. The optimum viscosity eliminates the ingress of substances to the mucous membranes.
  • Drugs that allow specially designed for professional use to brighten up e-mail on 8 colors. The means for home use has a less noticeable results. The difference is due to the proportion of active substances.
  • A further advantage of the medication, the cheaper price is. Laser and ultrasound technology, costing the patient a significant amount.
On-The-Gel-Medium -


  • Worse than in the performance of innovative aesthetic techniques.
  • Tooth whitening lasts for a longer period of time. In some cases, the manufacturer, the use of the funds, up to a duration of six weeks daily is recommended.
  • Gels brightens only Email. They have no effect on fillings or crowns.
  • The drug often causes problems for people with a heightened sensitivity of the teeth.
  • Of a long application for people who smoke, consume strong tea or coffee.


Even the best method of aesthetic treatment can not damage, if you make with the instructions familiar. Many side effects and allergic reactions noticeable, just because of the wrong use of the gel.

Factors that prohibit the implementation of the Manipulation:

  • Age up to 16 years.
  • Periodontitis in the acute stage or severe forms of the Manifestation of these diseases.
  • To melt a thin tooth.
  • The Tooth Decay.
  • Individual intolerance of one component.
  • Cracks, chips or other significant damage units grading sheet.
  • The presence of fillings, crowns on the plot.
  • Correction of anomalies of the dentition breket-systems.
  • During pregnancy and lactation.

What to look for in the selection of the medium

All chemical agents regarded as safe only when used properly. The question of the choice of the drug, taking into account the individual characteristics of the people, it is very important.

Tips from the experts:

  • You should be Medium, given the nature and the condition of the tooth enamel.
  • Preferred products, which is a good result in a short exposure time should be. Typically, such agents are a bit more expensive than the other gels.
  • You can buy products from trusted brands, which managed well to establish itself.

Rules for the use of

How to Gel for teeth whitening? In the first place, strictly follow the instructions, any drug is your own.

The drug, released pin in the Form of a lead that takes him to the drawing on the dry surface of a number of units. In a few minutes it is absorbed. To achieve an effect enough to apply twice a day for two weeks. After use, it is recommended not to eat and not spend a hygienic cleaning within a few hours.

Good results are achieved with the use of special dental Cap

Good results are achieved with the use of special dental drops In each cell you want to add a drop of medium-and tighten the fastening on the jaw. There are day and night sessions. In last time popularity of the method, which suggests that the minimum gain contact with reagents.

The application of the relevant method of treatment, the possibility of the penetration of chemicals into the esophagus to exclude, and the mucous membranes of the mouth. The duration of the course depends on the degree of darkening of the upper layer, the selected agent and the desired result. Sometimes it can take up to one and a half months.

The use of Gel for the tooth whitening under a special lamp happened earlier practices only in the dentist. Now, many brands offer the patients to make your smile a beautiful Set for your home after the purchase of aesthetic treatment. In it, the Gel and Mini-lamp is included.

The procedure run correctly, you must first the teeth Plaque clean, then treat a firming composition. Thereafter, in the recess, the Cap Gel is applied and put them in the mouth. Included is the device and the time required session incubated.

Application of the Gel for tooth whitening is gaining today's popularity thanks to the efficiency, simplicity, availability of the procedure. It is worth noting that only the observance of all rules is guaranteed by the use of, the correct choice of the concentration of the means of safety.